Brad Pitt & UK's Top Fund Manager Stockpicker Loses Big in yet Another Fusion Con Job as Scicom offensive piles on.

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This is a Fantastic investment case study for all those who want to learn more about investing, hedge funds, investing in energy, venture capital, and stock fund management!

(Firstly, if we are wrong on any facts, feel free to correct us with sources. Apologies to parties involved if we have any facts wrong ignorantly. We have no insider info)


Brad Pitt, Steve Job's Widow, and the #1 Stockpicker of the UK got smoked in a Fusion Scam, losing up to 10 Million dollars, maybe even more.

Bradd pitt.jpeg

Brad Pitt, the famous actor, built the "Makeitright foundation" established to aid in the environmentally friendly rebuilding of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. His CEO was the son of the owner of a small company named "Industrial Heat" (IH). IH was investigating new energy techs like Cold Fusion. Brad Pitt put in some money, a reported 10 million $ (unconfirmed)

So did Steve Job's Alt-Left Political activist Widow, "Laurene Powell Jobs". IH also got 54 Million Pounds (68 million USD) from UK's top stockpicker, @woodfordfunds. The little company IH pulled in about 100 MILLION in capital.

Laurene powell jobs.jpg

IH invested 10 million with a further 98 Million commitment to a small private innovator who made an invention called E-cat. E-cat is claimed to be a Fusion device. However that's a LIE. E-cat is NOT fusion, and fuses NOTHING. This is one of the endless con jobs by scicom to claim things which they are not. The establishment scicom Industry uses examples like E-cat lying they can fuse, so they can con officials into research contracts and con investors. E-cat is a LENR device which is NOT fusion but a low energy nuclear reactor. Typically the innovators are not to blame for this mis-categorization fraud by the scicom establishment and the ignorance of the media who is often paid to write negative articles about them.


LENR do have real applications and is real technology that works. Of course there are many LENR actors and some tech is better than others and some more advanced than others, costs and management of each individual company varies wildly of course as usual in business. The good ones, they have their fair share of despicable lying con artist attacking naysayers also, most of whom are from the scicom establishment complex that just hates it more than anything when small private innovators get any investment and they don't get to continue to control it all. God forbid that someone bypasses the corrupt crony establishment to support the small private innovators! When it happens, all hell breaks loose in the scicom communities and they go to war not just attack, to try and discredit the innovators. BUT, Scicom's LENR projects are just fine and dandy and rosy and all those in the establishment support them while buying ads against the privates. How typical of corrupt crony scicom. I think they know no other behavior.

While scicom lies through their teeth daily that they can fuse and break the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which they use endlessly to scream "scam" at the Breakthrough Innovators in endless criminal con artist satanic possession fashion, they give themselves free pass to experiment, try, test, probe, and blow hundreds of billions in wild goosechase total bullshits like the ITER reactor they admit publicly will never produce any energy at all. But when a private innovator out of the tens of thousands of them globally finally gets a mere 10 million dollars, they literally shit a brick in total overwealming demonic opposition and seething disruption, trolling, paid attacks and worse. Standard operandus motif for the establishment losers.

This E-Cat tech seemed to be demanded by IH, and the innovator gave it, on condition of a 90+ million success fee. However IH refused to pay the money when it was time, claiming that "the tech was not proven to work."
IH was given just 54 MIllion of Woodford's 4+ Billion or so fund valuation. Woodford assigned a valuation for IH of 913 Million. About 100 Million was invested into IH. Given that IH only invested 10 Million of 100 Million, 10% of capital, IH should be in good financial position still, however I haven't checked the financials just yet. So 2 initial questions arise:

  1. Did IH seek to scam E-Cat from the inventor and not pay? E-cat is suing IH now for the withholding. Some parties online are stating that even the 10 million wasn't given. (we haven't confirmed this)
  2. What IS the financial position of IH at this point given 100 Million put in and just 10 million out to E-Cat, (if any at all) it SHOULD be fantastic, unless the funds were improperly managed, bilked, embezzled etc which is so common these days.

