Boosting Your Self-confidence with Logical Assessment of Your Capabilities...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

Confidence is that positive energy which comes to your rescue when everything goes wrong and helps you stand on your feet in moments that you are completely blank as to how you should overcome your challenges.

But boosting your self-confidence is a delicate matter which requires a lot of attention. Self-confidence is not achieved through the power of suggestion; where the subjects constantly tell themselves that they are capable of doing something, while all the logical assessments of their capabilities prove otherwise.

This is not to say that the power of beliefs doesn’t have a role to play in the quality of your performance, but it should be noted that self-confidence is a whole different matter and should be thus treated as such.

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The first step towards boosting your self-confidence in a logical manner is to garner the attention of the people you interact with. Family members, friends, colleagues and employers are all susceptible to our aura of self-confidence and how we approach and react to their words and actions determines the impression we leave on their minds.

And if you want to leave a truly mesmerizing impression, you need to work on your body language. Your body language and gestures are of the utmost importance when you are interacting with other people.

Sometimes you take a look at a person’s face and realize that they don’t even acknowledge themselves as someone who is worthy of respect!

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This is probably the most problematic aspect of your relationships and how well you handle them based on your self-confidence. If you do not have the attention and respect of those you interact with, you cannot hope to exploit your self-confidence and improve your chances of success.

In the coming days and weeks, I am going to write a series of articles about body language and gestures, but for now, I will leave you with several tips that can help you in this matter.

When you meet someone, shake their hands with strength and show them a powerful grip. This is the first sign that they are dealing with someone who they should take seriously. Whenever you talk to someone, keep your head up at all times and look at their face with determination and resolve.

Never get lost in your own thoughts when you are talking with someone, as it shows a lack of self-esteem and concentration.

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Moving away from body language, we come to another aspect of self-image that can improve your confidence.

Always dress well and be mindful of your appearance! What you wear may not be the best determination of who you are and how you think about the world, but people have this cognitive error that puts them in a place of judgement regarding how well you appear and take care of your image.

Besides, making sure that you look good is also a sign of your determination. If you wear good clothes and appear splendidly in front of someone that you are expecting to work with, that person will appreciate the respect that you have for him and gives back that respect.

This will ultimately prove to boost your self-confidence.

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Positive energy brings forth positive results. Always try to see the silver lining in everything and always smile, even if you are not feeling fine.

Be grateful of the things you have and the opportunities that life has given you.

Every moment is an opportunity, and every opportunity is a blessing. It is only a matter of your perspective. The fact that you are here reading this blog could be a sign that you need to change something in order to realize your dreams and become who you were meant to be.

It might be difficult to make a habit out of the things we discussed in this article. But by taking on the endeavor, you will eventually boost your self-confidence and earn the respect of the people around you.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Great write up, thought provoking!!

How's it feel to be building your personal echo chamber? Do you really care about people or are you more concerned about your persona and what they think about you?

You understand your whole approach seems to be about essentially lulling people in for what they can hope to get from you?

They see your payouts and think "Gee golly that person must have money!". I wonder if you really have much to give your followers after your vote selling overlords take their cut. I am doubtful of such a possibility.

I keep it real and I must say that I despise your methods because it puts the common man at a disadvantage and that makes you a scoundrel in my eyes.

Make no mistake. You along with the other incorrigible vote buyers are my adversary but a certain person has told me to love one such as you. Therefore, I persist for the betterment of this platform however you seek the high seat with your constant bidding.

The LORD Jesus said something that I think applies to person such as you.

Luke 14:10-11 KJVS
But when thou art bidden, go and sit down in the lowest room; that when he that bade thee cometh, he may say unto thee, Friend, go up higher: then shalt thou have worship in the presence of them that sit at meat with thee. [11] For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.

I think that may partially explain the philosophy as to why I do not use the bots as you do. I think about about my disadvantged brother or sister that is striving for the seat the bot owners give you but you do not see this, do you? You are building a cult following of people that want something.

You deceive yourself if you believe they are following you out of the sincerity of their heart rather than what they may acquire through their sycophancy. The discerning know better.

