Debunking the Fallacious Argument of Impure Virtue...

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Hello again, dear Steemians!

Have you ever considered the true weight of noble deeds that we perform in our lifetime? How does that affect our personality and our fate?

A lot of people see this world as a big showdown of light against darkness, two sides of right and wrong that dance in a battle for perpetuity.

Their eternal rhythm of nobility versus greed, sacrifice versus selfishness, and virtue versus sin is what defines the fate of the world.

But on the other side of the coin, there are people who believe that the world is not just about light or darkness, but it is fundamentally grey; good deeds and evil acts are a part of us all, and we are the ones who decide what to do with either sides of our nature.

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Whatever your belief regarding the matter, today I want us to embark on a thoughtful journey about the importance of virtue and helping others in life. But first, we need to hear an argument.

Some people believe that there is no true and pure virtue in this world, that even when we perform good deeds, there is always a reward for us in them.

For example, you may do good onto others because you are hoping that one day, they might repay your kindness. You may do good onto others because somehow, it will make you feel good about yourself and lift the burdens of your conscience.

In this manner of thinking, there is no pure virtue, but everything is done because of our own benefits.

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There are many who want to think that this argument is true. Because then, the need for doing noble deeds would slowly vanish from their thoughts, and they would be afflicted with a wrong thought pattern that we know as ‘indifference’ towards the world around them.

But they do not understand that the argument of impure virtue is fundamentally fallacious in many regards.

The result of you doing a good deed for other people is not one-sided. That is the mistake we make when we think about our good deeds. It is not just the benefits of you in the matter, but the fact that you HAVE done something good for someone, and have changed their life for the better as a result.

What I am trying to say is that your benefit or your reason for doing a good deed is not relevant to the argument, because by doing a good deed, you have already made someone’s life better.

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To think that by doing something good for others, you are only feeding your own benefits is nothing but egotistical, because you are forgetting the fact that in the first step, you have actually helped someone.

There is no such thing as impure virtue. It is important that you do something good out of selflessness, but doing something good because there might be a chance of reward in it for you does not make it any less virtuous and righteous.

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Even doing something out of sacrifice is in a way beneficial to your soul and conscience, as it will make you feel good about yourself. This ultimately proves that the argument regarding impure virtue is nothing but fallacious and wrong.

When you decide to do something good for others, do not think about yourself.

Your presence in this equation is irrelevant, and the most important factor of all is the other person and what they will gain from your deed.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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People tend to do things for their personal benefit not realising if what they did brought smile to someone's face and acknowledging it what they did.
But its actually the other way round they do it either to be called Mr good or get same in return
We have to be positive and acknowledge that moment we put smile on someone

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Of course you would write something like this. How "virtuous" of you. @chbartist, go fuck yourself.

If you live in the USA you best know what's going to happen to you soon;

Interesting concept given the proliferation of the “pay it forward” concept. Similarly, many believe that it has a exponential impact in close societies and is encouraging to practice as the improvement of communities also improves the individuals in or surrounding them as well.

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As sad as it sounds; too many people are like crabs in a bucket. Just as you find your way out, they tend to do everything they can to claw you back down into the pit with them; thus, the need to stay prayed up in the Mighty name of Jesus, and not let them.


Whether it be good or bad, we are not only the one who would be benefited or affected by our deeds. We might suffer or be blessed with the deeds of others. But it's better to do good things for others, for being good for others is being good for yourself.

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i believe in karma . what go around will come around . if we do good , those aura will attract good in our life. even still i believe there is a rules of yin and yang . for every good happen in this world , there is also bad thing happen in this world . thats what i know as world equilibrium. Understanding everything has it opposite side , for every good and bad i get , i ll say thanks to great teacher ..

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In the Islamic Quran, God offers his forgiveness for sins, through such actions as: feed the poor man, free the slave, feed the prisoner, take care of the orphan. And in the records of the Prophet Muhammad, mention is made of the reward of God, a man who gave the blind dog a drink of water. The Quran says that whatever you do from good, God knows about it. For good deeds, God rewards man, both in this life and in the future, is given by Paradise


so do other religion , they all teach to express good life in the world .

