Why is it Important to Help Other People and Ask for Their Help?

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Hi, dear Steemians!

Individualism is described as a sense of independence and self-reliance which promotes the values and ideals of every person as a unique creature in society.

This philosophical system charts a path towards independence, where the character in question receives their freedom from his inner sources of ideology and aspiration, thus making him less reliant on other people in society to take care of their most fundamental needs.

But individualism should not be mistaken with isolation and reluctance to interact with people that build the foundations of your life on powerful relationships.

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It is admirable to seek strength and independence. This strength will carry you through life’s darkest hours, specially when you are feeling alone.

But individualism is not just about strength in loneliness, or preferring isolation when there is company.

A society centered around individualism values each and every one of its members and finds a place for them to fit in based on their beliefs and ideals.

It is important to understand that one way or another, we are all part of a society. In today’s post, I want to describe the importance of helping other people and asking for their help.

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Helping out fellow humans is not a violation of your or their individualism, but an indication of support and harmony in society. When somebody asks for your help, they are not transgressing your boundaries of individualism, nor are they showing weakness.

To say that asking the help of others is out of weakness shows nothing but egotistical ideals.

You eventually have to admit that in order to do something or get something done or achieve anything of value in the human society, you need the help of other human beings. You need their honesty, and possibly their kindness.

That is not an indication of your weakness, or theirs, but an embodiment of a society that is only striving for a better future without ego or selfishness.

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In this sense, you should not be ashamed or afraid of asking other people for their help. One way or another, we are all helping each other out and living in the human society, so why let our ego stand in the way of our success and achievement?

Be inspirational to other people, and do not hesitate to reach out and grab their hand if they need it.

If you are already successful and accomplished, think about all those people who helped you along the way, either by their mere presence or their actions, their words of advice and encouragement or their sacrifice, and every little thing they have done to help you become the person you are today.

Try to be that kind of helping and inspiring person for other people.

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Only by receiving help and offering help can we create an environment that aspires for greatness; a mutual achievement of human race for a shared future.

Be not afraid of helping others, or asking for their helps, for as the ancient proverb goes, give with one hand and ye shall receive with the other.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Dear @chbartist sir!
Some people are born in a spirit of service and help, so some people learn all these things from the society and from the contact of good people. Helping others shows our sacrament to our good education and the surroundings of our surroundings. There is a saying that the birth of good people happens only to help others and charity. If we get some happiness in someone's home with our little help, then this doubt will be the greatest service to humanity.
The need is that we serve the same person who really needs them. While helping, keep in mind that we do not expect to get something in return, if we expect such, then it is useless to help us.
Thank you


@certain, you always give much contribution for this blog. Peoples need pay attention in your comments. We need most peoples like you in this blog. I know what do with my experience! You deserve my support. I'm give you 100% of my upvote because to peoples see that their don't will be generous with you. Regards Friend!


NINE!!! I keep finding more of your shit you left behind in Trending. This is absurd. You fucking narcissist. And @certain seems to be your lap dog.

You'd have the capacity to be totally and wholeheartedly dedicated to the general population you serve. You'd incline toward the vulnerability for these individuals you care profoundly about, out of adoration for them.

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I agree and I am happy I have found in Steemit very generous people who understand the value of giving and receiving. Steemit has allowed a lot of people to collaborate on amazing projects and help newcomers learn the game.

I know we are always complaining about whales and big players here being very selfish and that will probably continue being the case, especially in times of crisis, like the one Steem is going through, but there are many generous people here who share their knowledge and help users find their niche.

Some people even delegate SP without asking you anything in return. I received one of those generous delegations and I have started doing it now myself because I undertsand how much a gesture like that can mean.
For Christmas, many users gave amazing presents in Steem or SBDs. That was really touching. If this platform wants to really transform social networks as we know them, we need to foster and encourage generosity and collaboration.
Helping and asking for help is a transformative experience. Many people suffer just because they have projected an image of self-reliance and self-sufficiency and they feel embarrassed to show weakness by asking for help.

Humbleness in ackowledging that we do not know everything and that we trust and recognize other people's talents is actually the best way of self-promotion.

There is a lot of disloyal competition on Steemit. Many users fear being displaced by other and that's why they avoid asking for help as a defense mechanism to fence off possible help-seekers. Unless, of course they have something to deal with. Help here is sometimes understood as alliances orpartnerships, which sound good,but we have witnessed many partnerships break and ugly disputes emerge later, resulting from unsatisfied monetary or power demands. We should help disinterestedly. Reward will come in many ways. We can teach by example and that will make us feel so much better and open so many doors.

No man is entirely an island. The world was created such that no one can live independently of others. So at one point of the other in our individual life's journey, we will need someone to help us maybe not financial but otherwise.

So, it is pertinent that we do good to others when we are in the position to do so cause you never can tell what will befall you.

Would love to be a part of this community.

This post gave me the strength to post my own post, @chbartist

I Must Raise Money Immediately for Rent & WIFI - Asking STEEM for Help

I help people - especially small fish - all day long at STEEM on three blogs with Minnow Tips, Healthy Food Ideas, Easy Exercise, and PTSD help among other topics.