Look at Haejin. All that rep and hardly a soul would trust a man as that. What does that say?

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If you read my old posts, you would know more about me and see that I help people. How many Steem have you invested in the last month? This helps people if you do not know. How many US dollars have you donated in the last 2 months? I donated over six thousand to people who did not have anything to eat in their countries. If you are already satisfied I can tell you that I am more than you in not having you in this community (blog) Regards. You are disrespectful and negative and that is enough for me.


I've see you from the beginning. Have you seen @themarkymark's recent post? You are literally the number 1 taker from the reward pool.

Congratulations on your investment but I think you are missing the point. I read a recent post that had some profound implications about social media. How we use it says something about us and have you ever stopped to consider what it says about you.

You may call me negative or disrespectful but the fact of the matter is I am frustrated and disappointed. I did invest my Bitcoin and now my tokens our worth about a fourth of what I put in.

In my heart, I want to fix this place. I would love to dismantle the bots. I want to empower people and communities. But our method's stand in stark contrast to one other.

Motivational speech is great and all but do you really need the bots? Can you content stand on it's own? What are you afraid of @chbartist?

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Upvoted for visibility. I think this is an interesting conversation for a number of reasons. First, the use of the rewards pool for promotion. There is a limited amount of Steem created each day. It is quite sad to see so much of it used for promotion. I would rather it be used to reward popular content.

Second, is @chbartist's work popular purely because of promotion or does the merit of the content itself play a big role? The answer to this question is obscured because of the bot votes. Frontrunning of bot votes further adds to the problem. @chbartist has been very successful prior to joining Steem, I would expect that would earn more upvotes as well. A few unpromoted posts would give us a better idea. The above statements apply to anyone putting their content on trending using bots.

We can blame vote buyers and vote sellers as much as we like but the frontends (steemit, busy, etc) of Steem have yet to offer a viable promotion alternative. Adding promotional services to a Steem front-end doesn't require a hardfork. So we can't blame witnesses for that either.

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I expect he could be successful here without buying votes, but he seems addicted to doing so.


I expect so. He has a very strong following here and has support on both Facebook and Instagram. I would love for him to test it.


Well said. He may say we are toxic for criticising him, but he fails to see the damage he causes to the platform. His greed for rewards that he mostly buys creates false expectations and reduces what others can earn. Shouldn't he thank the bots for seeking him their votes? He's got all over double my followers. Let them decide the value of his posts.


@anthonyadavisii, I would like this whole community to see your comment is no sense sense. What do you know of me to call me a scoundrel? You have no education and you do not know what we are building here in this blog for months. This blog has its foundation in respect and this you demonstrated not knowing what it is. You do not disrespect me only by writing on a level that I will never lower my words. You disrespect the whole community we've been working hard for months.

About Hajin that you mention, I do not know him as a person, I know he's criticized for voting only on himself, and even then I do not judge him because how can I judge someone I do not know, besides who buys millions of steems Do what you want with them. Buy your millions of steem and do what you want with them, too.

But people like you I've dealt with thousands in life vines and know what they do? They measure others with their own rule. I'm not like you because I do not judge. Take care of your blog, invest in steems, upvotes generous people, make donations of thousands of dollars as I do not only in steemit but throughout my journey and then you can try, I said try to say something about anyone. Put yourself in your place and know what you still are not!

How many Steem have you invested in the last month? This helps people if you do not know. How many US dollars have you donated in the last 2 months? I donated over six thousand to people who did not have anything to eat in their countries. If you are already satisfied I can tell you that I am more than you in not having you in this community (blog) Regards. You are disrespectful and negative and that is enough for me.

You need to learn what it is to have respect. If you want to be a sheriff, stay in the US and run for election to be one. If you want to be steem sheriff, control binance, bittrex, bloctrades and the stock market. Sorry, but you see, it's a boy or a child to talk to me and I've spent my time with you too much.

Regards and success with your blog !!!!

From All Community knows and All Of Us that effort all day to be this blog better! Don't burn your upvotes in comments or persons like that. Stay Alert to not upvote in comments like this.

