Avoidance as a Response to Our Emotional Needs or Problems

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Hi, dear Steemians!

Some people think that by ignoring their emotions or not giving them enough credits, they prepare themselves for the tough journey of life or somehow experience it with more wisdom and understanding.

The notion that our emotions stand in the way of our wisdom and understanding is as ridiculous as it is without proof or evidence.

In today’s blog post, we are going to talk about avoidance as a response to our sentiments and emotions.

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It is true that emotions can sometimes cloud our judgment. A lot of emotions come from a place of prejudice and illogical assessment, but that does not justify the need to block them out altogether.

Our emotions are a big part of what makes us human. Even if you are a dreamer, you tend to be an emotional person because you would like to believe in the extraordinary and improbable things.

Our passion feeds our energy which feeds our inevitable success. If you are not passionate about something, you cannot do anything to give yourself motivation and perform a task.

Passion is the cornerstone of success and hard work.

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A lot of people fear these emotions and believe that if they give the reins to them, it is going to take a toll on their professional life and that, in time, they are going to lose their chances and opportunities because of their sentiments.

Some even think that emotions are viruses that they need to keep away from. They will do anything just to avoid feeling certain emotions.

Love, pride, fear, hatred, and all the other emotions that we might feel in this journey of life is like poison to them.

But by avoiding the suffering of going through these emotions, we strip ourselves of what gives us our humanity in the first place.

What remains after we strip ourselves of these emotions is nothing but a hollow corpse destined to live out the rest of its days with no experience of any value. That is the fate of all those who avoid emotions.

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Emotional avoidance can hurt your emotional career in more ways than you could possibly imagine. After a while, your subconscious will avoid going after new and innovative things for the fear of rejection.

Fear of success or fear of rejection can compel someone with emotional avoidance to not seek out opportunities or try their chance in achieving their goals.

What happens then, when you forsake everything because you are too afraid to feel?

Think about your own emotional response.

Overcome your fear, go out in the world, and shine like you were always supposed to do!

Regards - @chbartist


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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Evertine when I try to take a decision that implies the denial of my emotions — I get a feeling of emptiness inside. I hate this feeling, but I do it nonetheless; why we people are so stupid sometimes?...

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Excellent review @chbartist and you are right, we must try not to hide our emotions inside ourselves and periodically get rid of them. The closure of emotions is a very destructive thing for both mental and physical health, so we really need to defuse emotions, better through exercise!

Hello @chbartist!

In my case, desiendo European father who lived the war, which raised me suppressing feelings.

I grew up in an environment where happiness is paid dearly.

I am already an adult, but the trace remains, the mark of insensibility.

Society marks the way of being of people, forming different characters.

It is up to each adult to face the challenges, being happy is a challenge.

This one hits home for sure. I was always afraid to let myself feel things, or when I did, I pushed it down until the top just blew. Neither are good. We are balls of emotion and we have to live those emotions. If you are mad, feel that, then let it go. If you are sad, cry it up, get it out, feel that, then feel better! The truly strong people are the ones that know how to handle their feelings, because they let themselves feel them. True weakness is not knowing how to handle the feelings and finding crutches, like pills, booze, etc. That is a root issue of our society. It wasn't till I learned this fact that I was actually able to live with myself and learned how to love and be happy with who I am and the feelings i feel!

Okay sorry for the rant, lol. Just thought I would add my 2 satoshis.

~Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide my Dudes~

While emotions are often deterrents to good decision making we must also learn to live and learn from the mistakes overreaching the understated facts that emotions can bring. Some are worthy of embracing to adap to our knowledge.

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It is true that emotions can sometimes cloud our judgment. A lot of emotions come from a place of prejudice and illogical assessment, but that does not justify the need to block them out altogether.

Humans are surrounded by emotions and its quite normal for all of us. I think its fine to become emotional sometimes as this is the thing which differentiate us.

Thanks @chbartist for nice write.

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I've been taught that real men do cry. The notion that real men don't cry poisoned the minds of many. What I'm trying to say is that many people deny the fact that they are struggling and need to be attended to their emotional needs. Of course, there are emotional needs to be denied. But the point of this blog is to cater to your emotional needs as a human being in an accepted society.

Just subscribed to your YouTube channel sir.

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denying emotions is harmful to the human being, however there are times when it becomes necessary to hide emotions, especially when you have to pretend to your children that everything is fine when the reality is different

What a kind of strange "luck", it seems I'm the 1000 upvoting people in this line. :) I wanted to thank you and the universe for the words you put down here. For you, this has probably been the announciation of a reality in our mutual Human story, but for me, this reacted on me exactly like a sign I was looking for my today's question : "What to do ?". By reading from someone else's words a trust I believe in, I am now more decided to act to solve the questio about my situation. So... Thank you, dear.

So true, in some ways I can relate to this.

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You are a genius. Your post is very beautiful. You can improve one day.the denial of my emotions — I get a feeling of emptiness inside. I hate this feeling, but I do it nonetheless; why we people are so stupid sometimes.I understand 95.59% in this post, and if you post more beautifully, we will understand better and we can improve. Thank you for this kind of posting. We want you to be able to improve in one day.

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Overcome your fear, go out in the world, and shine like you were always supposed to do!

We need to face fear when it comes.
It feels good after overcoming fear.
If we overcome little fear then slowly we will overcome big fear.
Pain, sickness and even death will have no room to make us fear.

Pienso que cuando el ser humano se reprime en sus emociones, se cierra a las vicisitudes y a los acontecimientos de la vida, es como no permitir que suceda algo bello, hermoso, feliz, e inclusive que llegue el èxito. Ahora, si por razones patològicas del corazòn y prescripciones mèdicas, una pesonas tiene que evitar emociones, no le queda otra alternativa que evitarla, pero si, no es el caso, no se deben evitar porque ellas sirven para vivir momentos que en algunos casos son hasta inesperados y traen felicidad y alegrìa.

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Emotions that have been given us by the almighty God are as a blessing from Him, and that's why Human being is extraordinary creature in this beautiful blue planet, we can't go too far avoiding this reality, yes, your writing is meaningful and thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge.

This is a great article and discussion. Emotions (Glad, Mad, Sad, Sexual according to Gay and Katie Hendricks) are the elements of our navigation system. Turing them down is like restocking water flow from a faucet. So I notice that it means a loss of vitality, connection and presence. The positive is that when we acknowledge our emotions we are human BEINGS and can be better at human doings ya. Keep it coming!

I agree. thank you for this very nice post.

Everyone smiles in the same language, Happiness knows no frontiers, no age. No difference that makes us feel apart if a smile can win even a broken heart.

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@chbartist it seems that by avoiding emotions we have gain something but in short term in long term, it is a pain. The more we avoid , more we feel weaker and we will have lesser life experience.