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This is a story of a saint who happened to be at an airport. He was waiting for his flight patiently chanting on his beads, undisturbed by the commotion. He was elderly, dressed in his yellow robes. He was shaven headed and had was clean and bright.

Their was a lady sitting infront of him. She turned back to him and looked at him for sometime. He smiled at her warmly. She happened to be an officer related to cleanliness of that particular country.

She suddenly asked him.... Kind of challenged him. "You are a parasite to the society. You are simply busy in your own life. Just eating and meditating. Do you have anything to do with what is going on in this world. Are you aware that how much the pollution levels have risen. What are you doing to about pollution.???"

There was silence at the place for sometime. Other people were also staring at the scene.

The saint was calm. He replied, "I inspire people not to pollute". There was silence for sometime. He continued... "I see a boil on your hand. What is it?" The lady replied, "Oh, I get it treated again and again but it keeps coming back"

"That's because your there is a problem in your blood. That's the real problem.

You just treat the external problem. It is bound to come back again.

Similarly even if you clean the entire world. It will again get polluted. Because the external pollution that is seen is just like your boil. It can be treated but untill and unless the hearts of the people are treated, it be the same condition again in no time. Just like your blood should be treated for the permanent treatment of your boil, the hearts of people have to be treated for the external pollution which is observed. It is not that the boil should not be treated at all. But, it must be treated, followed by the treatment of the blood. Similarly, we must clean the pollution to the level we as individuals can.

And at the same time, it is important that people identify their relationship with nature and environment. They feel responsible for the impact they cause and feel duty-bound towards the natural resources which they are related to in some or the other way. This is only possible by the method of spiritual awareness which I teach people. If that does not happen. Even if to clean up the whole world, it will happen all over again."

The saint rested his words. The lady was very impressed with the saint and congratulated him for his contribution.

(image credits: pixabay.com)

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