@juanmanuellopez1 @moghul @coolguy222 @newageinv @gowealth @blessed-girl @cruis @lexymaine @alokkumar121 @aceandnotes @darlenys01 @rafique1953 @marvyinnovation @wems @ajks @alaisguineasis @amnlive @kimmysomelove42 @praditya @tommyl33 @samryan @vickykarma @brightsun @oppongk @kryp70kn1gh7 @theticket @royer94 @bradley028 @nummulshrma @maxijgcomm @maikelblogo @mrblu @nancymj @petervi @mcoinz79 @missabigail @saludoalalma @mcnestler @moarafatshow @gargi @luis402 @rem-steem @shahzadeh @sumon-ar-vines @naijauser @yantrax @josema.saborido @khan.dayyanz @shapescooper @aceofhearts @marcocosta @rvag5 @fusroj @cashlane @borrowedearth @michaeljn @kchitrah @mitchhunter @nataliaeline @cherlianny @unknownphoton @unclefz @gardengranny @bettyamv @ghostwriter9 @wandrnrose7 @nancybriti @missladybug @shirophantomhive @rvag5 @ankitjnv @marvyinnovation @tommyl33 @gowealth @ustaadonline @daio @brightsun @mzubairch @lightestofideas @amit1995 @starapple @treodecimo @edinhazard @maxijgcomm @wasito @mariita52 @maroni55 @nataliaeline @ajtech2596 @keithf @wesleyvanderstel @grainsofsand @mariita52 @naijauser @castleirwell @juanmanuellopez1 @moghul @coolguy222 @newageinv @gowealth @blessed-girl @cruis @lexymaine @alokkumar121 @aceandnotes @darlenys01 @rafique1953 @marvyinnovation @wems @ajks @alaisguineasis @amnlive @kimmysomelove42 @praditya @tommyl33 @samryan @vickykarma @brightsun @oppongk @kryp70kn1gh7 @theticket @royer94 @bradley028 @nummulshrma @maxijgcomm @maikelblogo @mrblu @nancymj @petervi @mcoinz79 @missabigail @saludoalalma @mcnestler @moarafatshow @gargi @luis402 @rem-steem @shahzadeh @sumon-ar-vines @naijauser @yantrax @josema.saborido @khan.dayyanz @shapescooper @aceofhearts @marcocosta @rvag5 @fusroj @cashlane @borrowedearth @michaeljn @kchitrah @mitchhunter @nataliaeline @cherlianny @unknownphoton @unclefz @gardengranny @bettyamv @ghostwriter9 @wandrnrose7 @nancybriti @missladybug @shirophantomhive @rvag5 @ankitjnv @marvyinnovation @tommyl33 @gowealth @ustaadonline @daio @brightsun @mzubairch @lightestofideas @amit1995 @starapple @treodecimo @edinhazard @maxijgcomm @wasito @mariita52 @maroni55 @nataliaeline @ajtech2596 @keithf @wesleyvanderstel @grainsofsand @mariita52 @naijauser @castleirwell @isabelpereira @nulifeiq @royer94 @yaleal @ushmil @nisiryan0522 @reveurgam @certain @kkins @nurseanne84 @robertyan @xtophercruzeu @theureview @anil566 @freedomanytime @clayrawlings @zetacoin @goldheart @artoftherhyme @jiujitsu @don-thomas @arsl14 @vishalmajumdar @thehippierays @kemc @aple @orgoniteog @abrish @zydane @cathynsons @shashiprabha @katebobkova @tramelibre


Good reply @chbartist ... is better don’t pay attention to toxic people. We are built this community with a clear philosophy and without use or to hurt someone.

Posted using Partiko iOS


Hi @royer94. These conversations are very important. We cannot necessarily see or understand everyone's full intentions but we can analyse the impact of their actions. The rewards pool is fixed. Many people are concerned regarding the amount going to bot votes or 'promotion' as some insist on calling it. For Steem to grow, we need the right balance of rewards going to various parties. These include content creators, curators, passive investors, developers, applications etc. Evidence suggests that too much is going to passive income (vote selling and bid-bots) and not enough to curators. In other words, people are earning more for looking away rather than looking at content.