Now I need help myself, and I asked for it in my post. I am very grateful to say help is coming in right now, and I am confident I will soon have enough to pay for rent and wifi time today.

Many blessings to you for all you do on this blog. You are one of the places I recommend new people to come and use one of their precious 5-10 possible comments each day.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~ Sharon

All truth be told, one of the most iffy things one will ever do is solicit help from others. Genuine/authentic people will see a need and help.

'Crabs in the bucket' will see you in need; and, capitalize on it to keep you pulled down.

Strong people, who never ask for help, are at their most vulnerable in their time of need.

Few things are more eye opening than being in a time of need.

I am a staunch believer that you can never really know who your 'friends' are until the time of need.

People who are there in your darkest hour to lift you up in prayer and help you stand are the rarest of gems; and, should never be taken for granted; for they are few and far between.

Best regards.


Hello, your post is very interesting Sometimes asking for help is not easy for many people, because they do not want to recognize or we do not recognize that we need that help. Or as you say in your post that we are afraid that they will see us weak

Saludos @chbartist! En base a lo indicado en la publicación, el individualismo es una premisa que plantea, a través de la lucha nuestra liberación.

Es una cualidad o peculiaridad, basada en los intereses y estilos del individuo, que lleva a la persona a actuar diferente al colectivo.

Desde el individualismo, y entendiendo que todos somos diferentes, debemos entender la posición de los demás, y en la medida de lo posible ayudarlos a cumplir con sus metas, haciendo de la vida una situación plural, en donde todos tendremos cabida.

people has already help us since we born and of course somebody also will help us when we die .

thanks for today post @chbartist

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Rendering help goes both ways. Help cause you might need help someday.

A great and insightful article. Helping and being helped is so simple. I think most people just naturally engage in support of each other, certainly on the small scale. I know it feels really good to help, and I have found it difficult to ask for help.

That's exactly what you said. We should help somebody at some point of time or at some point of time. Instead, we can also get help. But the happiness that comes in helping happiness is more than happiness when we help someone.
Thanks for sharing.

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I am always reminded the learning that states you should treat others as you would like to be treated. If we avoid having these collective experiences, we will never experience the perspectives provided by doing so.

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There is no more wonderful and rewarding action in the world, than to be able to help others, without waiting, to receive something in return. In life, you have to be kind, cooperative and willing to help those who really need it, that says a lot about what we have in our hearts and how good we can be.

Many people feel anguished when they receive help, and all human beings must put aside their pride and receive the help of those who want to give it to us, because, as you mention and the Bible indicates, we must give to receive.

Even a hermit needs help, much more with us living in society.
The dead man is never exempted for help. He needs his body in a proper burial and prayers for his soul. And we could ask help to pray for us when he gets to heaven.
Its really so much of important to help one another.
And helping the most in need is a priority but seldom we do this.
We oftentimes help only those who could also help us.
So sad...

Correcto, es realmente así, das una mano y con la otra recibes.
Pero también, es cierto que muchas veces pedir ayuda te avergüenza.....
Aveces nos encontramos en situaciones muy difíciles y para salir de ellas solo debemos pedir ayuda, y realmente cuesta mucho. El sentido de vergüenza nos domina, ta ves el ego que se nos cae y nos minimiza ante la ayuda.
Conozco personas muy orgullosas que prefieren sufrir las consecuencias desastrosas de un problema que pedir una simple ayuda, a sabiendas que con una pequeña ayuda solucionaría todo el problema.
también sé que para pedir ayuda debes tener confianza en es persona. debe ser alguien serio, y que respete tu problema. entonces esa es la persona indicada para pedirle el favor.
Alguien que te valoriza, alguien que sabe que estas pasando por un mal momento, alguien que quiere que salgas adelante, esa es la persona indicada.
Son estos factores indispensables para salir de un gran problema. Entonces es necesario que podamos comunicarnos con confianza con estas personas y sentirlas nuestras amigas y no sentir vergüenza cuando la necesitamos.
Una ayuda en el momento adecuado puede salvar vidas...

Nice perspective, But its not always that you help , you will recieve help in need. Few people are Mean, I have experienced!
Keep on creating such amazing content.

@chbartist, In my opinion, the whole life cycle is Process Of Support means every aspect is supported by some other aspect and, same way help is not point of weakness inturn help makes our supportive chains strong. Stay blessed. 🙂


Life is like a chain of support. Yeah! No one aspect of life can exist independently.


That's true for sure. Have a blessed time ahead. 🙂


and you too!


Thank you so much. 🙂

Also we should know that we are all connected, one way or another decisions we make affects people around us whether our family, our community or our nation. While individualism gives us the opportunity to grow independently lets not forget that our individualism is for the betterment of the mass. Growing yourself in the act of kindness and giving will metastasize andreflect in the society and people around you

The most beautiful part of a human being, and, what best speaks of him, is when we help others, without expecting anything in return.

A close relative, recently, in the midst of a great economic crisis, through which he passed and, I am still passing, offered me his financial support, action that I appreciated, but rejected, since this person was in a situation more or less similar to mine, and she answered me, son, I am like your mother, you are my family, and the family, is supported not when you have, if not, when you really need. Those words marked me, since they are very true, people receive support when they really need support, those actions that God thanks them for and return them in blessings for those who give them.

