Brace Yourselves the Investors Are Coming!

in steem •  3 years ago

There are apparently people preparing for the upcoming hardfork... :)


Edit: This is a screen shot of Bittrex' BTC / STEEM order book.

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best regards for you, hope to be friends with good

Damn you wr so right about the hardfork


Was I? What are you referring to? There was a slight pump before the fork, but nothing sice then..

But when are they arriving?

I can only imagine people getting ready for the hard fork. I can see a massive spike for bitcoin after the hard fork. Its very exciting but at the same time making me very nervous to see what happens. Followed and upvoted!

If I understand this correctly, they are expecting bitcoin to shoot up so suddenly there will be a lag before steem price catches up, meaning they can make a killing buying steem during the brief period where it is expected to be cheap (relative to bitcoin) and either become whales or sell it back to bitcoin when the price stabilises...

bring it on!

very useful information .. thanks ...@hr1:)

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