I notice you are very new to Steem. This place can be quite confusing. I suggest you read as much as possible about the Steem ecosystem. Good luck to you.


Hi @spectrumecons, I appreciate your explication of Steemit system, and also I appreciate the way like you do it. I think that almost everybody in Steemit use bots to bust their accounts and I don’t know any bot illegal inside Steemit system. With regard to the posts and the activity of @chbartist I think that he post good contents and do a good work of curation. From my point of view the intention of @chbartist not is only take money for himself, rather he is helping to guide one little sub-community in @Steemit and improve our stempower to each one have a positive impact on Steemit. Please if you know something different feel free to talk with me. Thanks.

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Hi @royer94, thanks for your response. @chbartist writes posts that are very popular with his followers. He makes effort to read comments and rewards good comments. That is a very good thing. He also encourages others to help each other and has made direct contributions to people. He has also powered up his account which is strongly encouraged.So there is no doubt there is evidence of his generosity as well as good intentions for Steem.

However, @chbartist spends a lot on bots. It appears he spends more than anyone else by a significant margin. I can understand that people use bots for visibility. I have written several posts that indicate that vote buying does little for visibility unless posts get on the all tags trending page or on very popular tag trending pages. Even then, many of these posts make very little money.

Spending so much on bots reduces the rewards pool for other content creators. Very high valued posts also creates unreasonable expectations for new users. It encourages new users to also use bots to further reduce the rewards pool. Spending on bots also reduces the visibility of other people's work and thus forces them to also use bots. In other words, spending a lot on bots is harmful to the community. Many people are angry with @chbartist for doing so. These people lose rewards and opportunities because of this vote buying.


I understand you @spectrumecons. Then use of bots must be restricted on Steemit in order to be more equitable?

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I wish but I don't think so. There is a lot of money to be made from bots and vote selling. I think it is more likely that we will see changes to the reward system.


I apologize for calling you a scoundrel. I don't know the intentions of your heart but you made the top of that list not for giving but taking.

I am not disputing that your blogs have value but let's be honest about our contributions. How about letting the people decide?

I think it is safe to say you are well established with you audience now so are the bots really necessary. Why?


ou would benefit more if you had my coach as someone here in this community. But you only see for one angle. Through your own angle or prism. I really regret that. I could even write more for you, I accept your apology, but on other issues sorry. If you want to be respectful, I will be at the steemchat as I have always been with a very busy life and I can not always respond to everyone and on the same day that they write to me. But poorly I do not agree with disrespectful attacks especially when they are public. Like I told you. Buy 1 million steems, use it yourself if you want, use bots, do not use it, do what you want but you will never see me visit someone's blog to attack, give flags or be disrespectful. May you have all the success in the world. Just remember that Steem is not based only on the Steemit platform. Regards


good! but in Russia this platform appeared not so long ago.So help me get started and understand how this platform works.


Talk to people and build communities around your interests. Make it fun and don't worry too much about the money. That will come if you are doing good stuff. You don't have to buy votes like this guy does

I find that my self-confidence is boosted by doing the right thing even if it's difficult. We all have choices that we can make that will make us feel better or worse about ourselves. I agree that the choice of attire makes a big difference. Once upon a time I read and have been told "dress for the job you want not for the job that you have."

When you perform your personal and business life actions and speak with integrity you build a reputation and boost your self-confidence.

Just because I look in the mirror and say I am a wonderful person does not make that true. The actions that I perform day-in-and-day-out will make me feel better about who I am and will increase my reputation score in the community.

Right now it's an invisible score, but I have read that in China there is such a thing as a social media reputation score somewhere.

There was a movie that I watched once where you were able to go online and boost or lower the score of another person in your community circle or school. As horrific as that is, we all have a mental reputation score surrounding the people and businesses that we associate with daily Have a blessed day.

Good afternoon

Self-confidence is something that we get with attitude, work, discipline, impetus and, above all, a lot of work, it is very difficult to achieve and, unfortunately, very easy to lose.

