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Hi Steemit,

Today I am going to share a few tips which will help you to sleep better.


We all know, and this is happening in the world. People are getting deprived of sleep. Either they cant sleep or they get bad quality sleep or they rely on sleeping pills.

The following tips will help you sleep better. I hopefully will back the tips with atleast some sort of reasoning.

1. Get out in the sun


Research has shown that for a good night sleep, we need a high value difference in the light exposure you are in to throughout the day. More the difference in the maximum and minimum of the value of light you are exposed to throughout the day, better the sleep quality and longer the sleep. SO go get out in the sun and stay there for quite a bit of time. The sun is approx 30,000 lux of light and your home is no more than 250 lux. For that matter, a well lit office is no more than 500 lux. And believe me, difference of 500 lux is not sufficient. Go get out and spend some time in the sun. and, chose a dark room to sleep.

2. Eat 3 hours before you go to bed.


Because the factory of the digestive system is active for 3 hours after you had your dinner. Your heart is pumping for that cause. you need to lower your heart beat rate to sleep properly. You have to make this choice. I know it is difficult. But if you are suffering from from lack of sleep, and you want to sleep nicely, you got to make this choice. You have the free will. Adjust the things and make it happen.

3. Make the room "little" cooler.


This result is based on a research i forgot the source but mostly, it was a video where I heard this. A "bit" cooler room has been shown to impart better sleep than a comparatively than a warm room.

4. Do a repetitive and/or boring thing.


Like in many of my students say that whenever they don't get sleep they open the most boring subject for them. Within no time they start dozing off. For me, I chant sanskrit mantras as a practice of meditation. It is repetitive. It should had been interesting but because of repetition, for many it becomes boring and mechanical. After sometime of starting my chant, i feel sleepy. I suggest that find out a thing in your life or something which you are bored of doing. when you want to sleep do a 5-10 minute of that, and see the results.

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This sleeping position is really amazing.