But , human is imperfect .

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The good or bad actions that we carry out in our daily life are those that do not define us as people.

Good deeds should be done out of kindness, not for personal benefit, good deeds should be an act of nobility that comes from the heart, and is only for the benefit of the person who will receive it, not for our benefit.

I have met many people, of very good feelings, but unfortunately, they perform good actions just to feed their ego, on one occasion a group of people of good social standing, made a great social action, prepared food and drink for a group of people in street condition here in venezuela, action that speaks very well of them, but, they did it only to receive the congratulations of the others, something that in the eyes of God does not look good.

God blesses people with good feelings, above all with great health, for the good deeds that I said, they must come from the bottom of our hearts.

Regards ...

When you decide to do something good for others, do not think about yourself.

I guess we have to give and forget. Expecting to receive in return is actually not giving in my opinion. If we help/give and forget, we're not worried about the things or time or energy we spent because they don't matter to us when we forget them.

When I help you today and next week you help me, my help has already been paid and there's no more merit for me of any sort or whatsoever.
This is the reason why seldom or maybe some people are helping the most and the poorest among the poor because this is where giving is truly a giving, visiting the sick and those people in prison. Others give things secretly, not to make them proud of themselves, but to emphasize the value of giving and helping.

Saludos @chbartist! " debemos hacer el bien sin mirar a quien", es un dicho acertado. El hacer cosas por los demás nos hace ser más humanos, y como humanos no somos entes perfecto, pero si podemos mejorar nuestra condición a través de la solidaridad.

Si debe existir una intención en nuestros actos; es querer hacer el bien! Realizando buenos actos cambiamos nuestro entorno para mejor; si nuestro entorno esta bien, nosotros estaremos bien.

Somos energía, y la energía que damos, es la energía que recibimos.

Feliz día!

As it says @tramelibre we are energy. By doing good actions, we are contributing to this immense and small world at the same time, changing for the better, when we teach with love, when we write positive messages, when we are supportive, we have a direct impact on the other person, we can transform a place , a person, with a good action.
That is why the more we think about the benefit of others, the better we will be as humanity. Thanks for your thoughts @chbartist 🌻
I would like to know how you do to have clear and well-expressed ideas every day. Have you written a book?

Yes, you have a very good post. You are right. I believe that any person should help us with selflessness. However in return God helps us in return. She keeps her good work together. Finally gives its result. And yet we should not keep this in mind that we are helping the person, instead of helping us, he will help us in return for this.

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Always try to do good for others without considering anything.
Always Good Post @chbartist without considering upvotes and following.
Good thing will return in the good form automatically in any fields of life.

I think don't underestimate anybody's it's important for your respecting.
Felling is your personal but our value responsibility.

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Very enlightening and educational

this is not just a post. A work that is a reminder for all of us. A moral lesson that even feeds our souls. You are right, in doing our good regardless of whatever religion we profess. We believe that doing good is the way we plant the seed of virtue. I am among those who believe that when we spread the seeds of goodness we will always get good influence. In our place we will always get a warm welcome and various kinds of help, even from directions we don't expect. When helping others we give sacrifices, but in truth we are planting plants that will bear fruit and we pick for ourselves.
Thank you @chbartist
Thank you steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

Have you ever taken a group photo? It could be with your classmate, friends, family, workmates, church members or any social gathering it doesn't matter. One thing I'm sure off is this, when you got a chance to see that photo, you wanted to see yourself first, then the person you like most or you hate most.
Here is another scenario, if you were a group walk at night in the woods to somewhere the you hear one of your friends shout snake! Snake!, and you are the only one with a torch, tell where will you flash first, around your legs or the other person's legs? You know the answer.

All human have a "ME" first tendency in us it inborn we don't learn. It is a natural craving and it is not the only craving we have, we have many. But also we have been created with the ability of self consciousness and self control. That means these craving or feelings they only become bad if we let them run our lives. So we should always learn to control our natural tendencies that some time make us think it is all about me, we should know that we is important too. And the only reason you say me it is because there's we. We has a great influence on our destiny has humans, let us do good for the we good. Lets learn to serve others, if you cannot serve other humans without a string attached you are not fit to live.

