The Marginal Effect as Seen Through the Eyes of Math and Science...

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Hi, fellow Steemians!

Most of us are usually under the impression that in order to achieve great things, we have to go through great lengths.

That is a sensationalized idea of how we should be prepared to pay the price for the things that we want. While that is true, one should not forget the importance of the Marginal Effect and how it can supposedly change your life in the long-term commitment.

In one of our previous posts, we talked about the Marginal Effect as seen through the eyes of philosophy.

The idea that for making great change in your life, you do not necessarily have to go through great lengths. If you decide to lose 50 pounds, do not think of your goal as losing 50 pounds. Your goal is actually losing 5 pounds every week in a timeframe of 10 weeks.

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Consistency and determination always work to your best interest. Imagine that you are trying to make a habit out of reading books.

If you read 5 pages a day, you will read 150 pages a month, and that means you can finish an average book in two to three months.

Now if you decide, just for the hell of the argument, to study 7 pages a day instead of 5 (which would mean dedicating a few more minutes), you will study 210 pages a month, and you will be able to finish the same book in less than two months.

What happens when you decide to read 2 more pages every day? Absolutely nothing. But if you zoom out and look out your goal from above, you will have read 210 pages instead of 150, and that is a great difference.

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The Marginal Effect is against the idea of immediate effect and instant gratification. It needs dedication and patience. You need to be able to see the bigger picture, while focusing your energy to improve your routine in small ways.

Studying a new language for 10 minutes everyday (which is a laughable amount!) will not give you immediate results, but if you study a new language for 10 minutes for a year, you will have spent 5 hours every month becoming more and more fluent in it.

The same formula can be applied to any endeavor. It is an indication that even science and math favor the Marginal Effect and how it can effectively improve your life.

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The beauty of the Marginal Effect is that it is not even hard to do. All you have to decide is to merely dedicate a specific amount of time everyday practicing a new habit or learning a new thing, and see the results in the long-term.

There is a famous rule amongst successful people which is known as the Five Hour rule.

It basically indicates that if you want to achieve something, or learn how to do something, or generally bring a new habit or capability to your array of qualifications in life, all you need to do is spend an hour every day of the week (excluding the weekend) to practice them.

After a couple of months, you will be adequately versed in the field of your choosing using the Marginal Effect.

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Practice the Marginal Effect and put it to use in your daily life.

You will not live to regret this decision and will actually see the improvements with your own eyes!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Dear @chbartist sir!
I agree with the use of marginal effects. A single habit or monthly months to do not include any habit, but continuous efforts are necessary for that. It is not necessary for a short time. The keypad of mobile is rounded by the touch of the iron, which we cast in the bus, in the day, we just get rid of the iron rods in some days. The saying that only a little effort can be achieved great things. Great things to get great things, we have not passed us from great length, but our effort should be to be considered to be a few minutes or only for a few minutes.
Thank you for your continuous inspiring articles.

This is a great notion to keep in mind whenever we feel overwhelmed by a goal or challenge. In Venezuela we have experienced this the hard way.

Some years ago when public transportation was as good as in any other Latin-American country and probably better than some, we saw walking certain distances in town as hard and unnecessary, especially given our perennial hot weather.

Now that we have few busses and cars circulating, and we have no choice but to walk from one end of town to the next, we realized that even if it takes you 3 hours to complete the distance to run the errand, you walk that distance one step at the time, one block at the time.

Now people challenge one another as to who has walked the farthest.

Of course, there is no much to feel proud about here, but I think it serves as example of mental conditioning and lowering of the anxiety to carry out a project.

I like the notion of marginal effect. Had used it with my students without knowing it by its name. Every time they complained about my reading assignments I asked them to do the math. When they realized that the time they had to devote to reading for my class was actually less than the time they spent on busses on a daily basis or less than the time they used on social-networking they stopped complaining.

Of course, most of them rarely sacrificed their not-to-do-anything time or their Facebook time for some stupid American author, anyway.

@chbartist, Yes, when we have particular goal and if we are breaking down in smaller Framework then for sure we will going to gain the Consistency at first and slowly we will face Productive results too. Stay blessed. 🙂

Yes friend, you have written very well. I feel that if we follow him regularly to remind us of anything every day, then surely we will get success.

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Saludos @chbartist! Excelente contenido. El efecto marginal o "cambio de manera incrementada en el comportamiento", permite de forma paulatina, el cumplimiento de un objetivo, como por ejemplo, el caminar todos los días, incrementando cada día un minuto, hasta llegar al tiempo deseado, disminuyendo la ansiedad al fracaso, ademas; permite al cuerpo adaptarse al esfuerzo, controlando lesiones que también nos proporcionarais frustración.

