The Problem with New Year Resolutions and How to Actually Achieve Them

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Hi, Steemians!

I hope that you are on the brink of entering a wonderful and productive year of your life.
In this blog post, I want to talk about the elephant in the room when it comes to motivational communities and the dilemma of the new year’s resolutions.

We are not always as close as we would like to think to the image of our ideal self. That is why we take some of the special moments in our life make a change to our routine and achieve our goals. A new year is one of those special moments when you think that you can give yourself and your life a fresh start.

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A study has shown that approximately 80% of the people forsake their new year resolutions by the end of February. A lot of them even forget why they needed to improve their lives in the first place, once again becoming oblivious to their condition by the distractions of daily life.

There is no such thing as too ambitious, and that is not the reason you fail at achieving your new year resolutions. There may be many contributing factors to your failure. You may not have specified your goal.

‘I want to live become rich!’ is a decent and respectable goal, but it doesn’t specify any change in your routine. It doesn’t specify what you need to do to become rich, or what choices you have to make in your everyday life to strive towards that vision.

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Also, it is important just how seriously you take your resolution. A lot of people decide on doing something, but they don’t really understand the importance of that decision in their life and the effect that it might have on their daily routine.

They don’t at first realize the things that they have to sacrifice in order to get closer to achieving what they want.
After all, there is always a price to pay. The whole idea of New Year resolutions is to change something in your life.

Are you really and actually willing to make that change? Change is not easy, nor is it comfortable. Most people would rather stay in their comfort zones.

That is why, after a couple of days or a few weeks, you forsake your resolution. Because you didn’t know why you wanted to realize it in the first place.

You didn’t understand the importance and significance that such change could have on your life.

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Do not let this discourage you. The fact that you are here and reading this blog post indicates that you are different than most people, or those 80% who would easily give up and forsake their resolutions.

Mindfulness is the key to achieving your New Year resolutions. Be ambitious, but also be specific. Set goals, milestones, and plan to schedule your daily routine towards those resolutions.

You need to constantly monitor your thoughts and actions to make sure that they fall in harmony with that resolution. Your second to second mindfulness of why you want achieve your resolutions and how they could change your life is key if you don’t want to lose them.

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Consider all the previous New Year celebrations when you made a decision to achieve your resolutions but failed in doing so. Remember last year’s resolutions and how you failed to live up to them.

Make that failure your final shortcoming, and decide to actually realize your resolutions in the upcoming year.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Yes yes sir You are right that we do something or some promise when we come to the new year, by doing something new to ourselves, something new to be new. But as you said, we forget by the end of February. We say that we have to be rich but what we have to do to become rich But we can not take away that thing in our lives which are necessary for us to become rich.Thank you

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In my case it happens that I make plans in every month but not every year but I can not reach any work even though I have been a private job for the last 22 years which I am doing regularly.

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When I think of New Year resolutions, it's usually a specific main goal/goals that can be achieved in one year. It is just like a dream, but yearly. Goals like these will require you to stay positive and hopeful since your mettle will surely be tested. We may fail throughout the process, but as long we keep trying and moving forward, our efforts are not futile.

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Es importante saber darse cuenta de lo que no nos gusta de nuestro presente y cómo hemos estado haciendo las cosas para que eso esté así como está, de allí depende que podamos tomar iniciativas de cambio y mantenernos en ellas, aplicarlas, evaluarlas y no perder de vista qué fue lo que nos llevó a asumirlas, monitoreando constantemente el resultado de nuestras acciones, solo así podemos pasar más allá de febrero, marzo, y los demás meses y consolidar lo que deseamos. Este post me ha servido para mucho. Gracias.

hi @chbartist Sir,

Belated New Year Wishes Sir.

Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year 2019!

This is a timely advice from you for all of us Sir. You talked extensively about this New Year Problem that arises with the dawn of every year.

I just gave a thought about it. Why make unnecessary resolutions and why forget them in the midway? No need at all!

I too got this "Selective Amnesia(of forgeting NY resolutions." One best friend of mine advised me to disregard this practice.

Just do your duty responsibly, most importantly, love that job while doing it without doing it for the want of doing it mechanically because it is of no use.

He told me that this itself is enough and I was really impressed with his advice and of course, I did implement it!

A very happy New Year (Belated Wishes) to those who commented here!

Sorry to say like this because my Resource Credit is so limited that I was unable to say NY wishes to one and all separately. Hope you all understand.


Thank you for your Kind words! You are very Welcome. no worries about SP. In this Community the most important is respect above all, and attitude! You will grow up. Happy new year!


Thank you very much for your encouraging words @chbartist Sir.

