Jam Tomorrow… But Never Jam Today! Analyzing a Popular Story

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Hi my dear steemians!

How are you all?

I hope everyone is well!

I'm back. I've been away because I've had many commitments related to my artistic and speaker career and some health problems and I'm glad to be with you all here again.

Once we set our minds to doing a particular thing, there comes another element in play which will ultimately make everything more difficult.

This element is known as the problem of the variables; the idea that many things might go wrong in the journey ahead or you may even forsake the pursuit.

Because, after all, there is nothing we collectively do better than changing our minds on a daily basis.

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Variables are troublesome. Sometimes, there are inner variables and dynamics that stand in our way, and sometimes, there are problems posed by the outside world.

Whatever the case, unfulfilled promises are something that we all have to accept as a part of our social life.

In the book Through the Looking Glass, the White Queen offers to gift Alice with jam as a compensation for her help, but there is one important condition.

Alice can have the jam every other day, but not today. She can have jam either tomorrow or yesterday, but never jam to-day.

This part of the story is an allegory for unfulfilled promises; the idea of waiting on something when the next day comes but never really fulfilling the bargain.

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Now, there are two sides to this: promises that are not fulfilled by other people and promises that are not fulfilled by our own selves.

A lot of people tend to make empty promises and not stay true to their word. These people will always offer you jam tomorrow, but ‘tomorrow’ here is always an abstract concept…

… because it is always today. Tomorrow is never going to come.

We are not here to complain about other people, so let us talk about how ‘jam tomorrow’ is affecting our lives on a deeper level than we care to admit.

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When you postpone something, you are adding to the pile of things that you have to do.

For some people, the pursuit of their goals and dreams is ‘jam tomorrow’ and their supposed beginning will never see the light of day.

The concept might be interesting to hear or understand for the first time, but it is actually quite tragic when you think about it…

… the idea that some things are just never going to happen because we are preoccupied with our procrastination and excuses.

‘Jam tomorrow’ is not just a nod to unfulfilled promises, but a representation of our greatest shortcoming; which is our unwillingness to do the work that must be done!



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Saludos @chbartist. Me alegra que todo esté bien. Generalmente, tenemos la costumbre de procrastinar, siempre nos inventamos una excusa para no cumplir las promesas que nos hacemos y la que hacemos a los demás. Dejamos de hacer cosas hoy para hacer mañana y el mañana nunca llega.

I am glad sir you are here after long time welcome sir I am Reading this post you face a health problems take care.
Nice story sharing here I think tomorrow never comes.
Don't believe any unfulfilled promise.

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Welcome back, sir. Your writing is very interesting. I do not like to postpone a job because if it has accumulated it will be more difficult to do it.

Welcome back. Take care about your health for continuing sharing high quality content about to improve mindset. Cheers!

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Welcome back and hope all is good!

I believe we must be true to ourselves to get things done efficiently in order to avoid smaller problems becoming larger ones along the path towards achieving our goals. One thing put off one day means seven at the end of the week and then prioritization becomes a challenge which is why procrastination is our enemy.

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You ve truely missed by some someone @chbartist .

Welcome back. It is nice to see you and your content on my feed page.
The Alice metafor on your content reminds me The Smiths's songHow Soon is Now.

Wish to see tou more and more..

Take care of your health, we need you!

With love...


Really So Beautiful ! I love it............!

That was very interesting. I havent seen "Through the looking glass" so I was unaware of that story. I like how you tied it into a real life situation that we all do at some point in out lives. That really makes it meaningful to me. I'll remember the jam tomorrow story next time I procrastinate or put something off until later.

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Bel film

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What's up C to the H to the B! Long time no see. Big hug! Read your post and the part about changing minds really hit home for me. So much so, that I thought about leaving a comment, but then I changed my mind. Some things came up, got busy; variables, crazy stuff! Then I finally had a moment to get back to the plan of leaving a comment but I changed my mind. Finally, after really kicking myself, PUSHING hard to get things done, I came back to leave a comment — but you're not going to believe what happened!

Changed my damn mind again!

Can you believe that?

do the work that must be done!

I'm trying, man! Soon! I promise you and I promise me: I will go to that man's post and leave a comment!

Unfortunately, I have a few things to do first before I can leave that comment. We'll talk soon!

Hi friend @chbartist

Welcome back and hope you're fit n fine and your health is okay. Glad to have you back.

Whatever the case, unfulfilled promises are something that we all have to accept as a part of our social life.

We should do the task as early as possible and avoid delaying it. Thanks

Very glad to see you back again..

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Maybe that's it.

Congratulations @chbartist!
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What a marvelous tale!

Prioritizing is helping me, to do what’s important, reducing fire fighting🔥the urgent! @chbartist
Of course, I have still some way to go.

Procrastination is the thief of time! Unfortunately, not only our time; but also, that of our loved ❤️ ones.