I will close my comment with this quote,
Someone said "the greatest treason is doing a good thing for the wrong reasons"


You're right, the ME mentality is killing the human race, (not literally) but it's facilitating its decay. To change the hardened mentality from ME to a WE, that's the challenge and as you said, there is self-consciousness and self-control.
The real question is are we tapping into those qualities regardless of what of our posts on social media?

It's true that sometimes we help others with hope that later in future person will do it back with us which is kind of self work. But this is not true always because there are instances when I help people for no reason. I help jusy because the person need my help and I am able to do it without much efforts or helping him will make me feel good.
Thanks for the post @chbartist

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Extremely well said and written. Definitely like your style. Not to get political but one of the reasons taxing to support social programs fails in so many ways is that neither the giver nor the receiver get the emotional benefit of connection and spiritual growth that you speak of.
Even the difference between giving to a charity and volunteering at a charity has a marked difference.

I just joined Steemit yesterday and I'm happy to see content like this on here.

Dear @chbartist !
The account of our good and bad deeds is with the invisible power that we call God. Unknowingly, people want to stay away from the path of evil because of the bad consequences of bad deeds, because it is myth that for our bad actions, we have to answer above, whereas the truth is that our good deeds are accounted for by this earth Gets on. Perhaps our ancestors made religion and God a medium of goodness so that we could avoid immorality. The myth of God and religion prevents us from going on the wrong path. It is important that you do something good with selflessness, of course, its benefits Of course. Whose heart is kept away from deceit, deceit, fear, greed, greed, jealousy etc. Undoubtedly, he enjoys earth as a good man.
Thank you for your spreading positive mindset.

It is right we always have to be helpful. We have to help other people so we can live a good life. We have to do things which can help other. Helping hand is appreciated always. How much successful you are isn't matter if you never done something for any one. Help each other so we can achieve everything with teamwork.

Hi @chbartist. I read your post and the word 'empathy' came into my head. I believe this is one of the strongest emotions anyone can feel. Strong feelings of empathy is an incredible driving force for us to help others. We see this in the real world all the time. For example, people that have suffered a particular hardship supporting others experiencing the same or similar hardship.

The best person and normally most willing person to help someone through difficult times is someone who has been in that situation themselves. Some people can naturally empathise very easily; this could be a combination of upbringing and/or genetics. I believe most people can grow in empathy through open-minded life experience.

One of the most challenging things to do is to empathise with someone who opposes you. This is because the other persons perspective is normally very different. This is often because they have different experiences and knowledge. This is even more difficult if you feel offended by their conduct.

A gut reaction for most of us is to either defend ourselves or attack the other person's position. A better response would be to try and understand the other persons circumstances and how they could reach a particular position or perspective. This may enable you to empathise or at least sympathise with them.

If you can empathise with them. They might also be able to empathise with you. This may seem strange but empathy can spread. It is amazing how others can become more accepting if you become open to their perspective.

Sorry for the long comment. I honestly believe if you want to see virtue in this world it begins with empathy. It is quite a journey and can also be a painful one. It involves living in someones skin for a while and feeling their emotions.

Hi @chbartist! I admire this teaching and promotes it, it is not a coincidence to go through your blog, I am from the steemchurch community and we promote love in community.

You are right in saying that behind every kind act there should be no selfish motives because that makes the good action lose the beauty of the essence. It is a thought that we try to avoid in the whole community, when we carry out noble actions.

I will be aware of your good publications. Nice to meet you, I'm @emiliocabrera.


Hello @chbartist
I'm not sure whether you are acknowledged about the fact that, some people are using your list for their own posting. They are just copying the last haft of your post and adds it to their general post.
And as I am in your list, so automatically get a mention notification when someone do that!
I already have give some of them a gentle reminder to not spam like this.
But what's your opinion on this or what else you would like to follow to stop this?
I am looking for your feedback.
I love your writing but don't want to get myself tagged on others nonsense posts.


