What is Your Mission? The Difference Between Ambition and Mission...

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Hi, dear friends!

It is a rather peculiar conversation when we sit down to talk about the purpose of human beings on this world and what they should do with their lives.

If you go to your old man, he has a certain opinion of what you should do with the time given to you. If you go to your mathematics master, he will give his unbridled opinions about where science triumphs.

If you go to a politician, he will talk about his higher vision for society and the future of your country.

The point is that aspirations range from small to big, significant to insignificant, ambitious to modest, and etc.

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Do you already know what your purpose is? It is important to have a purpose. I cannot state this fact enough; we all need something that gives us meaning.

It can be literally anything. I have even met people whose purpose were dedicating themselves to another human being.

What matters is that you need a purpose. You need not ambitions, but a mission that colors you in a different light than the people around you.

You might be wondering about the difference between ambitions (aspirations) and missions. Well, that contradiction is basically like the juxtaposition of day and night.

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We all have ambitions in each and every moment of our life. When you were a kid, you had the ambition to grow to a degree so that you could climb the cupboard easily.

When you hit your teenage years, you had an ambition to be a police officer or a pilot. You had the ambition to date a beautiful girl and kiss her under the moonlight.

When you grew a little older, you aspired to become a millionaire and live a wealthy and prosperous life. You might have even had the ambition of becoming a person who other people could always rely on for help.

But a mission is different. Much more different.

When you have an ambition, it is for your own life. When you have a mission, it is much more serious.

An ambition is something you can live without, but a mission compels you to go through with it, come hell or high water, and never surrender until you accomplish it.

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A mission is a statement to yourself and the world. When somebody is on a mission, they have to accomplish it. No shortcoming or excuse could dissuade them from accomplishing their task.

A mission is vital. To your life and the lives of all those who are around you. Perhaps the whole of human race and this planet that we live on.

Someone who comes to know their mission is someone who understands their purpose on this world. Your purpose is your mission. That, which above all else, you feel the need to accomplish.

That road, which above all else, you find yourself in often enough to prove that this is what you were born to do.

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Do not follow ambitions and goals. Find your mission. Find your sole purpose of existence. Then dedicate your every ounce of energy towards realizing that vision and accomplishing that mission.

Your mission is a statement of your meaningfulness in this life.

Do not waste your time chasing pitiful ambitions and questionable desires, when you could easily live a life of happiness and contentment by following what you really want, deep down in your heart.

That is your mission. Commit yourself to that mission, and you will ride life straight to the destiny that you have always had to bear.

Your mission will be your true legacy for the generations of people to come and walk this good earth!




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Nice thought provoking post.

I wish I could settle on just one all encompassing single mission in life..Until I discover it I'll just keep trying to grow and find meaning while surviving.

At work when I define a mission statement, I also think about 'what does success look like', and then redefine that measure as time goes on....but work is a job, its something I do to pay the bills, it's not who I am.

I will think on, read what others put here and seek enlightenment for the job of working out my true purpose...thanks for your post

Its like Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
Her ambition was to become a nun.
But her mission was to serve the poorest among the poor.
What made that her mission?
A mission will pop-up in our minds and hearts the moment we realize our purpose in life.
Its the ultimate fullness of every human being to have a mission for the common good.

I started with an ambition for myself but have now developed a mission for my family. Missions are much more as they are inclusive and depends on others. I enjoy my journey in fulfilling my mission for my family.

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Excellent review @chbartist and you are right, our mission to be happy and all we have to do in the way of life is to become one. Of course, we all have our goals and desires, but life is short and we just have to not spend it on small goals and ambitions, but to achieve great things on our way!

as i like read about motivation articles and books.
being realistic at the same time, i would said that easy to been said then it being done.. if the purpose or so called mission being describe into social structure ..the higher social hierarchy meaning higher status and provides mission and vision for broader society such as Doctors, movie Actors, Entrepeneurs, President or whatsoever. the higher the social hierarchy the higher security to survive in society ... those that already find their purpose/mission is easier with people with a support of good amount of connections, resource, talent and great appearance... other's that might not so lucky perhaps do what ever have to do to survive even if they already read a motivation books or motivation articles... surely they can still rise their social status by alot of struggle and big amount of hardship in mental and physical. sadlly it cant be denied there's luck involved in life.