Si aplicamos el "efecto marginal" al adquirir nuevos "conocimientos y capacidades", tomando en consideración nuestras prioridades; al cabo de unos meses, habremos aprendido nuevas destrezas, adquirido nuevas competencias; que permiten tener éxito en las metas propuestas.

La capacitación a través del "efector marginal" es una técnica eficiente de aprender o mejorar destrezas.

Feliz día!

This approach also leads to improved motivation as small steps allow objectives to be more achievable which in itself improved the motivation to nove forward toward the goal. Small successes build up quickly!

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exercising the marginal effect of actions is an epigenesis of change. it is like the progressive development of an embryo. There is one saying in my country, I don't know how to explain it in English but let me try it "a continuous/consistent drop of water shall pierce a rock"
Thank you @chbartist

I liked the five hour rule too! Habits can always be changed it just depends upon our will. moreover I will surely practice marginal effect.
Keep flourishing!

Good Morning

The marginal effect is similar to a planning by scale, you must program a routine that allows you to progressively meet the objectives, it is up to you, the time you want to invest to achieve your goal.

This same marginal effect is applied to the economy, in the form of reducing costs progressively, in an opportunity, I read somewhere, that a large company or travel agency reduced its costs by more than one million dollars, only, removing, from their salads, that serve the users of airplanes, an olive, for the clients could have been something unimportant, since, after all, it was only an olive, but for the travel agency it meant a reduction significant in its costs.

Everything depends on the planning and the opportunities that are presented to us, in order to reach the objectives.

Regards ...

I don’t know if this is coincidence, i am learning Spanish for 10 minutes every day and I hope this pays off over time.
A very valid pont- the marginal effect

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Great to know @moghul that you're learning another language. Surely it will give benefit in future. Great initiative

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Thank you

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I like the concept Marginal Effect. It is right if we want to bring some change in ourselves it is not possible to get changed at a time but it takes time like that if we want to do something big or achieve something then we have to work continuously. Success comes to those who do there work continuously.

Nice to hear that @chbartist.
I hope many people will discover your blog.
Anyways, it made me recall about my past when I started to get overweight and could not normalize my blood pressure and I started feeling some other pains as well.
Yes marginal effect is the cause of doing little and simple things consistently thus making it a habit. Well, we're talking here of good things and vice versa doing the wrong things would as well end in wrong results which we refer as bad habits.

Going back in my past as I had mentioned, knowing my health status at that time, I started reading and watching videos online on health and I got interested about it that through these little habits, they were eventually planted in my mind and grew that I never expected. What I read and saw about several months just made me naturally tried new things for myself and my health. I tried no meat for a year and it was too easy for me. After a year, I thought maybe meat has its role on health so I decided going back eating meat but I decided not to eat breakfast for the whole year. I made it again and now its more than two years now with only two meals a day without breakfast. I could eat what I want provided only two meals a day. It feels really great. I don't know if I'm doing the right thing but my health has been very incredible now after I started doing the two meals a day. Some people are doing one meal a day but I guess it won't fit me. I don't know.

I'm telling this experience just to show how powerful are these little simple things, if done consistently.

You are right @chbartist

Marginal effects in my opinion are the keys to success

I have always tried to have a body without fat and lose weight, I have looked everywhere for quick methods to achieve this goal without results, now I am convinced that to achieve a goal you have to be patient and spend a lot of time. time by practicing a simple and easy exercise, so for my case I spend 30 minutes walking every day a month ago and I can say that I start to see small improvements and so I think in another 5 months I'll reach my goal.

This is a very good post. Nice work here, I'm gonna be following your blog. 👍👍

Hi friend, you have lots of great thought in your every posts something new and exciting opportunity .
Thanks for sharing.

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thanks @cbhartist for wonderful information about those marginal effect . i just know about there is 5 Hours rules and will read more about it later .

Thanks once again buddy ,


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i like your long blog its useful for life and people can learn from what you post thank you

Good subject you are sharing here I appreciate your thought nice post sir.

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35 minutes and you are already in trending :)

Interestingly, then from today I will change that sensationalist way of thinking, I can achieve great things! devoting the least possible effort but in the best way. Thank you.

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great photo, probably the best I've seen this year is steeemit

Good subject you are sharing here I appreciate your thought nice post sir.

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It looks like gambling... Martingale. 😁😁😁

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Everything takes time to be perfect and it requires tremendous amount of efforts. What we need to do that we need to put in our best and things will change for sure.
Have a great day @chbartist

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Determination, consistency and, faith.

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I find this point interesting, it is good to clarify and clarify how we want to achieve our goals through small daily tasks.

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Just to emphasize if you are new to steem please look at this post as the perfect example of what is wrong with this pathetic world and the obvious psychological issues the poster has... Apart from him making bank. Kudos on that. Still an idiot though.

very nice content