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Hi Everyone.

Today Let's see quotes from top scientists of the world and see what they think about God! It seems that they appreciate God a lot! And that too which reason and faith. It also seems that the depth of science they are into, suggest them that there must be a creator behind creation and intelligent designer behind the design they are able to observe in the world around.

This is just to provoke some thoughts in the readers and it is not a judgmental post that produces any conclusion.

Here we go!










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Hello dear @questionthetrend.

It seems brilliant to me that you have selected these personalities so that we know their way of interpreting the existence of God.

We can not ignore that these men, like most of us, were children and grew up with the beliefs instilled by their parents.
Maybe it was after your approach to science that you could develop your own criteria and pronounce these famous fraces that you have triada today.

Something must have pushed them to believe. Something very big must have inspired them.
I really liked the thought of Lord Kelvin.

All best, Piotr.


Thanks for commenting! You always take time and do with full dedication whatever you do. This I have observed. I was a glad to see your comment!

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Love to see how responsive you are @questionthetrend

I'm sorry that it took me so long to read and reply.



I understand . Using Partiko app, is great. It informs about activities related to my account just like WhatsApp...

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God is real existence
She is the only being
There are also countless existences


Thanks for commenting

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Matters of faith but all picture person are great

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Thanks for commenting!

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I do doubt the existence of a all mighty creator. However it annoys me to no end that so many assume scientists are atheists, because its not true.


Yes, many are believers in God!

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