Many focus on ambitions because they report a specific material result for the satisfaction of the person who proposes it. But the mission goes beyond, looking for a result to share, give happiness and pleasure to others.

It varies from the modest, but important, mission of creating a family, until discovering the cure for some disease. Modest or large, our mission is what gives meaning to our life.

Best regards

The person with whom the person will go, with the main objective, will have knowledge of whatever knowledge he has. He will tell his knowledge that his scope will be limited so that he will tell about the same.

Generally we focus on ambitions and goals, but it is not common to talk about the personal mission, it is more related to the mission to a business or company, than to our personal life. And apply it to our life if it is something necessary. Thank you.

@chbartist . Interesting the subject of your post ... However, I think it is very easy to read but it is very difficult to get. A person always wants to establish a purpose for life, but this is always going to be spoiled or influenced by the environment. Strangely, people really do what we like, it is there when our purposes simply and slowly become clear until they disappear ....
From my point of view, the right thing in life is to do what really makes us happy ... As long as this does not affect in any way the other people in our environment, because in the end: they also want to do what they It makes them happy!

Each person is different, which can be a solid purpose for some, for others it can only be dreams founded among the clouds. There the beautiful diversity of human satisfaction. Greetings.

If the rise of ambition is in mind, then the origin of the aspiration is the soul. That is why ambition is self-flat, then lies in the decession.

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We live for ourselves a double life when we live for others, and as much as we double our sense of others, we multiply our sense of life and multiply our life.
when we live for ourselves, life seems to us so short, starting on our birthday and ending with our limited lifespan.
but when we live for others, that is, when we live for an idea, life seems long and deep, starting when was humanity began and stretching after our die on to the face of this earth

Ambition and mission both are similar words but purpose am goal target object both are different.

Goal is a set target that Pearson want to achieve while am is determined courses a person set to achieve a target.
Ambition is a thinking.
Mission objectives is grounded.

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Ambitions are the aspirations of one of he would like to become.
Mission is fulfilling and accomplishing your life's purpose. Mission is something that is not always pleasurable but it is the one that gives value to your life. It's the calling that one should accomplish that makes his life fulfilled.

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Amazing word by you,
Yes what is said is absolutely true, when I was in college I always wanted to earn money, but when i realised that it's not my aim, I should fix some aim which I will enjoy to do in my life even in my old days, because in my older days I will not in love with money, I will only love my work,
So it's better to fix your mission.
Thank you for such an amazing post

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Really thought provoking. I should share this with my high schoolers on Monday :)

I never thought of the difference between ambition and mission. That's Interesting and a very good point. It's not easy to find your mission in life and it can be tremendously hard to go on when you consider your life meaningless. It took me a while to find my mission but I believe that I have found it.

Posted using Partiko Android

My mission is to serve other people no matter what happened I'm a model to be good human being...

Ambition have teken us highest quality life.
Without ambition mission is possible as a achieve a goal with target within the time and proses for good future result.
Thanks for sharing this.
Sir your post motivate me personally.

Posted using Partiko Android

Set target, keep motivated and be realistic. Anything that you set will be a mission once you do that.

Everyone suggest with his experience to us for using our time. But most of the time we are just going without any mission....

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Good publication! As you say, goals can change, but the purpose of life is one. Earthly goals and achievements have been emerging as our civilization progresses, like sports and jobs. But the purpose of our life transcends all the recognitions that can be obtained, to take them to a more spiritual, more intimate and eternal side in its totality. It is not something that has a beginning or an end, it is not something that can be achieved, it is something that takes place until the end of our days.

another professional post that I read out of curiosity and which gave me a lot to think about ... a good good post from @aple ... wortht voting and restreem of course


Excellent publication

I share that way of thinking, ambitions fill the world in good or bad way, the mission is unique, it is personal, it is what makes the difference with other human beings, it is what imprints a mark on history, on our history and in the history of others.

