Best Travel Tripod - Top 10 Options Under $100

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The best travel tripod, choosing one can be daunting. I'm here to present the best options for your style, height, and special needs as a photographer. All for under $100!

Every successful and professional photographer I know, own at least one tripod. From the birth of the very first cameras ever created a tripod always accompanied it. That was because the first cameras were huge and heavy, let alone extremely low light sensitivity. Nowadays, cameras are a lot smaller and lighter, and most come with anti-shake and stabilization technologies that eventually the camera can divorce the tripod and still make great photos.

Or is that the case? Unless they can come up with technology that can cheat physics, there will always be a need for tripods. Sure, with low noise sensors, anti-shake, and super fast lens wide-open you can capture just about anything under the Sun. What it can't do is capture sharp images with flowing waters, the milky way, the epic sunsets and sunrises, and any long exposures that require anything above 2 seconds.

What I will review here are professional quality tripods that are under $100. That's right. These tripods can stabilize your full-frame travel camera just as good as any $300+ tripods. What's more, I've compiled the ones that are compact and can fold inside a carry-on for travel. You see, I'm a tripod fanatic. I've owned over 15 of them, and I have three that I keep with me at all times. About 98.99% of my photographs are taken when I was using a tripod. One of the photos published on National Geographic was shot on a tripod. All my award-winning photos and best-selling ones are shot on a tripod.

In short, tripods are very important to the creation of fantastic imagery. Let's find out the best ones we can afford.


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Thanks for reminding me I need to pull out my tripod. I used it a couple times when I first got my camera a couple years ago but haven't been back to it since. Sounds like something I need to use to step my game up a bit. :)

Nice image of Seattle too.


I rarely shoot without a tripod :)


Nice post sir. I really like your post and i am following you to get more great post of yours thank you.

Great post sir and Thinking of buying this tripod.
My only question/thought about it is the quick release everything I own has a manfotto pad on the bottom. Is it compatible or worth the switch? Keep up the great work 🤙🏼


These are all Arca style, standard (copied) nowadays.

Unfortunately, I'm just using samsung s5 for my pictures. Someday I can buy (hopefully) a good camera and capture good and great images.

Thanks for sharing some of your knowledge on photography. You take some great photos.


Thank you :)

What I find incredible is that we can have access to high quality tripods at a very affordable price, taking into account that professional photographic equipment is usually very expensive. At some point I will encourage you to buy a good camera kit to work with Steemit.

I like how to make a hole in the fence to take the perfect picture :D

Tripods are the best! When I got my camera I tried to get a shot of the moon but never seemed to get it right. The slightest movement ised to had me zooming back in and then out again to find the shot. Since I got my tripod, piece of cake.


Absolutely :)

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muy bueno e interesante me agrado mucho

Woww! It is awesome. Everyone should have an item like this to b connected [email protected] Nice

i like this post. Thank you for writing perfect post!

Those are very good choices. Thanks for sharing.

Wow, this is really helpful. I have been looking for a tripod to record dance videos. Thank you so much for this information.

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thanks alot to remind keep it up and share lot lot of information

Thanks for this curated list. Actually i am planning to buy one tripod and this is helping me to take decisions.

Good content! Like to know new good and cheap models.

Very inspiring sir. my friends thought having a tripod is not cool and useless I own two of them and since I am financialy struggling I just have secondhand ones that I got from garage sales.

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Excelente post, aprendi algo nuevo hoy. gracias

very good photo

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Nice, I follow you!

Tripods are simply a go..thanks for the articles..more grace

i like the shot within shot feel, nicely taken ! wow why would you need 15 tripod 0.o

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Amazing picture!

From some of the pictures that I see on your blog, I can make sure that you are an extraordinary photographer.

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