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Hi Everyone

Today I bring to you six principles of success. These principles are based on a scripture named ,"The instruction Manual" : "Upadeshamrit" in Sanskrit. Obviously it relates to spiritual progress. But anyways it can be translated for any goal, material or spiritual.

Here goes the text:

utsāhān niścayād dhairyāt


sańga-tyāgāt sato vṛtteḥ

ṣaḍbhir bhaktiḥ prasidhyati

The principles mentioned in the text are-

1. Being Enthusiastic-

Enthusiasm signifies the interest of a person towards the desired goal and how much does he enjoy the process of execution. Sometimes one may not be enthusiastic as the goal he is persuing may require some investment which he is not so interested in but he anyways undergoes that because of the fuel he recieves from the visualisation of the goal. It is advised to act enthusiastically untill required. "Fake it till you make it". This is a famous saying in this regard.

2. Endeavour with confidence-

Action is the key to advance towards goals. Sometimes we procrastinate things because we are not confident. It is advised that one must analyse his goal from all aspects and become convinced that he is aiming at is possible. Negative mindset leads to nothing but lack of action and procrastination. So judge everything first. Be sure. And "Just Do It". -With confidence. At least one will learn lessons on the way of his endeavour.

It is very sad that we don't take lessons from our mistakes. We repeatedly do the same mistakes. We must be mindful all the time and observe our progress with vigilance and strategies. It might take time but rectification of mistakes makes the process even faster. This brings out the 3rd point-

3. Being Patient-

The goal which we are aspire for will take time. This is a common sense. But in today's world of instant gratification we have become conditioned to see instant results. But things take time to manifest. A couple desiring a child have to wait for 9 months. It is not that they get a baby the next day they united. Again, we must be mindful and learning all the way. We must be clear how the things will look like. Thus visualisation of success is recommended. So, when we achieve our milestones, we are sure that we are going in the proper direction and we must be patient for the milestones to come. In this relation, one may be calculative of the time frame also which may be helpful in being patient

That's all for today friends!

I will complete this article in another part tomorrow.

Last week was hectic for me. Sorry for not being around on Steemit. I will be regularly posting from now on...

Thank you!

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Would have liked it more if everything is listed in one post. Thanks for sharing some of them.


@artgirl thank you... Will try next time...

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