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Good News About How Efficient My Dialysis Is

I've been writing a waiver everytime I go for my dialysis treatment. The waiver tells that whatever something bad happens to me my hospital, its administrators, staffs, doctors, and nurses will not be held accountable or liable because it tells the nurses my indication to specifically how much water should be drawn out from my system and how fast the blood pump that they have to set in the dialysis machine.

It is because they are just setting the blood pump to 200 which I really am sure is not good enough for me. Actually the 250 mL per minute blood pump is already slow which is why I do not feel any major cramps going on with my body and I just thank that I have at least an efficient dialyzer which is the factor for the relatively better blood-cleaning effect that I get.

So it is just a good news for me that my dialysis is at least able to take or wash out the Caffeine that I was taking in my session which is about 564 mg approximately in total from the two Caffeine pills and the two energy drinks from sachets and one that comes in a little bottle.

So I am sure now that it is safe to add another more Caffeine pill after I ate my dialysis meal which would be like a few minutes before the second hour ends of my four hour dialysis session. In that way I will get a much what I call heart beat boost for the remainder of my dialysis treatment hour where it is crucial for me to support my BP at that time because it is the time when my BP would start to decline or freefall at times.

Now I am sure that I will not overdose myself because dialysis will clean most of it anyway as I had proven yesterday where I was able to sleep normally because if my session wasn't able to clean my body of the Caffeine I might still be up until this time considering the dosage that I had taken in a short period of time.

Now I am still trying to limit my water intake because even though I give waiver to my nurses they are still hard-headed enough not to take fully what I indicated them to take out so it is just not good as I feel deprived in that regard and they make me feel too that I am a glutton in consuming fluids when in reality I am not.

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