Time Management #7: Mindfulness of Time and Planning Out Your Day in the Morning

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HI, dear Steemians!

Time Management is not only a useful wisdom, but the ultimate weapon of those who have realized their dreams and accomplished their goals.In our previous post regarding this vast and valuable knowledge, we talked about the importance of prioritizing your tasks.

When you do not have the habit of prioritizing, your mind will inevitably deceive you into doing the things on your list that are of little to no importance to your goals and your future, thus making you decrepit when you need to count on your resources to continue the journey.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about one of the most fundamental rules of Time Management and how we must immediately use it in our daily routine to utilize the resource of time to our best interest.

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You can spend a lifetime planning and scheduling your week, but when you give in to that most sweet slumber, you will wake up bereft of any motivation to go through with your plans and your time management techniques.

That is why the first thing we have to do every morning after we wake up is to review our schedule and plan our day out with explicit details.

The truth is that we need to constantly monitor the concept known as ‘time’, since the slippage of time is a real incident, and we are all victims of its parlor tricks if we are tempted to leave our fate to its fearful grasp.

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It is easy to go on and on about the techniques with which one can achieve Time Management and reach peak efficiency in their tasks, but the real heart of this wisdom lies at our willingness to actually be mindful of the time that is passing from moment to moment, right out of our hands, lost in the eternity of this world, never to be regained at any cost.

If you do not make a habit of actually bringing mindfulness about the time that you are spending from the moment you wake up, you will never achieve true time management.

When we commit to the idea of managing our time from the very beginning of the day, and make a habit out of that practice, we are inadvertently signaling our subconscious mind to be wary of how the overall time of that day is being spent.

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By bringing mindfulness to how your time is passing away, you will begin to take this precious resource more seriously.

One effective way of doing that is to start your day by scheduling your time and making sure that you are going to spend each and every hour wisely.

As covered in our previous blog posts, the first thing you do every morning directly contributes to how you spend the entirety of that day.

By bringing mindfulness to this resource known as time, you take the next step in your journey towards effective time management.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Dear @chbartist sir
A person's routine and his time management contribute greatly to the successes of his life. Of course, if we provide time-management or daily routine in our lives, then we will have to discard our luxurious habits. Because time management is very difficult to get time for all of these. It is a straightforward thing, whether we can enjoy life by being successful in life, or want to live in chaos by failing. This decision is ours. Because where does the businessman get comfort and where the rest takes the venture. This is the essence of life. Understand that his life has succeeded.

The management of time is one of the fundamental pillars of effective and efficient people. It is a managerial skill consisting in the proper distribution of this resource to develop tasks and projects. Optimizing and using your time well is fundamental because time is limited: 24 hours a day and a life with days counted. At the moment in which the person is able to understand and assimilate how to organize their time correctly, you can also foresee possible conflicts and plan alternative solutions. Knowing how to properly manage time is a skill and as such is capable of being trained and improved. Although this is not difficult, it requires discipline and perseverance. Time is life.

People who are successful believe that behind their success time management was one of the crucial element. This is accepted by most of the people. Even I believe that time management is a very much important element. If we manage time properly and use it in a managed way then surely it can take us forward. Thanks @chbartist

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wao, I always make a list of things that I have to do, but I never manage to complete the entire list, only some of them ...
But it's true, you have to keep control in time ...

Planning your roadmap every morning is a great way to set acheivable goals by segmenting time to dedicate to each. I rarely leave the office without achieving at least 80% of the goals I set for the day.

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@chbartist another best in series day planning should be start with morning . Your daily routine must be managed and we have to maintain it to get progress

The value of time is our lives. So if your life is valuable then time should be valuable to you. Whatever age you are it reflect time, whatever achievement you have there's an element of time. If you spend time recklessly, it means you are reckless about your life. If you cant plan you time then you can plan your life and you cannot manage time then your life is out of control and it is heading towards a disaster

I plan my activities of the day the night before. Planning will be more successful if we know rank activities for its importance because not always can perform various activities at a time. I hope you have a great day!

Planning your day beforehand means you can literally orchestrate a perfect day.

If you plan a day on which you are super productive, get a lot of stuff done, exercise, eat healthy, do all the basics right, meditate, have a shitload of fun, and take a huge step towards accomplishing some of your goals, then that will motivate you.

When planning your days, you will instantly realize what matters and what doesn’t matter in your life.