Sometimes, in diverse situations that we face throughout our lives, in which we do not obtain the results we expect, we end up losing our confidence in ourselves and then it is difficult to recover them, we need to put a little more motivation to be able to have it again.

I agree with you that when we present ourselves before someone, dress and attitude are a fundamental part of respect, since respect is earned, does not prevail and must be won from the first moment, since a person who does not have the respect for another, then, it is very difficult to earn it.

Respect is one of the main causes because relationships fail because when they lost respect, they lost everything ...

I would like to be able to belong to your community and I ask you to include me, I do not have a great power of vote, but I will do everything possible to support this cause.

Regards ...

Thank you this is great post self confidence perhaps the most important thing that leads to the achievement of the individuals goals is his strong personality and self confidence When a person is confident of himself and his abilities will inevitably reach what he wants even after a while and usually loss of confidence faster than reacquisition what is meant by self confidence What leads to its loss And how can be retrieved again and defines self confidence as the sense of the person himself and his value to translate this feeling on his movements actions and words in addition to his style of dealing with others when his confidence is high this will reflect on his actions very naturally with Because he knows where he goes and how he goes while the lack of this feeling makes him always feel that he is an observer He is always worried and afraid



Always feel boosting of self-confidence by reading your post.
Very Goods tips, shake hand with a strength, head up while talking, dress well etc.
Eagerly waiting for upcoming post about body languages.

It was always being so interesting and useful that the artical you have post,i seems like god heard and it came out this post that make me felt so blessed.I stay awake till now is because I am looking some thing that you were posting it really helps and comfort me to get me some rest for tommorow is really an important day for me that I been nervous since yesterday .Sometimes I do not have time to finish reading your post I do keep it as my favourite post or anything that you post thank you so much @chbartist hoping to see more post from you that always is was so useful to peoples in real life.

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The way I see things, the most important person who should exist in the world is oneself and one should dress well for oneself as a way of honoring the body that belongs to us in this existence. We must love and value ourselves and the rest will come in addition.

Confidence is a key determinant for success in just about anything, in business, in love, in politics… Confidence is a commonly used word, and as thus, I am certain you have an idea what confidence is...

I´m really sure that you know about self-confidence, which is perhaps the most important aspect of confidence.

It can simply be defined as faith in your own abilities, and It is a positive attitude towards yourself and a deep conviction about your ability to accomplish your goals.

Self-confidence enables you to power through even the most difficult situations and face challenges head-on. As a self-confident person you will be in a position to push through even situation in which you have neither external support nor material possessions and still retain the belief that you will come out victorious.

This is the ability to maintain a positive view of yourself and your abilities in any situation and under any circumstances is a value we should all strive to cultivate. Adopt a way of thinking that constantly reminding yourself that you are a person of value and ability and; happiness, success, as well as general improvement in your life’s quality will quickly follow.

Amazing @chbartist ...!!!

Oh yeah!
We develop our inner self and the outside will speak itself.
But there are people who aren't really attractive when we see their physical appearance. They dress simply but they're very peaceful. Some people are dressed very elegant but when they slip their heels or shoes, they immediately get irritated.
I guess self confidence matters deeply within our hearts and minds.
Maybe having lots of money will give us much self confidence, but the other parts of our lives , our relationship towards our family and friends are seem to be awkward or lots of confusion and sometimes trouble.
When we feel that we're leaving this world, we end up sad, facing our end miserably. I hope this won't happen. I guess life is not all about money or self confidence to make us proud only in ourselves but to see and be sensitive for others especially our love ones and those who needs help especially the less fortunate.

Confidence is important, and plays a significant role on how people perceive us and respect us. However we must be mindful, as the line between confidence and being obnoxiously over confident is thin. Therefore as we are practising on how to boost our confidence lets also practise to not let it get to our head as this may lead people to lose their respect for you.

Body language is a key when working in teams as they provide great insight to how they will work under pressure and deliver results. Being self confident is also an important factor as teams will not pursue ideas together unless they perceive confidence in those leading the way!

