Why Political Silence is Not a Good Choice in Today’s World...

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Hi, Steemians!

We dreamers and frontrunners tend to forget that we are bound by the circumstances that bring about order or chaos in our society.

But before continuing I would like to leave an important warning in the beginning of this post for all of you that even though I have a very busy life I have thought about many things and I am starting a series of projects that will soon help a lot the steem community and I ask everyone's attention to what I will write at the end of this post.

A lot of things happen everyday that we might find in bad taste. Against most of those things, we feel powerless because we have not been the ones to make the decisions that came to the conclusion we are currently facing.

That is why political wisdom matters in today’s world.

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It is a tendency for many wise people to hold political silence over a lot of issues that society faces on a daily basis.

These people might be under the impression that the less they contribute, the less they are likely to cause any damage to other people because of their political choice.

This is what we know as neutrality.

But I have one thing to say to these people; whenever wisdom crawls behind the drape of cowardice, ignorance unchallengedly triumphs.

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Political silence only serves those who would use the sentiments of the masses to their advantage, feeding off the collective ignorance that is formed with lack of knowledge and wariness.

On the other hand, you could do your research and contribute to the ideas that shape around the people that lead our societies.

It doesn’t matter if you are a commoner, a dreamer, an ambitious person, a content soul, a powerful economic figure, or simply a man or woman looking to take care of their family. The political landscape of society will eventually affect your life, one way or another.

Wouldn’t it be wise to contribute, so that eventually you can extinguish the possibility of a storm before it takes shape and adversely influences your life?

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In today’s world, one cannot easily draw a line in the sand and determine the righteousness or illegitimacy of one party or another.

Organizations and powerful men or women advertise their agenda seamlessly, appealing to at least a group of people in the society whose trust and vote is a vital contribution to their cause.

In such landscape, it is easy to fall into the trap of cowardice, which is the utter and complete withdrawal of contribution to any ideal that might matter.

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Everything works properly only if all the members of the society decide to put in the effort and the strength to determine what is best for them and elect people to turn that vision into reality.

Needless to say, such vision is impossible to attain if people are neutral in things that matter.

Stand your ground for what you believe in. You may not see the effects of your contribution right away, but in the long run, you will not be disappointed about your involvement.


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Thanks All of You!!!!

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We must urgently do a cardinal reform in the structure of our Governments and I’m glad that BlockChain has a big potential to contribute to it.

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Especially in times like my country, Venezuela, we must stop being silent to seek the grace of a few, to contribute to many who need it. The last 5 days have been a challenge for us, I do not wish this for anyone, living 5 days without light, without communication, without news, without water or bathe. And after those days I had to discover that many people had to die because they could not be operated on time due to lack of electricity, and that people with diabetes had to stand in line so that the electricity company in my locality in conjunction with the local hospital operated the few equipment they had to perform the dialysis that corresponded to these people. And the lines were endless. It is not at all intelligent or wise to silence the things that should be said at that moment.

This week I subscribe to your Youtube channel, how well you are starting your projects. Many successes for your projects.



Hi, @juanmanuellopez1 , You are one the best peoples that be part of my blog family. You are generous with all and a see that! I'm always with my eyes in all of peoples that be part here. I see the attitude, respect each others, and many foundations that you know because you are here every contribute. You are guide for all here. How to be a good person for steem. My projects every will be associate with good causes and try help peoples around the world. Keep safe in Venezuela, the things changed now for better for you country because the peoples now start understanding and wake up. I see in news in my country and I'm sure that your country move now for the new patch. A good Patch. Everything will be right, not in one day, but the most important is: 80% of peoples in your country start changes and I'm happy for this. Regards


In fact, there are many people who are awakening and are now on the side of reason and justice. Now this regime is taking off the mask and is showing its true face. I hope things improve soon and that some day I can tell you about a more positive day in my country. Thank you very much for your support words @chbartist!

Sometimes we could qualify as "avoiding responsibility" the fact of being neutral. Deciding is for brave people, especially in countries in emergency like Venezuela, where I come from. Excellent post I already subscribed.

A hug and greetings


Hi, @lionking80 I wrote about this for @juanmanuellopez1 in reply. If you want read! I think that is something like a response for u too... Thank you for your kind words! Regards!

Of course my friend @chbartist

In fact, I read that answer almost immediately when you wrote it for @juanmanuellopez1. I totally agree. I put a "Like" immediately. And at the same time, I want to thank you from the heart for the interest in your publications regarding the situation that we live in my country, which is becoming increasingly difficult. But as you comment, certainly many people are awakening and unite in this fight against darkness, not only physical but spiritual.

I am waiting for your publications on the new channel.

A big hug!

@chbartist, In my opinion Political Silence inturn means Slavery. Actually the main agenda of politics should be serving common people but now everything is turned upside down and now people became slaves (May be many are not understanding it) and politicians became rulers and people are facing more and more scarcity but our rulers are watching as spectators or in my opinion many of them want to push this only because it's easy to control slaves. That's why we are watching so much control on Expression and specially Truth Seekers are also getting banned from social media platforms. One right voice can educate many who are under darkness. Stay blessed.

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I know @chireerocks and understand what you mean... But we can do the best because we can't change the world but we can do our part and we are doing here. Thank you for your comment! Don't forget! subscribe in the channel, It's very important! Believe me! Regards


Yes, individual role is important because change comes if masses want that change.

Subscription is done brother and hope that we will going to see content which will inspire.

Stay Blessed.

Subscribed to your youtube channel, waiting for some good content.