And since life is cyclical, we must always remember who is helping, for the day those people need us, to be reciprocal.

We shouldn't help other people simply because of striving for a better society without ego and selfishness, in my opinion there is more - We are all one and the same consciousness, experiencing itself through various points of views. This idea is backed by the fact that we are, in fact, all made of molecules. Not only that, but they are also the same kind of molecules. Also, the exact same kinds of cells and genes (excluding mutations, but even they are slight, albeit with catastrophic effects).

We are also practically mostly made of water, and it has been long-concluded by researchers that water is indeed sentient, as it has memory and reacts to emotional contact.

And so, let's say a molecule of water evaporates from one's skin, goes in the clouds, falls on another's skin as rain and gets absorbed by the organism. This molecule of water brings with itself the memories of its past hosts and exchanges information and then evaporates in one way or another to go to another host and exchange some more information etc.

Thus, we are all simply molecules that exchange information with one-another, being invincible in our atomic existence.

We are all the sons and daughters of the Universe, its' core and its' creation.


Many times it is the ego that prevents us from helping or asking for help. Such is the case of those people who feel less than others for asking for help but on the other hand are also those who believe themselves superior and do not like to help. So we must always remember that we are social beings by nature and that we always have to interact with others so at some point in our lives we have to help and also ask for help.

"When somebody asks for your help, they are not transgressing your boundaries of individualism, nor are they showing weakness." YES. We need to say this again and again. The weakness label has been thrown around far to much and has lead to people not asking for help and even commit suicide. Asking for help is a good move, people won't think bad of you, they will feel good to be able to help you. And you may be helping someone without knowing as they help you. Win-Win.

Thanks for another great post! The word that I'm thinking of here is 'interdependence'. Evolved form of indepenence if you like. No matter how independent we are, there is a point where your own results stop, and you need other people to reach new levels.

Keep it up!
Cheers, Wes

"But individualism should not be confused with isolation" very successful tuescrito. Many people have experienced failure by not expressing an idea

Excellent post,Thanks for share it.The human being given his nature is essential to live in society, therefore we need others to be able to coexist, this implies help, understand, give and thus continue to grow.

I have been reading your publications and they really have insisted me a lot, I would love to be part of this community.

Let's continue working together!!!

Your right buddy! Its impossible to accomplish anything worthwhile in life without the help of others. It is true most of our disappointment come from people, nevertheless it is absurd to give up on people. When I hear comments like a dog is a best man's friend, I feel disappointed with the people who believe this statement. Only man is a man's best friend in spite of all the pain we have caused each other. We have also helped each other in ways and in things that nobody could have helped except another man. We need to learn how to live with this paradoxical nature of man, but not giving up on man.
If you have big dreams, if you have great plans, if you have a great talent, and if you are stilling living, learn and prepare to live, work and fight with man. That is a fact.
Lastly when you come to the knowledge of how much you need help as a human being, you will understand the value of help other human being. Someone said the best to succeed is to help others succeed.

This is true to help one another is like a chain, it encourages connectivity which brings growth, when one is down the other helps this encourages a very healthy circle

It has always been seen that those who help others, they have less stress. Experiences of human peace and happiness. They feel more connected to their soul and their life is satisfying. While the competition stays stressful to themselves and others.

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It is necessary to help other because humans are social creature. In present time people are self dependent which leads to individuality. If we help someone then it is not violation of there individualism it is a step towards positivity and teamwork. So we have to help each other to make this world a place for live in. All we have need to do something for the people who needs help so we can enhance the beauty of this living world.

Romans 14:7 For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself.

We are unique as individual but we are designed to work as a community.

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En Latinoamérica decimos: El que no vive para servir, no sirve para vivir.

I liked this post a lot, good work.

Yes ofcourse.. Society is mean to help and get help at every point of indivisual.. Thank you.

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If you want happiness in life you help someone.
It's better to give them to receive.

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I really do love your point, there is much joy in giving (helping) than receiving ( being helped).


Welcome Your pleasure.

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Congratulation for 26000 upvotes @chbartist.
Really when you give with one hand and you shall receive with the other.

I'll do my best to do my part for Steem it! SO far i'm loving it! UP'd and RSTMD!

giving is powerful face way to personal growth and happiness

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Nice work @chbartist I really like your posts. Congratulations on reaching 260000 upvotes, it's good what you are doing for the Steemit community.

The hand that helps...the hand that receives............there is a Zulu proverb where I live is South Africa that advocates the one hand washes the other, both benefiting.......yes!
A good blog.

This is a timely post as I contemplate how things could have been different for some people if they had a different mindset toward receiving help. Let’s also properly engage with the people around us so we can be more attentive to their needs. As old folks say “Good friends are better than pocket money.” Let’s be our brother’s / sister’s keeper. Peace and Love

It is also important to emphasize that the help we give is disinterested and without showing off that. As the gospel says:


Trash talk, but makes it money.

Excellent post!!

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It is good to help

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Nice page

So many sheeples.

Do good without looking at who.