I made my post yesterday on my goals and objectives for 2019 and avoided calling thrm resolutions given the controversy. I approach goals using a Corporate training from years ago in that goals should be SMART:
This helps with not giving up throughout the year!

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You're absolutely right, Sir. That we promise you that we will do this thing at the new year or on such a special occasion and we can not do it. After some time he forgets But I believe that if we have to do something, then we should show it by doing it or speaking from someone's mouth.

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It is customary to make resolutions for the new year and on birthdays, and really there are very few that are fulfilled ... one of the ones that always cost me was to diet and exercise, I started a few weeks and then I left it in half, without However, things of greater importance, if I have done them. Maybe that behavior is sometimes due to the degree of importance that people give to resolutions.

I want to take advantage of the comment to tell you that my husband and I made a thank you card to all those who supported us during 2018, and we included you in it. These are the links for you to see, we hope you like it!

This is only the second post of yours I have read, but I have been amazed with the connections I make while reading. It is inspiring to find like minded individuals who seem to be on a similar path of mindfulness and the positive energy ripple we can all ride and amplify. I won't overload with recommendation, but might I suggest youtubing Jon Kabat Zin or Shauna Shapiro. Both have taught me much of Mindfulness and the benefits it can have to our present moment. I am very happy I found your community and look forward to us all growing together :) Positive thoughts for a wonderful day and finding lots to smile about :)


Lots to smile for you too! ;) ;) ;) ;)

A few hundred reaches have appeared choosing early when and how you will act as per your objectives causes you begin and abstain from being wrecked by tiredness or different diversions. Therefore, objectives are unquestionably bound to be achieved when matched with execution goals.

Obviously, there's no enchantment wand to emerge your New Year's goals.

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I think our biggest problem is not to leave our comfort zone and it is easier to discard our New Year's resolutions ...

Oftentimes, circumstances detour us from achieving our new year's resolution. It's better to make a board to remind us of our resolution. This will serve as our motivation when we feel tired of doing the things we planned to execute.

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@chbartist sir, it is right that it is not as easy as it seems to follow your resolution, most of the persons forget their resolution after some days as they are not serious about them, they are making it just following other persons or following trend of making a resolution every year.
So it is better to introspect every night before going to sleep to keep motivated & act accordingly.

Spot on @chbartist, mindfulness and knowing your whys really helps but in my opinion, taking the time to one’s self to really dig deep and ask those difficult questions is vital. Is New Years the perfect time for that, not for most.

This qualifies the idea of a New Year resolutions, at least for me because, yes, you’re in that mood, all pumped up, ready to crush it but most of the promises and changes we want are rooted in reality...

That lack of reality is why we often fail at sticking to our resolutions.

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Good Morning.

All people, or at least most, dream of seeing their dreams come true, imagine themselves in a scenario in which all the things they want are executed and achieved, especially in December and on the eve of the year new even more.

Unfortunately as they would say in my country, dreams not pregnant ...

Many people want their dreams come true without even working, do not carry out a planning that allows them to establish goals and objectives that can be achieved in the short and medium term and, therefore, as you mentioned, abandon their objectives. In short periods of time.

It is difficult for many people to leave their Conford area and take on new challenges to achieve their dreams, which, unfortunately, causes these people to fail and generate frustration.

The dreams of each one are attainable, first with faith in God, with planning, perseverance, work and a touch of luck can become reality.

Regards ..

Saludos @chbartist! En base a lo planteado, los objetivos trazados debe ser alcanzables. si no son alcanzables se convierten en la causa de fracaso.

Seguido, los objetivos deben ser planteados en forma de esquema, llevando un control de "metas alcanzadas" en base a las necesidades, en donde el cumplir un objetivo, permita emprender el siguiente.

Se debe ser organizado y constante con el plan trazado.

Feliz día!

It's also a matter of self-discipline and willingness to actually act upon what you want to achieve...

Actually, the only one stopping you from what you want to achieve is YOU.
Make it a habit to have faith in yourself that whatever you will go through, you can always make it out alive and successful. :)

That thing really always amazed me. Surely, most of us forsake New Year resolution even before end of January.

When New Year comes we all become inspired to make changes in different aspects of our life and then plan for subsequent year. However when times goes by we forget working towards it.

In my perspective, falling to see the bigger pictures (the higher goals) is the main problem. We start committing ourselves to the usual life cycles; looking for the short-term gratification.

Delaying immediate satisfaction is the price we pay to achieve the higher or the long term goals. So let’s not trade our future for immediate satisfaction. Let’s be passionate and be equipped with the discipline to stick with our New Year resolution. Thank you chbartist

If you have no vision, dream or life purpose to which you are committed, it will very hard, nearly impossible for you to achieve your annual resolutions. You need to be somebody who has a habit of commitment. Otherwise you will be struggling to build that habit and keeping your eye on your resolutions.
But if you are someone whose life is always after a certain goal, you may find it a little bit easier in honoring your resolutions.
Second even the kind of resolutions you will develop will be according to the big picture of what you want your life to achieve and you have been working on that.

