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According to the Steemit 2017 Roadmap there is a plan to implement a feature for splitting the revenue from post rewards. Its purpose is clear: give 3rd party providers a business model and in return they will help improve the quality of the content.

But as I understand it, it will be limited to Author Rewards only. Is it really so? In my opinion it doesn't make sense to boost creating of new (higher quality) content without also boosting curation. In other words, how can one benefit from better content if there will be so much of it that the 'right' content will never reach the 'right' person? Follow can help a bit, but it will never be able to show posts from new authors.

The solution to this problem is a better recommendation system than what we have now on steemit.com (sections home / new / hot / trending / promoted and tags). A system which will be able to make personalized suggestions of posts you might like based on what you upvoted in the past.

Such a system is not a simple venture, though (think Google). And it will need a business model. The most straightforward option is sharing of Curation Rewards.

It could work in the following way: Let's say the system suggests you 10 posts. Of these 10 posts most (say 7-8) will look really interesting and you will proceed to read 4 of them. Of these 4 appealing posts 2 will be really awesome and you will upvote them.

Wouldn't such a system be awesome? Would you be willing to share a percent of your curation rewards, given the value it would bring?

So, my question is: Is sharing of Curation Rewards a part of the Steemit 2017 Roadmap? If not, why? I think it is at least as important as sharing Author Rewards, if not more.

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you wrote: A system which will be able to make personalized suggestions of posts you might like based on what you upvoted in the past

I would suggest based not on upvoted but based on posts reading. Sometimes people just upvote whale's post because it's whale's post

Nice post, got me thinking a lot! 😁 Followed and resteemed.

The recommendation system is one of the pain points at the moment and you've an interesting take on it. I read recently @stellabelle and others looking for a new feed for the most views, it's discussed here.

The was also recently an idea to split blog and resteems into separate tabs (which didn't make it, it seems). Another idea would be to have top resteems as a feed, or maybe most resteems? There's a lot of ideas.

There could be lots of system filters, but also even the possibility of custom filters, tailored for or even by the user. I'm floating the idea here as being something I could pull out of the metrics engine I've created for my voter bot:

Pull out the metrics engine from Voter and create as a stand alone Node.js server, to provide as an API. Note that the metrics themselves are simply interpreted data and are not directly a score or implication of a good or quality post, it's just data. [...] This could be used to supply a post feed with posts, similar to the new feed or the home feed (which shows posts of followed users and their resteems).

Can I ask you clarify something? You say

Let's say the system suggests you 10 posts. Of these 10 posts most (say 7-8) will look really interesting and you will proceed to read 4 of them. Of these 4 appealing posts 2 will be really awesome and you will upvote them.

Wouldn't such a system be awesome? Would you be willing to share a percent of your curation rewards, given the value it would bring?

If "the system suggests", this is an automatic thing right? If so, who would you need to share you curation reward with? System rewards are taken care of more or less by witness rewards for keeping things going.

You also say "A system" earlier, so do you mean that third party "suggesters" could take a cut of your curation reward for suggesting cool stuff? If so, this seems like it could work in tandem with the resteem ideas, kind of like a referral link, without changing too much about things.

🤔 Lots of questions! 😅


I rreally like the idea of a tab for most views. Maybe trending could be based on most views rather than payout? Even better, what if author rewards was partly due to views as well as votes?


There are a few problems with that that others have identified

  1. Views are not a blockchain level feature, they are specific to Steemit.com, and so not even available to busy.org; this means that it would not be possible to include this in the reward calculation as this happens on the blockchain, which is not aware of views
  2. It was raised somewhere by someone (can't remember!) that views are more susceptible to manipulation than voting because they do not cost anything and it would be trivial to spin up a page viewer bot, there is no human check wall on Steemit, for either logged in or random users.

Views are really a problematic metric and to be honest I'd quite nearly side with the idea of removing it entirely.


Well put @personz I agree.


There are two possibilities for the recommendation system:

  1. It could be part of the blockchain logic. The Steem engine needs to compute a lot of stuff, recommendation could be part of it. Then the cost of running it would need to be covered by witnesses and all the people who are running full nodes. The benefit would be that the it would be paid for in block rewards, so for average user it would seem that it is for free.


  1. It would be an independent 3rd party system. In my opinion it has all the advantages and 1 big disadvantage.
    + the recommendation logic is completely separate from blockchain logic and is very different (computer security, network communication, economics vs. statistics, data analysis, machine learning, deep learning). Why should steem developers be doing it instead of doing what they know the best?
    + recommendation system is a very complicated thing and will need to be continuously improved. Every time an improvement is made there would have to be a hardfork.
    + the computational demands of such a system might be huge. The market needs to say whether the value brought is worth the costs, or not. If we tie it to the blockchain it could drag down Steem as a whole in case it is uneconomical. When separate, the system provider could adjust the service based on how people value it. In case it is uneconomical, it will just stop the service. Maybe someone else will find a cheaper / smarter approach.
    - the disadvantage is, that currently there is no business model for developing and running such a system. Sharing revenue from curation rewards is one way to fix this. (Although not a perfect one - people could still receive the recommendation and then upvote it through other means)

Thank you for sharing, in my opinion curation is an integral part of steem. This is an amazing platform that must consider progressing further than just a motive talking point. Upvoted and followed!!

I would agree if we were seeing real curation efforts by more accounts. As curation works now it is just an easy way for people to invent bots that are gaming the system to earn curation. I hope they will not do anything to increase the motives for more bots, more fake curation, etc.


My bot actually automatically upvoted this 😅 I'm glad it did, good article and means my algorithm is working to find posts I actually like


I agree that it would be ideal if the final decision were made by a human. On the other hand I see the filtering of posts you might like by automated systems as inevitable. If Steem is to be successful, the number of posts must grow. On the other hand we must make sure that the growth will not kill it, which is likely to happen in case people won't be able to reach posts they like.


As you know, I do manually curate and share what I consider to be the best of what I've read but, it takes a lot of reading and filtering out to get to that point in a day which is likely why there is not a lot more of it happening. Steemtrail is doing a great job of trying to overcome that and build community.

nice post.!!
thanks for sharing @hr1

Good luck.!!
Upvote and resteem.
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♡♡♡ @hr1

I strongly support the steemit program to achieve a more advanced forward

Huh, real interesting!!! The future will tell...

Hello @hr1 and thank you for the upvote to my post about the watering system (here). I've followed you :-) Thanks again.

wow nice action start post

Hi @hr1, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads yesterday and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

I submitted a github issue. Let's see what the developers will say..

damn how i could miss this post! nice one!


I moved the discussion to a Github issue to see what the developers think. Please join if you think this feature is important.

I think you raised a very important point. Focus should not be directed only at creating good content but also to make the best use of it. I see so many great posts be underappreciated and never reaching many people. While most users may want to see changes there will be also a lot of resistance, especially from users that are currently popular, to leave things as they are now.

Yes. There should be a lot more sharing and less belly rubbing so real content can be seen.

That's what happens on Facebook & Google. They know how to treat user because they always monitor people by AI programs. If there is a method to implement decentralized AI, this will be possible. Anyway it's a good suggestion @hr1

Yes. There should be a lot more sharing. Thanks for the post.

Good post! Let me think a lot.

Good post idea @hr1

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