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and do you know how many people get more than 6$? not that many. when i get to 70. place in curating (distributing) photography tag, or in the first 200 for less than 55 rep, you see how much the distribution sucks. and all that will be even less with new curve and 50:50. everything smaller than a dolphin will be fucked. but i am far from expert on this so i hope i will be proven wrong.


I agree most do not hit $6 and I do believe if the behavior doesn't change this will encourage more users to bid bots to get to that magical number, which is counterproductive to our goals. The penalty for smaller votes is higher at the bottom of the curve (lower value posts) as you even get halfway to $6 the penalty quickly shrinks until it hits a balance with linear rewards somewhere around $6.

If the behavior does change and the free downvotes curbs the spam, even the smaller posts will make a lot more as the reward pool goes to more authors.

The problem right now is not the size of the reward pool, it is who gets it.

The 50/50 will initially encourage consolidating votes on high profile authors which will become a race to zero in curation rewards. As one person starts getting better curation rewards on a popular author, another user will vote earlier putting more curation rewards back into the reward pool. At some point, this will be less profitable than finding other users to vote on that can be raised up. It should also empower curation guilds to have a bigger appeal and impact.

In the end, it is sort of an experiment, what we have is drastically broken and retarding our price and breaking our distribution.


i feel that all this is hevely dependable on big accounts downvoting. but even than there could be a lot of drama because if you (or any other, never researched bit bot scene, i know you because you got the drama) downvote any other bot you will be accused of not being the real captain of firefly, russian clon of bernie...

i was thinking about that. i seen dan (maybe even you also) regularly upvoting some 3speak people with big %. after the fork why should i vote on small acc and get nothing when i could just add autovote to those acc. so it would work only for some time.

yes something needs to change, and now i just want it to happen ASAP

i think most people are not frustrated that they mined it, but the way how they are using it.


I hear ninja mine all the time and not just about Steemit Inc. While I am jealous, I respect these users stepped up and took the risk and held on through astronomical gains. I don't get why taking risks and coming out ahead has become a crime.


i also have no real problem with that. i kinda had no idea about crypto when they did that (hear of it but...), my "problem" with it is the way they use it. for fucks sake if you got millions of steem isn't it in your interest to try and make it better? and not instead play god or just selfvote. i don't even know if bernie was in ninja mine and i had no thing with him, ever, but what should you think about someone who spams everyone with "i upvote you, i was here" with a 0% upvote?

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