The Correlation Between Trust and Happiness That We All Try to Ignore… Part #2

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Hi, Steemians!

In one of our previous blog posts, I asked you a question regarding the foundation of social conduct and how we should carry ourselves in society.

As you recall, we already explained that social conduct has two different sides; one is about your personal relationships and the other is about professional ones.

In the second part of our argument, I am going to break down the most important thing when it comes to our social life;
The connection between trust and happiness.

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You see, knowing how to behave or carry yourself with grace is not just about leaving a good impression or building bridges.

Sometimes, it is not even about other people.

As we have already discussed, even the most minute sort of interaction can affect both parties.

So, how do we minimize the damage that we inflict on ourselves and other people?

The answer is simple: pure and unadulterated trust.

I will make my case by telling you a short story.

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Once upon a time, a girl and a boy were playing together and they had been friends for some time.

The boy had a few marbles and the girl had a few cookies. The boy proposed that if the girl gave him all her cookies, he would give her all his marbles.

The girl agreed to this and gave him all the cookies that she had.

The boy, reluctant to stick true to his end of the bargain, picked out the most delicate and beautiful marble and hid it.
That night, the little girl slept peacefully and dreamt of playing all day with the marbles.

Meanwhile, the boy had trouble sleeping, because he assumed that the girl may have hidden a cookie or two and not given him all of it.

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True suffering is the life fruit of those who live without honesty.

These people can never trust other people, and in their lack of honesty, they will bring about their own demise, at least so far as social relations are concerned.

Because eventually, people are going to realize that they cannot trust people like that and they will avoid them at all costs.

Moreover, the people who are not honest can never be trusting and that is why they are never happy or content.

If you want to experience true happiness, try to live a life of honesty that is built around trust.

You’d be amazed at how everything would turn out if you were honest to both yourself and other people.



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Hello, I love your posts, since I see it I like to analyze them a lot since I am a negative person. I especially like your topics of relationships between people because as much as for benefit in personal or professional life is necessary to know how to relate. I am an asocial person with a bit of social phobia, so now that I am in the age of having a job and due to my non-existent social circle, I see the need to know people and know how to treat others, because when you do not know Nobody has anyone to help you, or recommend you or anything, and the little experience dealing with others inpide that you can develop in an interview. I am not a dishonest person but I must learn to trust others. Your blog helps me understand various topics!

This is graphically captivating!! It captured why folks don't trust others, because they think all are as dishonest as they are!!

Yes; the consequences of dishonesty is self inflicted miseries as happiness could be hinged on peace of mind arising from the consciousness that others are honest.

I admit that this is a tough behavior to follow as we remember only the worst that has been done to us. I often feel uneasy about depending on another delivering in something that I cannot control. If we improve those approaches, it could lead to improving our mindset!

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Hi @chbartist Friend

Small but nice story about trust and happiness. Rightly said that those who break the trust are also believe that other person has did the same. For them it's difficult to believe the truth. Like in this story girl is honest and she gave all her cookies without even thinking more but boy broken the trust and cheated. Since boy broken trust so he is not able to believe that girl didn't do any cheating.

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Trust is difficult to build but not impossible. It involves consistency. If a person has consistent behavior then we can trust that they'll continue with their patterns of behavior. But we can never know with 100% certainty what any person might do in any situation even if we gave birth to them.

Greetings @chbartist

There is a saying that says: every thief judges for his condition. When we show attitudes of distrust in front of certain moments, it is that in the common we act in that way. It's when we fall into our own trap.

On the other hand it is true that we must take care of the abuses of other people. this is achieved by reinforcing our principles of honesty and respect. We must also surround ourselves with people who also have the same principles, so as not to contradict our values.

seriously i love the story wow! amazing.
this line is wonderful "If you want to experience true happiness, try to live a life of honesty that is built around trust." @chbartist

Honestly behaviour every were bound a great understanding.

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Great contribution @chbartist.
We must trust people, even when some betray us, we will find friends for life.

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well said and agreed as always with each of your word.

This is the true fact of the unrest among people. There are so many imposters around us though they behave nicely but .... u know! May the peace shower upon everyone.

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nice story, and yes agreed, social relations are based upon trust. if their is no trust their is no relationship i guess.

Hello @chbartist!

There is nothing better than having a clear conscience by being honest with your neighbor, since the opposite only separates us from people by placing a gap between us.

When we learn to face life honestly and give the best we have, we produce wealth and abundance. The opposite only leaves us misery and ruins, no matter how much one person can steal from another, he will never be independent, happy, and much less be calm. These are the people who later see them sleeping under a bridge, or they end up committing suicide because conscience does not leave them alone.

Honesty is the best recipe for confidence and success.


@chbartist the same as lust stories involved in our lives. We can hold our inner peace if we desires less & give more.

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Wow. This is great. This really made my day, my mood and my weekend. Thanks for sharing

But i must say - it is not every one with trust issues that is been dishonest. People have different experiences and stories

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such a great story mentioned as example. great read, i got inspired.

i normally don't trust people. but i agree with you that trust is the important aspect.

Hi @chbartist
Sorry I can not read this blog because I am very busy now.
Good Luck.................

This is truly deep. I can relate

You spoke my mind. Honesty is key to any relationship.

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Posts look good man, keep up the good work. I love that You consistently have quality :)

so true, trust builds up over a lifetime, and can be destroyed in an instant.


Trust can be destroyed yes, and it can be built again, but it really depends on the nature of the betrayal. If your parent lied to you about Santa being real you might not trust them for a few years but eventually if their behavior is consistent in most areas then you trust them again. If your wife cheats on you with your best friend you'll probably never trust her again.

Then again maybe I'm wrong and you'd never trust your parent again and would forgive your wife. This is the unpredictability of reactions to betrayal.

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