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 7.55.38 PM.png


  • The UK's woodford, even IF the 54 million investment in IH was now worthless due to a scam or mismanagement, has only "lost" 54 Million. Their fund was worth 4 Billion with and 3 Billion without this investment. 54 million from 3 Billion is only 1.8%. It is nothing, a tiny amount of the portfolio, not even 1 in 50. This is like investing in 50 companies in a diversified long term tech portfolio and one egg comes up green and it's gone. In fact this is bound to happen when investing in frontier tech.
  • If IH still has 90 million of the 100 million given them, they will, if managed ethically, merely pivot to some other profitable enterprise or try another 9 stabs at it to produce a profit. This is likely.

If AOE had 90 Million for example, it is hard to imagine even the possibility of failure as we could put the funds even into banks and profit endlessly as we commercialized tech after tech until we were blue in the face.


A little more background...

Woodfordfunds is UK's #1 stockpicker. They are now being radically attacked over this, and are in the stage of "Jealous haters piling on" as Woodford gated withdrawls in his LONGTERM equity fund & ppl can't cash out and are now whining.

These whiners invested into....get this...woodford's fund is named "Woodford Patient Capital Trust". They literally named it "PATIENT FKNG CAPITAL" and the naysaying establishment lying haters are attacking him for gating his fund. LOL it's literally madness of the greed & twitchy lack of discipline and TOTAL LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY of investors and especially investor firms who invested then want to pull funds from woodford. The FCA should penalize them for it in my opinion as they have no place putting client funds into PATIENT CAPITAL LONG TERM TECH EQUITY FUND and then whining when can't sell low on their buy "high?" cashing in their client's investments for a loss like fools when the manager caps it in the investor's best interests. FCA should do an investigation as to why these firms are acting in such irresponsible manner and demanding they conduct a full risk tolerance disclosure and time horizon audit with all their investors and clients. No one should be whining at fund managers under the investment time unless embezzlement etc is in play. On the surface it appears woodford has done nothing wrong in comparison to the average VC.

Financial advisors must by law disclose the time investment horizons to investors, so they all know better than to whine when can't get their money out. Endless education about such is done in the UK to no end also. It's common sense to not invest in long term equity if you need the money back. Folks, don't invest in such funds if won't hold 3-5 yrs. Don't whine when mgr doing his job = not selling low.

The job of fund managers is to take all the money that comes into a long term equity fund, and put it to work. It is NOT to keep cash sitting around uninvested in case whiners want to cash out early at the wrong timing. When a fund manager is given 3 Billion $ his job is to invest that 3 billion for maximum time-premium and do so asap, not keep cash. He is not supposed to leave funds for redemptions, and definitely not more than 5%. Investors are supposed to give 3-10+ years.

However, the entire UK investment industry is shitting a brick over woodford's gating of his fund to stop redemptions (cash outs) as he invested the money at low prices and now needs to wait for the investments to play out (3-10+ yrs) until the prices are high when he can sell. That's his job. He is even getting beaten up for marking up IH to 913 Million from a 100 Million capital investment, which isn't even a 10X multiple. (cheap for book to value high growth tech stocks in this era in fact)

Woodford's portfolio on first glance is well diversified. The initial holdings are many and not concentrated. Smaller holdings are not disclosed. It is clear Woodford is invested somewhat like a public "A round VC." Good job. He is pushing the limits on tech in a number of sectors and probably this will pay off big time at some point.

So, Why is UK's financial industry shitting a brick? E-cat may have been a lie as its NOT fusion and fuses nothing, but LENR does have real applications if done correctly. There is nothing wrong with what Woodford has done from initial analysis and certainly no worse than what any VC does. The culprit is of course the establishment. The corrupt crooked morally bankrupt lying cheating frauding criminal jealous conning two faced hypocrit establishment, which of course gets 98%+ of the funds from wall street and markets, and hates when the small private innovators get a shot. They have gone to war countless times with the investors of small innovators and they wont be stopping it in this century. They get funding from an endless number of other investor firms and investment industry companies. Of course they are slandering Ecat, IH, and Woodford every chance they get. Selling and defending their pyramids to satan and themselves & their crony complexes of control, they will keep the attack on long long long after the world has changed to Breakthrough Energy if even 1% of the funds ever go to small private innovators even. This is just how scicom has always behaved and likely always will.