Mornings are powerful. I can get so much done in the morning that I don’t want to use time on something I could’ve easily done the night before.

when you plan all of your time for activities that matter, you simply won’t have any time left for time sucking activities (yes, I’m talking to you Facebook..)

Meditation, exercise, Spending time with your family and a lot of stuffs, life is incredible...

Wonderful @chbartist ....!!!

A subject that concerns us all, and although we know certain things, the daily makes us look. How many times have we wanted to manage our time by making it profitable in the best of ways.
It also involves new ideas that we impose on ourselves.
Our worst enemy is lassitude, little by little it transforms our motives by habits with the least possible counterfeit.
We have to change our time to finish our proud and happy days.
I think that only a positive attitude allows not to relax in our efforts, and to fix daily constraints of the day.
Your article gives this positive attitude, and I thank you for it ^^

Hello everyone!!
Our life style should be under management and perfect planing, most important thing is time management, in short we can say it a perfect planning for our daily work, if we able to manage our time with a great timing we will able to manage everything. Proper time management make us always active and confident.

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Good Morning

For me, the effective management of time is based on having an excellent planning of it, if we do not plan our activities, unfortunately, we will end up taking actions that will contribute little, to the objective that we have.

Our brain is responsible for all the actions that we carry out daily, if we manage to have a plan, it will allow us to develop each step until we reach the final goal.

Regards ..

My opinion time management and benefit from it is a feature of the successful manager which puts a separation between the successful person and the failure and the feature of time management and division of goals to achieve goals and one of the ways to success

Yeah mindfulness, minding your full business. Sounds great!
Being mindful is not rushing or multitasking. We can do many things at the same time but I don't know if it will be productive or not.
Doing one task at a time would be sufficient enough to do the job slowly, smoothly and maybe perfectly.

If there is any one ‘secret’ to effectiveness, it is concentration. If there's any secret of success definitely it is time management.

This series about Time management is awesome. I learnt allot from it.

It is necessary to manage your time but it's most important to use your managed time wisely. If we manage our time according to work but not complete the specific work in that time bound and do not use the allotted time wisely there is no benefit of time management. So time management and use of managed Time wisely Is necessary to get success in our life.

hieee @chbartist
I read your previous post of time management ...
this post is spectacular..👍
there are lots of different ways to tackle the issue of time management like
proper decision making ability
less stress,
positive thinking ,
self disciplined,
focused goal,
planning, and
many more...

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Scheduling indeed is an important aspect of the time management. I am amazed by your consistency here, you tend to post blogs daily which are damn meaningful, may I know how do you manage to bring on such variety of subjects to write about here. because I genuinely wants to learn this art, As lack of readers always pulls me down on creating a blog daily, because after putting so much of efforts there is no one to read, that definitely pulls my zeal down.
Seeking for your advice.

Being consistent in planning and finishing the tasks we put ourselves is the strongest weapon in one's arsenal, in my opinion.

without consistenc we can't grow a habit, and I've noticed most people see something fresh and new that can help them in life, they start doing it for some time, see that it works and after they get the result... they stop. As if, since they have reached the positive effect once, it will stay there forever, but they instead start doing what they have done previously - wasting and being less productive.

So, consistency in all you wish to do to make your own life the way you want it to be. :)

Good post sir, keep schedule organized timings daily for successful life.

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Can't emphasise the importance of this enough! Great reminder. :)

Amazing post @chbartist and great information for time management !!

Good thoughts for time' management

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I so agree, and in addition making some things part of the regular routine so you do not have to put much thought or effort into them. A little time spent planning your daily, weekly, and monthly rhythm will save a lot of time.

Good time management allows you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time, which leads to more free time, which lets you take advantage of learning opportunities, lowers your stress, and helps you focus, which leads to more career success.

Hoping everyone of us, including me, will learn Time Management well. :)

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The result of good time management is increased effectiveness and productivity. This is what I always experience if i have everything planned out ahead of time. :)

About 65.25$ has been spent to promote this content.

Ineffective time management can also increase stress and frustration. Luckily, I got my rhythm in the long run. :)

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Managing time means giving everything and anyone time too.
Nice piece you have here. :)

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Time management is all about spending your time in the right places, and on the right things.
It’s about knowing your priorities, obligations, and schedule.
When you manage your time, you benefit in all areas of life.

@chbartist I'd love to wake up to this view every day

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