Setting Off Fire Alarms

in photography •  2 months ago


I finally got the halogens for my brand spanking new Redhead studio lights and got to testing them. They heat up so much that I set off the fire alarm in my apartment only after an hour of shooting, oopsie! I let them cool for a while, opened more windows and got back to it without any problems again. I tried quite a few different setups pretty fast just to have an initial test of what I can possible start doing with the lights, and I love the possibilities!

I'll show you some proper pictures tomorrow!


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First human in comment section! :-)


You are...human!?


Well... non-bot would be more precise ;-)
I was actually looking at new content, that is /created

Don't cook yourself under the lights...But if you do make sure you throw on a garlic bread too! 😉

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Did you have to mention garlic bread, now I want some :(


It's the best ever right?

Wow! I know what exactly you are now!

An Angel! :)


Definitely not an angel.

A fallen one maybe.

Waiting forward to it. Warm light in all senses ;)

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