Woodford took a shot, and he is being penalized for it. He should be supported, but instead he is being attacked. If he lost 2% of the fund, so fkng what. He will lose on some, you cant win them all. If he hits on another that returns 100%, he makes it all back, and the rest provide the returns.

AlphaOmegaEnergy has offered him 300% (on the first 2.6 Million) and is slated to return 30x over 10 years by a number of onlookers. (10BB market cap in 10 yrs. Compare to Wework losing 1.9 Billion a year at 47 Billion valuation in less time)

Because a Woodford took a shot at innovators, innovators will now chase him. This I think makes his fund even more attractive now than ever. Especially since he bore the heat and closed the door so his investments don't have to bear returns of capital.

AlphaOmegaEnergy thus declares Woodford "An Innovation Champion." Without him, an IH would not have gotten 100 Million, nor would Ecat have gotten 10 Million and the chance. The radical nincompoop naysayer knuckle dragging loser neo-luddites who dont believe in technology advancement in energy, but believe it in everything else, are just holding back humanity. They are Losers, take a pass on them, everyone.

AOE solicited officially on Twitter, Woodford and Woodford funds and will be calling them monday UK time to try to get a call with Mr Woodford. E-cat may be unable to produce good results, but AOE can.

As of today, AOE has 2,918 Breakthrough CleanEnergy techs, #1 in World History, on pace to hit our predicted 3,000 techs by year end 2019. I predict we will hit it in time.

"Never Never Never Never Never Never Never count out the underdog who is under severe attack by the corrupt establishment, who believes in God and who gave their life to Change The World"

We changed The World.png

Those who invested trying to push the innovation cause for humanity, in the right conditions and terms, like a 68 Million investment for a 25% stake (in IH) will have the best innovators like an AOE calling them. A fund's work is not only in appeasing everyone but in 'taking the shots to win the championship, enough that the great players draft themselves over to play on your sports team, because they want to win'

AOE is aiming for Change The World Championship. With a Woodford in our corner, we would no doubt be able to do so.

Lesson in Valuation:
54 Million invested by Woodford.
46 million invested by others.
100 million invested total.
9.13x multiple on book given.

  • The average cleantech company valuation is 45.5x earnings across G30 nations.
  • That means they would have to earn just 20 Million a year to be worth this 913 million on a standard 45.5 PE ratio
  • However there is also licensing revenues and further investments which could come in.
  • Should a big VC place 200-500 Million into the company, the valuation would double. Should the company success in viable market ready tech, this is not only possible but virtually guaranteed as it is merely how the market is working. There are an endless number of big pile on funds looking for places to dump hundreds of millions into single pile on targets.
  • Fund manager woodford places that value on it today. He also does so because he doesn't plan to nor want to sell prior to that value, especially if they succeed.
  • This is the perfect strategy when acting on behalf of your investors in a responsible fashion.
  • When I have seen this before, the fund manager always goes on to become very successful.

The one mistake made by the fund was clearly not getting an extra commitment letter signed with MOU of understanding by clients that they are investing for minimum 3 years to 5-10 years, or having a gated fund altogether for the purpose of this design. Then when the whining naysayers go public bitching at him, he can post it publicly that they signed it and understood, with nothing more to say. Those whining will have fully embarrassed themselves, and if advisor firms, need to be investigated by the FCA for pushing client sales into what they didn't want, liability on them, not on woodfordfunds.

Managers have a responsibility and so do innovators. Take the money we are given and immediately put it work and grow. Don't give us money asking for it back unless we agree and plan for that.

