[HUNT IEO Live] IDCM - 17% Bonus & Top/First Buyers Event

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Our first IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) will be launched via IDCM Korea on March 14, 2019, 12:00 KST. As we introduced earlier, IDCM is a global-leading digital asset exchange platform whose 24h volume is ranked in the top 20.

Go to the Sales Page (Click “Upcoming” tab) - https://www.idcmkorea.io/coinsale/home

IEO Information

  • Date: March 14, 2019, 12:00 - March 18, 2019, 23:59 KST
  • Total Sales Amount: 3,750,000 HUNT
  • Sales Price: 0.02 USD per HUNT
  • Bonus Rate: 17%
  • Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, IT
  • Sales Page: www.idcmkorea.io/coinsale/home

Top & First 30 Buyers - 300,000 HUNT ($6,000) up for grabs!


We will run an exciting event for the top buyers and the first 30 buyers with a total of 300,000 HUNT tokens (worth $6,000). Please check out the details below:

1. Top buyers: Total 150,000 HUNT / (5 people)

The top five people who purchase the most amount of HUNT tokens will be granted the following.

  • 1st place (1 person) : 50,000 HUNT (worth $1,000)
  • 2nd place (1 person) : 40,000 HUNT (worth $800)
  • 3rd place (1 person) : 30,000 HUNT (worth $600)
  • 4th place (1 person) : 20,000 HUNT (worth $400)
  • 5th place (1 person) : 10,000 HUNT (worth $200)

2. First 30 buyers: Total 150,000 HUNT / (30 people)

The first 30 people who purchase over $300 will receive an added bonus of 5,000 HUNT (worth $100).

Promoting a Korean Investor Community


We are running a live quiz show for three days via the biggest Korean crypto app - Cobak. It’s like a HQ for crypto where people can answer some questions about the project during the live show. The hints for the answers are shared via chat channels like Telegram or Kakaotalk (Korean messenger), so it’s highly effective to gather many potential investors on the chat channel quickly.

We ran the first quiz show yesterday, and gathered over 1K quiz participants, and our Kakaotalk chat group gained more than 850 new users within an hour. We will run two more shows over the next two days, and we expect that this will gather many Korean investors for our upcoming IEOs.


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you guys are CRUSHING it! love the strats/tactics! :)


The Steemhunt team is crushing!


Yeaahh 😍😍.....They r jst amazing.....Will you participate in the quiz?


Yeah!! Its a great news....Will you participate?




muy buena la iniciativa, de esta manera las fronteras deberán ir cayendo, conjugando un mundo completamente abierto a nuevas, mejores y posibles forma de comunicar. aplaudo toda forma de comunicación, gestión de ingreso, etc. vamos todos a participar, esta es una nueva puerta que se esta abriendo, puede haber detrás de ella muchas oportunidades.
saludos para todos desde Venezuela, éxito y apoyo.

i am playing this quiz to this is best foe genral kwolege you are grat and your bloge is the good you succeus in your life nice nice

That’s a massive giveaway bonuses! It’s really attractive!

Thanks @steemhunt for coming this far, you guys are really focused!

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Superexciting giveway🤩 Isn't it?

wow.....good luck for all

this post is awsome..now this is tredding..

This is exciting, can't wait for it to be launched

This is a great offer.
I wish you all the best guys!

I was waiting for something just like this.


Am excited for April on this token will finally become tradable...

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This is really very exciting news. Very interesting quiz. best of luck alls

Wow it's really amazing I was just looking for this types of news

It's very useful for all steemit users

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this post is awsome..now this is tredding. amazing news good luck for all Thanks @steemhunt for coming this far

that's good amazing !

@steemhunt ........
Is there any other easier way to buy bitcoins.

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You guys did amazing!! Congratulations!

@steemhunt Thats jst supercrazy.🤩.....Love to participate.....Waiting for it dude

para cualquier parte del mundo o algunas zonas estan restringidas

son buenas noticias que apoyo 100% desde venezuela


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Wow good information
I am so exited for this

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Omg.This is a great new. Have you already participated?

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Great news for steem ecosystem as more exchanges and dapps are supporting steem.
We are a steem based p2p exchange in our alpha version. We also have a demo application at www.swapsteem.com
We will soon be adding a market to be able to trade steem for erc20 tokens. Please follow our blog for info and token listing queries

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thank you

happy to see this post in Trending good luck @steemhunt

Apakah saya akan mendapatkan nomor 1 ? @haqnii :v siapa tau bisa nge up