Thank you! Please, ask for your steem friends too.. Regards

there is a saying, think from French revolution "revolution eats it's own children". and when you live in a place like i do you have an opportunity to see it to many times for my liking.
interested to see what the new project is

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You are right as always, you have to defend your position everywhere, otherwise you will be manipulated, it is a matter of course in politics and in everyday life. I subscribe to you :)


But the Ignorant are oblivious of any "POSITION" to defend. Thus I believe political education is a necessary precursor to robust Participation!!

Excited to see what new projects you are creating.
Your content has been bouncing around in my life for months now. I have found many of your post helpful.
Thanks! HUGS!


Thank you for your kind words, don't forget, subscribe in the channel describe in the the post! Regards

At the moment we are in a Information War. We as creators are often targeted by detractors, political apponents, pundits, "journalist", activist, hacktivist and outrage mobs.

It's true that silence is not the right choice, but everyday that passes by I agree more and more with George Carlin who used to say that:

All your chanting, marching, voting, picketing, boycotting and letter-writing will not change a thing; you will never right the wrongs of this world. The only thing your activity will accomplish is to make some of you feel better. Such activity makes powerless people feel useful, and provides them the illusion that they're making a difference. But it doesn't work. Nothing changes. The powerful keep the power. That's why they're called the powerful.

Interesting and thought provoking words as the escalation of geopolitical tensions make one think more about this. I continue to wonder when society will take control of this and establish a more decentralized approach to cater to the masses and not to the elite. Change takes time...

Posted using Partiko iOS


Exactly friend! Regards

“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”
― Martin Luther King Jr

I just resteemed this post for more exposure.
I also subscribe in your YouTube channel.

Steem Projects are essential for Steem development and progress.
I hope you continue on your journey for the common good.
I wish you all the best!


Thank you @ronel - I wish you all the best for you too!

Good work I appreciate your job.

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Thank you @csharma - Lets move on together and do the best always! all off us on this blog!

Yeah political is so worst now a days all politician they think the good of themselve not for society

Posted using Partiko Android

I think that not only silence bad for us but lie also bring the negative result to all over the world. Also people have their law to know thruth! And it should be by remember everyone and everywhere!

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Hi @chbartist politics is an important part ij any country's development. Leaders should be clear with their vision of growth but first the people should vote to right person. If right person gets elected then he surely do Good for the country. In the same way when a group of good people gets elected then all together they will create good policies which will help country to grow.

But I notice that in last few years people are more interested in politics and many of them cast their cote wisely. But again everyone can't be same so still there are many people who are not serious about this while they actually should be.

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Ya, because politicians are the voice of peoples, so that can't be silent or mute.

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Political wisdoms needed in any world or age.

Thanks @chbartist on your latest foray into political education . Very important issue in our contemporary world , I must admit.

But the core reason for Political apart , especially in less developed societies is IGNORANCE and POVERTY; both seemed Siamese twins!!

Ignorance breeds FEAR and APARTY.

The Ignorant errorneously conclude his contribution would not be necessary or not commended; while the POOR is 24/7 concerned about how to eke out a living for self and family!!

The bottom line is the Society is WORSE OFF.

But HOW do we mitigate this evil Twin??????


I understand what you mean, I do not believe we can change the world, but we can leave little legacies. It is always preferable to preach love than pain, and to be honest this text is not as political as it may seem, the most important thing I wanted to try to convey is that just watching and not doing will always be worse. I think we are doing something here and if I intend to leave some legacy that it is good things because even in a world that can become more chaotic at some point the good things will have to come on the scene. Regards

Suscrito @chbartist, esperando como siempre tu gran contenido. Ya lo dijo Platon: el precio de desentenderse de la política es el ser gobernado por los peores hombres. Gracias y saludos!!

I agree with you, Silence is not good for now. It's time to express our thoughts for the good of everyone

I've learned never to participate in politics. I used to, but it only legitimizes tyrants. All politicians are deceivers, defrauders, lyres, extortionists, fear mongers, and profiteers. Voting legitimizes evil tyrants. I've learned that voting with my wallet is a much more peaceful and productive way to contribute to society. The only one that can make the best decisions for each person is the individual not a group of ruling masters. Protests are usually a waste of time too. The politicians don't care what anyone's complaints are and they didn't from the start.


When politicians use silence on too many issues, citizens speaks.

Yes, great post! Politics decisions affect people directly and indirectly, so it wise to have at least a say or much a contribution in the common goal of the political party, and the latter is the real reason why we have politics.

Maravilloso trabajo, en verdad ver como alguien explica la psicología del comportamiento humano y el de los gobiernos de una manera tan sencilla es genial. Felicidades por este trabajo @chbartist. Sencillamente fantástico...

I think BlockChain is the solution to every problem. Sheer transparency, no corruption.

Hello @chbartist!

List the subscription.

Let's make the change!

Hi, I told about subscribe in channel. Link in post! Regards

But I have one thing to say to these people; whenever wisdom crawls behind the drape of cowardice, ignorance unchallengedly triumphs.

I totally agree with this ... here in Venezuela we see a great example, many people prefer to keep quiet, hide, not act, and that is why ignorance governs my country. Worse yet there are still people who support this government believing their lies and their excuses to cover their incompetence. It really is very sad. But unfortunately we can not change the minds of those who support these incapable.

Ready! I already subscribed to your YouTube channel.

awesome dude!!!!!!!!!

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Great project.
Nice job

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lets make the Chanel @chbartist


Thank you @csharma...Lets move on together! All of us here! Regards

Imagine what we can do togheter

when the two parts are the same thing. The neutrality is a option hahaha

very nice post.... r u great man

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Very successful your post !!

Lol Thumbnail- people Mining steem

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This one's a tough one. I mean you can't wear a MAGA hat in America or people will think you're inciting violence. I have lots of friends who agree with this line of thought. We shouldn't be silent but people should be civil first.