Opening 500 Rare Gods Unchained packs (last opening?)

in threespeak •  2 months ago

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Opening 500 Rare Gods Unchained packs, this may be the last packs I get.

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Good voice for a streamer ;)


What is this all about?




Say something..😊

I wish I could afford to buy in bulk like you did. Yesterday I bought 3 Rare chest but only open 2 of them. Saving the last chest for probably no reason.


If you were going to open them, you would have saved a little money going with packs. Chests were added to allow you to trade them after the Genesis cut-off date. As such, they are a little more expensive.

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Can you do review if which one is better, @Steemmonsters vs godsunchained?


Steem Monsters is automated battles and Gods Unchained you have to play out your games and the decks are a lot bigger (30 cards).