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Hi Steemit,

Today I want to share with you how you can be attached to something or someone or detach yourself from an unwanted attachment.

It is based on a vedic quote.

"ध्यायतो विषयान्पुंसःसंगस्तेषूपजायते ।
सङ्गात्सञ्जायते कामः"


It clearly says that attachment is caused by mentally focussing of the object of focus. Here it talks about sense objects used for enjoyment. But, it seems pretty much true upon analysing with the knowledge and belief that I have of the mind. It also falls in par with the law of attraction, you might have heard.

It all starts with the mind. Whatever we contemplate upon, we become attached to it. Upon thinking upon things which I am attached to, I can say that I had been contemplating upon them more often. Is it not true with you?

Sometimes we contemplate on a thing so much that it becomes reality in very less time. For example, a drug addict always contemplates on drugs. And sooner or later, he gets involved with drugs. This is a graphic example.

So, can contemplation be used to get things manifested? Well I think yes. But the problem is that that there are somethings which manifest very easily and somethings whose manifestation is too difficult and time taking. For example, getting addicted to drugs: all it will take is contemplating on drugs, trying it and experiencing the lift and then getting addicted. Once someone gets addicted, the desire in the mind manifests as reality. Another example: a poor boy wanting to earn money: his efforts towards this regard is itself the manifestation of the desire in the mind but since he does not see any results soon or late, he starts quitting and returning back to his natural attachments.

To add (from the second phrase of the quote), Contemplation is a result of association. Whatever type of association we keep, we will have that kind of thoughts and contemplation. This is well accepted fact. For example, if we associate with drug addicts, we will be induced to try drugs. If we associate with say for example The Dalai Lama, we will be induced with spiritual thoughts. Isn't it?

Now, suppose, we are already attached to something unwanted like drugs, can we get rid of it using this principle? I do think it is possible. 1. By associating with people who don't do drugs and uplift others from the drug level. 2. By contemplating on something higher like money. Now that's just an example. That higher thing depends on people and circumstances.

Now we are human beings distinguished from animals with a free will. We can take our mind to contemplate on proper objects and chose proper association. I see this principle in micro and macro levels, operating. See it for yourself and apply for your benefit.

Thank you



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Hey what's up @questionthetrend..I I appreciate this post, it can be quite difficult to ascertain what the differences are between attachment, love, and liberation..i feel these are a trinity if you will that work in union to evolve the mind, body, and soul.

Addiction served an incredible purpose in my evolution that I'd never want anyone else to go through. I'm here today and for that I'm grateful for the nightmarish existence I attracted. Of course nobody wants to be dependent on anything but at the same time we do require exogenous inputs and our reward system is hardwired within us. So, it's ultimately about balance and a realisation that it's an inside game. Our intent drives the vehicle our expressions seem to create a reality that envelops us when in actuality it is just as much within creating the outside stimuli...

I'm kind of babbling here, but am only trying to reiterate that imbalance can be corrected but indeed it requires an ability to see everything as a reflection of self..

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Thank for your comment @skramatters. Your expression is humble and genuine. I appreciate!

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