Our legacy depends on the mission we fulfill in this life

We were born to overcome and not be defeated, each of us has a mission to fulfill in this life, this is from us if we give it the importance it deserves, because that mission could change the direction and destiny of many. Those who are without hope and seeking help in this world. So, let's strive every day to achieve what marks us, that burns us, that does not let us sleep. And fulfill that mission, because if you have that feeling in your heart, do not wait for someone else to get up, to do what you have refused to do all this time, remember the saying: If you do not work for your dreams, another will hire you so you can work for his. Let's leave conformism, get up and fight until we achieve everything we want in this life.

@chbartist right said, we must have a purpose. Ambition does not give success, there must be sheer hardwok

An ambition is something you can live without, but a mission compels you to go through with it, come hell or high water, and never surrender until you accomplish it. Great tribute!

My mission is to bring more love to the world.

Do not follow ambitions and goals. Find your mission. Find your sole purpose of existence. Then dedicate your every ounce of energy towards realizing that vision and accomplishing that mission.
This is quite true I will try to follow in life. I always say that all your posts come with learning and I learn from each post. Thanks @chbartist for writing.

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I liked your post, I believe that every person must have a purpose of life, and must have strength and integrity to love and develop that purpose. It is true that many times it is very difficult to stay focused to develop everything that we propose, and much more if we take into account that life is not the color of roses. But it is important to go ahead and be proactive, in the end everything will be worth it; you will feel more fulfilled and happy.

Thanks for sharing your valuable experience through this post..righlty said by you about what is more important in our life

Nice thought
But in my opinion Ambition is strong drive/desire for success or to accomplish something in life.
As my ambition is to help other's in my region by educating them.
Where as Mission is something which is assigned by someone to complete particular task sometime w.r.t time or not.
There is hair like difference if you don't know the meaning but when you understand it will vast like Ocean to explain.

@chbartist we are preminded from our birthday, the diferrence between a man & a animal is think about purpose of life and ambitions. Stay hold and keep calm before to go ahead and define your destination that you can done every thing easily.

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An ambition is something you can live without, but a mission compels you to go through with it, come hell or high water, and never surrender until you accomplish it.


What a great answer to this mystery of motivation. I do weight loss coaching and struggle with people who only have the ambition frequently. Next time I get that vibe, I will use this reasoning and see if I can move someone to action. In my own case, when I finally lost the weight, it was due to an over-riding passion do do it, so this really resonates with me. Thank you for putting it so well :)

My mission is to become financially free

Posted using Partiko Android

Very nice post.
I wish i could sttle on just one all encompassing single mission in life.until i discover it ill just keep trying to grow and find meaning while surving..

My mission is to continue providing smiles, affection and understanding to all people, regardless of their gender or religion, ... and I hope it goes viral, so that the world is different.
a hug 😉

Beautiful. I think the same way.. bravo 👏👏👏

Awesome morning read... :)
Thank you and have a nice day!

We need to think of the future and the planet we are going to leave to our children and their children and if our actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, we are an excellent leaders.
@chbartist you are a great leader and we can learn much to from it.
Thank you so much for that!
I wanna become part of your community list.

Just looking at the pictures makes me wanna travel again!

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Truly inspirational post !
Everyone has a mission, it is just a matter of realising and actualising it.

I would love to be part of the list of contributors to this community.

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In as much as our ambitions are like the seasonings, our mission is the pot of soup, and the pot of soup is our life, ambition is the fun and sweetness in them

Ambition mainly aims to prove your existence to yourself, but mission mainly does it to others including society, i think

Gracias me quedo muy claro les recomiendo el libro mensaje a garcía y allí entonces podremos ver como dices, lo que es una misión, bendiciones

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now I know. just like it...

Una misión comienza con la ambición de querer alcanzar o convertirme en algo, es el descubrimiento del qué o para que estamos aquí, y cuando descubrimos esto, descubrimos nuestra razón de ser en esta tierra. Maravilloso.