Could An Iron Man Suit Ever Be Real?

in technology •  5 months ago


If you are a fan of the Marvel movies (which I am guessing most of you are), you probably started out as one, ever since the release of the first movie in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). It was 'Iron Man' and was released in 2008.

Robert Downey Jr. really nailed the part and it feels like he was made for the role of Tony Stark. In fact, in real life too he seems to be just like Tony. Anyways, the movie first introduced Iron Man in a visually astounding manner and like me, most of you must have imagined flying around in an Iron Man suit.

While it's certainly just a dream for most, we could actually see it becoming a reality in the future. I mean, the US army has been rumoured to be working on a similar exoskeleton suit for the longest time, though recently reports have stated that the program might be cancelled.

Regardless, future technological innovations, especially in energy storage could one day make the Iron suit real even though it will be off limits to the general public for obvious reasons.

Adam Savage Flies A Titanium Iron Suit

Adam Savage, the former co-host of a popular series called "Mythbusters" on the Discovery Channel, has launched a new series called "Savage Builds" and for the premiere episode, he flew a titanium Iron Man suit!

The bulletproof suit was 3D printed at the Colorado School of Mines and was made according to the specifications provided by Marvel themselves. But the most impressive part of the system is the jetpack that was invented by Richard Browning, a UK entrepreneur and inventor.

For clarification, the jetpack was not invented specifically for this series and has been in existence for quite some time already. It uses 1000 horsepower mini jet engines and is capable of providing enough thrust to lift off a human being by more around 15 feet.

This goes to show what can be achieved with existing technology and if one day a revolution in energy storage is attained such that vast amounts of power can be stored in a tiny device (like an arc reactor in the movies), then the Iron Man suit could become a step closer to becoming a reality. Though I hope it's not used for warfare!

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Science advances rapidly every day that passes. Man has an unbridled career to advance in science and technology. I do not doubt that this suit can be part of the future. I wish for good things!


I think the same!

Yea, he made Tony Stark good. I think the exoskeleton thing will come first before the Ironman suit but that will also help many people already.


Yeah, the exoskeletal suit is already being used by some companies to help their warehouse employees to carry heavy stuff around but it is still in the infant stage.

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