Every little bit of promotion counts! Come and help me with my presentation about Steemit.

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Steemit’s popularity has been growing recently. Its price is going up that’s definitely one of the reasons, but massive reason is also the promo that is being done by all the users. It’s this kind of cyclical triangle…one couldn’t be without the other one (or rather wouldn’t be as effective). @Unmean-stweets told like a week ago, about this matter, to me those wise words: “every little bit counts”. This is so true since every single potential new user can bring so much value to the platform. I decided to tell you about my biggest “success” in promoting Steemit and my future plans. I want to show how every little bit of an effort can lead to awesome outcomes.

Our University has been visited by an Italian scholar Massimo Riva. He is the director of Virtual Humanities Lab. In a nutshell it is a centre of lot of projects mainly about digitalization of old Italian artistry. There are plenty of interesting projects there. For instance the digitalization of Garibaldi’s panorama. This piece of art rendered me breathless for couple of seconds. The gigantic scroll has been photographed in a specially constructed photographic lab. The centuries of examination of such a scroll has been compressed into who-knows-how-long commentary of all the scenes of the panorama. Also a special interactive Microsoft table (this is where it starts to suck…I’ll explain later on) has been created to make the piece of art accessible to public.

Throughout his presentation Massimo complained about the problem of judging the exact contribution of all the people who worked on any given project, which I used to start a long conversation. In centralized system it doesn’t really matter whether you know that or not – It’s only the ego that cares…and also potential future contracts. The scholars receive a grant and they have to fulfil the goal that has been set at the beginning. No one receives no extra money for any given amount of contribution to the project (if they don’t steal it of course… in our country often times practiced tactic), every1 just have to work their asses off to pull the desired outcome, otherwise the money would be taken away from them. Other flows of centralized systems are, in this case, for instance the inability to use any other (read better) device than the Microsoft table. If it sucks, or if anyone comes up with better solution, you’re stuck in the old way. You’re stuck in the Babylon.

That’s why I presented him Steemit. I told him that a project called Pevo, that was introduced by @pharesim, is trying to get an academic ground onto a decentralized platform. I didn’t have time to study its whitepaper yet so that was all I could have said at that time. Then I introduced him to Steemit. I summed up all the information I deemed vital. We agreed on the fact, that if we want to really support science, we need to use a Blockchain technology. I can be really persuasive when I need to, but it was clear he himself has thought about it in the past (even though he didn’t know the terminology), so we were on the same boat from the beginning. He wanted to stay in touch and I will definitely contact him when my knowledge about Pevo will be sufficient. We have to start somewhere and introducing scholars to this awesome platform is a hell of a start! It could lead to respected scholars, like Massimo himself, joining Steemit, or maybe the whole Italian department of Brown University. I will try to accomplish the same on the ground of my University (Institute of Information science).

I will also tell you about my upcoming presentation about Steemit. After one of my exams I have been sitting in a park smoking my little joint feeling grateful. I have seen few friends tossing frisbee in a really chilled manner. On last tournament I have managed to break my finger on my main arm, but I decided to go and toss a bit with my other arm. Through those guys I was introduced to a “community of people that love each other and science”. That was pretty attractive to me. They told me that in one week they have a “presentation night”. I told them that I think this community would be interested in Steemit. After few more minutes I was already agreeing on taking part in their night with my presentation of Steemit.

I have been on Steemit for about month now, but I still don’t really feel like I know all the important data about it. I’m asking for help. If you guys could help me to realize all the important stuff I would be really thankful. I plan to speak about:

  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Basics of how Steemit works
  • Place for all kinds of topics
  • Place for teaching/studying
  • ???

Let me know what you would add guys! Help me make this presentation great and attract more people!

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For me the most important features of Steem are:

  • censorship resistance -> freedom of speech
  • low barrier of entry for non-crypto people
  • internal governance system (how changes are proposed, agreed upon and executed)
  • recognition of the value all participants of Steem network bring (witnesses for physically providing the network, authors for providing the content, curators for filtering it)
  • last but not least: it's fun :)

It also adds credibility to name some of the Steem's weak points, but I'll leave that up to you :)


Your second pointbrings very true for me!


I agree with You completely, @papa-pepper=))). I, for example, four months ago I had no idea what a blockchain. And about the cryptocurrency especially not heard. And what? I did not stop to enter into the community. And here I am: learning and I hope I can help others soon=))))


That is a great list of strong points @hr1, and it speaks for you that you also mention the opposite side.

Very informative post. Following you. Need followings. Kindly follow me :)

This needs more attention by the community.

Resteemed for awareness and hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me can step up before I do.


Thank you for your help buddy! Even "not-so-knowledgeable" opinions could help me a lot though!


Hahaha.. Of course. Reason I'm not expounding now is that I currently don't have the mental energy for it. (Steem cruise-mode now if you know what I mean. Hahaha). I am very excited to share what I know tho. This is an amazing chance to promote Steemit in a win-win situation. As like you said, research scholars are in need for a decentralized source of funding. And an application of Steemit in such a prestigious institution is very high quality advertising for us. (I'm imagining The Guardian article with the headline "Research sciencetist uses social media-blockchain hybrid for funding")


I totally understand. Cruise on and come back when you’re ready to share your thoughts :).

nice post

Hello. Thank you for coming to my blog and replying.^^
I sincerely hope you can join me in cheering for the future.Follow and go.^^

very informative

Thank you for post.

Thank you for posting.
It's a great idea to collect various opinions and seek more progress.

I'm following you.


Thanks! I checked you blog but unfortunately didn’t understand anything:)


haha, I'm korean, So I am not good at English.
In the future, I will try to post hard posts in English as well.

nice post,

Is there a slidedeck available to use this in my speeches?

I'm a keynote speaker on many events in German spoken Europe and love to gain more steemians


Hey buddy! First of all, this post is long past itss payout:) remove the up vote and if you want to support me, feel free to do so in some of my newer posts, if not i would understand. I dont want you to waste your power though.

By slidedeck you mean the presentation? I have it though its in Czech. I think that it would be easier for you to check out hr1s comment and my post and pick up the topics that you deem important :)


Thanks for your feedback. I tought it would be a good idea to have a (basic) presentation to share it around.

It looks like I have to start to build one..... :-(
This is what I hate on my ideas - got more work to me.


You’ll do fine:) From the topics shared on this post and in the comments I have been able to do a 2 hours of speech (with lot of questions from the crowd i have to admit:D), more than enough inputs to gather here!

I just put this on my facebook feed, for a few thousand people to see :-)


Thanks for promoting Steem and myself!:) If i may ask...where did you stumble upon such an old article?


for the life of me I do not know, I was looking on @sykochica page, as she advised me to do, regards looking for ideas on how to promote my own blogs, and I think I stumbled upon it there.

The best thing for me is great quality content and minimal bullshit like you see on other social media platforms.


Yes we share that opinion:)

Wonderfull post...Thanks for share

Wonderfull post...Thanks for share

I totally agree with you and support that ..

I found it very good to see your post. Stem is a site that is never a mistake, and if everyone works on this site, then everyone can work on their own duties. Actually, it is a good idea to do the job, if you have to work hard to work on the steam site You can not copy anything else to others. Your post seems to me absolutely perfect. Thank you. I'm sorry for your post.