Okay, to be honest I do not quite understand what you mean because I just put on the list who asks me to include it. If someone uses this to do something wrong I really do not know how. But no problem I'll remove you from the list so you will not be disturbed by others. Regards.

I love the sentiments you address in this post. I believe that in the end we are all truly one. Following. Not sure how you’re community works but I’ll be watching. Kudos!

When we do good to others we must do it from the heart if we expect to be rewarded for it, because in the wait we may be surprised not to be rewarded and for that, resentment will be generated in us, anger and blame others for being the cause of our emotions when the only culprits are ourselves.

I read a novel Paulo Coelho, which to help others, we are doing a payment in the Bank of favors. This does not mean that whom we help us, he/she will return the favor. This means that, for life circumstances, in some way or another the favor will be returned us. "Make the good rather look who". That must be our slogan .

Beautiful message dear friend, and you are one of those people who know very well the concept of doing good works without expecting anything in return !!! You are what you preach.
Good deeds are done from the heart and without expecting anything in return, it only motivates you to benefit another person or help them ... that is the satisfaction when you do a good deed.

Blessings to you!!

When you complete a decent deed, you are, obviously, helping somebody. The vagrant in the photograph presently has nourishment to eat, because of the generosity of these liberal ladies. The individual who is the collector of a decent deed or arbitrary demonstration of consideration has gotten some assistance.

Be that as it may, he got something beyond a dinner or two. Notwithstanding getting nourishment, he additionally got the message that he is imperative and worth making a difference. This great deed makes him feel great inside and additionally fills his stomach.

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The only way Korean people help each other is when there is some type of friendship like a guy and a woman, but what I was taught in Korean schools is that 김치국부터 마시지 말라 or "You can say this when someone gets ahead of him or herself when planning for a project of future. It’s like when you eat a Kimchi based dish, you won’t drink the kimchi sauce first right?"

Totally agree with you! The more we think of our own benefits by helping other people would make us frustrated along the way. It should be enough seeing him/her giving back his/her beautiful smile to you which can't be tagged with price.

Great read! I would say that people nowadays take advantage of the technology, i.e. social media platforms to instigate their actions. Hence, it discounts the natural state of good deed.

Give with my soul and selflessly, help as many as I can from my heart, I will not refuse to collaborate and give my support to whoever needs it, I will be as good as I want them to be with me. To be grateful , we live surrounded by small gifts, which I call visible and invisible gifts, we must always thank, it is the genuine reward that rises to the universe. To appreciate the beauty of life, of people's hearts, of nature, of everything that it can.

God says in his word that we do not do things out of vain glory, out of hypocrisy, but rather like God, you can do things with virtue, but if that virtue is not genuine, it does not have an effect on you, our works are tested like gold , and when it passes through the fire they must shine to know that they are authentic.

by means of which he has given us precious and very great promises, so that by them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having fled from the corruption that is in the world because of concupiscence; 5 You also, putting all diligence for this very thing, add to your faith
virtue; to virtue,
knowledge; to knowledge,
own domain; to self-control,
patience; to patience,
piety; to godliness,
brotherly affection; and to brotherly affection,
Virtue: All the people I have asked about in the last months about virtue, they only understood that it was a gift that one has or not, a quality that some have for certain things. Precisely ignorance of language prevents us from understanding the things of God, but we must give thanks to the Father who opens the Scriptures for our spiritual growth. In the dictionary we can read: Particular disposition to observe certain duties, to fulfill certain actions, quality, besides faculty, and also quality of the spirit that inclines to practice good.

Once we put virtue in each of the components of our being, "Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body" we can begin to dominate the body, prepare the mind and let the Spirit rule our spirit in our soul, for the love of God.

This is a very good and interesting topic
As a Christian sometimes I ask myself doing good, and helping others is it really a selfless act or because we expect a reward form God or is it because he told us to help the needy that is why we choose to help others.
It is good to help others selflessly regardless, thanks @chbartist

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you are right , thanks