Happy new year,@chbartist. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips on keeping our new year resolutions. There are 100s of methods and techniques to make them stick. We have to try them and find out for ourselves which one resonates with our current belief system to make the resolution stick.

The other way is to examine our current belief system regarding the new year resolution and get rid of any blocks that are holding us back which is an unconventional method - like reverse engineering.

If you have been trying conventional methods had a hard time making them stick, you may want to try an unconventional method and see if it works for you:

New Year's is just another calendar day. It may be a good time to review a past year. It can be a good time to check your life plan and see what you have accomplished and what still needs to be done or what you have not yet done and ask yourself why did I not follow this or that path. A calendar sets a time frame for doing essential focusing tasks. Mindfulness is essential to achieving anything.

Greetings, thanks for your motivating words. This is a difficulty that we see every day, fulfilling something that we propose is very difficult because it requires work, discipline and we are rarely able to get out of that routine and look at ourselves from outside to realize that something is not right. It is about making our actions conscious every day and that these are the right ones to walk in a clear direction.

This is a common scenario with most of the people that they they set their new year resolutions in the beginning of the year but after couple of weeks or sometimes month they forget it. Even I did this many times. I think it's a lack of determination. If we plan something then we must stick to it and should not lose it any situations. Exceptions are always there but one has to put his best to ensure that required efforts are taken to make it a reallity. Have a great year dear @chbartist

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When I am setting goals, for me it is helpful to ask myself, what is my why for wanting this change. Understanding my "why" for something helps me go deeper and create a plan of action. If I can give the goal I am seeking to achieve an action plan, then I am far less likely to abandon it, Your post gives me a lot to think about. Thank you.


The 'why' to the goal.... Yes.

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Like one of my mentors said, "if you're having a new year resolution or goals, try and write them down and plan from the start to finish on how to achieve them". Sometimes it takes more than just saying it.

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It reminds me of my new year's resolutions I commented on facebook:

  1. Pray/meditate more
  2. Moderate/simplify things as much as possible to keep the balance
  3. Keep in mind always the saying of Chuck Palahniuk, "If you flee from the things you fear, there's no resolution.

Before making up your mind to do something, you must think seriously about whether it is worth doing or not, otherwise it may be useless.

Just act on whatever it is you want to achieve then you will eventually get it.
Matter of focusing on what you really want.

Self-control and focusing on the goal will probably help you. :)

Every New year bring a change in the life new goal, achieving, planning, ideas.
Important in life but ambitious is most important thing for succession.

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Hi there @chbartist; enjoyed your post and you make some very valid points. For me, the thing that often serves to inadvertently "sabotage" many people's New Year's Resolutions is that we try to jam good intentions for an entire year into the first week of January.

I'm more a believer in making "resolutions" when the inspiration is actually there.

For example, we live way up in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Let's say I resolve to "start jogging, three times a week." Well, chances are the first days of January will be cold, rainy, windy, possibly snowy and most likely miserable.

Not very inspiring to start something. And — unless you are exceptionally purposeful — pretty much a recipe for failure. On the other hand, if I resolve to start jogging in May when it's really nice out... much better chance of success.

The other thing about resolutions is that they are often made under duress and peer pressure. We resolve to change a behavior or take up a habit because we feel pressured to. Or because our friends are all doing so. And then we can rationalize our wau out of following through by telling ourselves "well... it wasn't really MY idea."

Just some random thoughts that came to mind, as I was reading.


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I observed two of the biggest problems with setting new year's resolution is (1) having specific procedures to attain those and (2) goals are too broad losing the bigger picture.

Like you said, we need to plan carefully.

Plan your Dive and Dive your Plan!-Roger CPAs

May we all have a fruitful year!

You don't have to make resolutions only once a year make them whenever like now. What do you think?

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Here's what I'm doing for 2019. I was thinking, and I decided to do something that starts as easy to do, and as I grow my habit of doing it, it gets harder and harder. I decided to make daily vlogs. The twist is that each vlog is a second longer each day, and on Jan 1 you start at 1 second. So it's currently the 5th, and I just uploaded my 5 second vlog. This idea is very easy at the beginning, and as you grow the habit, it gets harder and harder. I dont know if it'll fail, but we'll see what happens.

Tiene mucho sentido.
Las metas deben ser trazadas e ir las cumpliendo paulatinamente para poder lograrlas, de lo contrario serán fracasos.!