Now, now that we have come to the latter section of the article, consider These FACTS also...

  1. Just because IH invested 10 million to E-cat, and E-Cat is suing IH, doesn't mean they won't work out something, or the courts won't work out something, and E-cat continues and succeeds, and IH wins in the end. Which means they didn't lose a single $
  2. Maybe E-cat's innovator is a staunch values guy like we are at AOE and go on to success in later years and return the 10 mm back to IH, that is possible. So in truth, neither IH nor woodford have lost a single cent as it stands in the news today. How's them apples? They didn't lose a fkng DOLLAR yet the whole UK financial industry has shit a brick. Incompetence much? I will say it on behalf of woodford because he is too cool to do so. You whiners SUCK at investing and know so little about it, CLEARLY. Stay with woodford, you are INCOMPETENT at investing.
  3. E-cat bombs and dies. IH loses 10MM but still has 90MM. IH wins in court. IH has 90MM. IH succeeds. woodford loses NOTHING and wins HUGE. Result? Lost NOTHING. See #2 to make it sink in.
  4. The fact is, in actuality, there seems to be no actual crystalization of loss, and woodford acted responsibly to stop a "run on the bank" due to only total BS rumors by scicom & other irresponsible firms. Accusations require DUE PROCESS. An investment manager is not guilty merely due some hack claims such.
  5. LENR is receiving a lot of attention and WILL get investment and WILL eventually go on to success ABSOLUTELY, I could do it. I'm not but I could definitely do it. IH if they are ethical, will succeed. If we were a LENR company and got 90MM we sure would succeed at it, so, don't count woodford out yet, and also, he has 3 BILLION remaining in a well diversified portfolio.
  6. Warren Buffet says "buy when others are fearful and sell when others are greedy" the firms against woodford are doing opposite of PATIENT CAPITAL, so, they should maybe be reviewed for competence to hold a license.

Now doesn't that add some much needed perspective??

AlphaOmegaEnergy is the World's #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Startup, and we are raising 2.6 Million in our Seedround, putting it on the blockchain, and paying a minimum guaranteed fixed rate of return of 3X+principle to non rights stripping nations, or will do so in SPV's to investment firms. Don't naysay like a fool. 3X is the standard minimum VC rate. This is basic startup investing. We do it in a note which means we have to pay it back regardless what happens, under some caveats that allow us to keep open and grinding moving forward.

**For the flippy flip short termers, you can earn money fast in-out with AOE in 3 ways.

  1. Invest $150,000-$300,000 to pay for us to do an IEO on a major exchange with powerful marketing, like Binance. When done, take your money out with 1X fixed to you.
  2. Invest up to 2.6 Million in our Seedround, and we out your principal as soon as we get our A round. Your 3X return stays in until our IPO in 12-18 months post close of round.
  3. Invest up to 2.6 Million in our seedround and we will list it on the blockchain. Sell at will at 1x-3X on the open market as price varies.**

For long termers, the proper way to invest, AOE is slated to earn 30x growing to 10BB over to years, far in excess of the 3-10x that VC normally invests to.

AOE already has 14 Broker Dealers ready to sell our IPO, 6 UnderWriters interested to list us, & we are seeking a promotion investor/sponsor so we can list our blockchain on a major exchange like Binance. AOE is also a Christian social enterprise valued for IPO already at +1 Billion $ with verbal projection by SBI securities to invest 50+ Million from their own local book at one Emerging Markets office. We have every receipt in triplicate nearly, have achieved a number of awards, and have investor references.

AlphaOmegaEnergy would like to thank NeilWoodford for trying to advance energy innovation. While fusion for energy is a mis-step, he has tried unlike the naysayers. AOE has 2,918 Breakthrough Cleantechs that work, #1 in History, 3X fixed note for Neil w/financial controls, DM for ⚡️

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 9.58.57 PM.png

To begin your investment in AOE, our Pre-sales round is open and you can invest any time.

"We Changed The World!!"

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