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I do enjoy while reading about body language in your post, waiting for new posts. And dear @chbartist , thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. And this post deserves to be resteemed, and i did it .

@chbartist nice tips to boost self confidence and it's important to know your capabilities , I will try my best to follow these rules . Now when i meet anyone i'll show my strength and self confidence .

Saludos @chbartist! La confianza en nosotros se fundamenta es nuestras capacidades; si sabemos lo que estamos haciendo, si tenemos el conocimiento y estamos seguros de nuestro criterio, es donde damos confianza en los demas, permitiendonos liderar las situaciones.

La confianza se crea a partir de nuestras aptitudes y actitudes, donde demostramos nuestras habilidades técnicas o duras, así como nuestras habilidades "blandas" como la empatía y la solidaridad.

Es importante para mejorar el nivel de confianza en los demás, cuidar nuestra imagen personal, manteniendo el estándar en función al momento y el entorno, respetando las normas, con lo cual ganaremos confianza, pudiendo exponer nuestro criterio pero siempre desde el respeto al otro.

Feliz día!

Great and awesome post from you as usual. There are many people that ought to have been successful but due to the lack of their self confidence, they were unable to. Confidence really matters a lot in ones life as it helps even in achieving dreams

This is one thing I am trying to boost this year for myself. My self confidence has gone down greatly since being diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). It's awfully nicknamed the 'suicide disease', but I am hoping to change it to 'made for warriors' :). I try to focus on the positive in every situation and hope the positivity ripples, but a small part of me seems stuck on knowing the negatives that come with my condition. Sometimes, I wear it on my face and others see it along with my physical struggle to do simple tasks like putting on my coat. My self confidence has been affected, but I can still pick it back up :) I have been an inspiration for others with my positive outlook, but I know I need to find some more self confidence in order to achieve more. I am so thankful I found your blog, it seems everytime I read an entry, it is regarding something that has been on my mind lately. Thank you for the positive energy and hope you have a great week!

Increíble, un muy buen tema de verdad, así es, la confianza en uno mismo es lo que nos eleva y nos anima a perseguir aquello que tanto queremos, claro con mucha paciencia " El bambú tarda 7 años en echar raíces y solo 6 semanas en crecer más de 30 metros " Solo hay que seguir trabajando duro, constante y perseguir aquello que tanto anhelamos y bueno hay que recordar que los aviones siempre despegan con el viento en contra. Nunca a favor. Que buen post amigo ;)

Ok. Espero que se traduzca bien, no hablo ingles, pero google me lo ha traducido automaticamente todo esto. En fin. No creo que sea el mejor modo de recomendar a alguien "la confianza", ya que aprender a tener confianza en uno mismo no se basa en las apariencias ni en las impresiones, es conocerte a ti mismo desde adentro, de un modo espiritual, conocer tus habilidades y defectos, y trabajar en ellos. Solo así se puede conseguir algo. Lo que dices.... lastimosamente creo que solo es para llamar la atención. No se te puede culpar, todos lo hacen. Pero... intenta mejorarlo, no todo el trabajo lanzado en steemit tiene porque ser malo.

Assertions are sure and elevating articulations that we state to ourselves. These are ordinarily progressively viable whenever said boisterously so you can hear yourself state it. We will in general trust whatever we let ourselves know always. For instance, in the event that you despise your very own physical appearance, work on saying something that you acknowledge or like about yourself when you next look in the mirror.

To inspire your cerebrum to acknowledge your positive proclamations all the more rapidly. Our minds are organically wired to look for answers to questions, without dissecting whether the inquiry is substantial or not.
@chbartist @coolguy222

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hieee @chbartist....awsum post.. i will surely follow your tips for boost up my confidences.. and also waiting for your next post about the gesture and body language.
Today I don't have words to write something about self-confidence.
The best lines in this post I like alot is "Every moment is an opportunity, and every opportunity is a blessing. It is only a matter of your perspective".
I'm the big fan of your article infact you become my ideal writer.
Always keep in touch.. 😜

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Hi, regards appearance
I listened to Anthony Robbins some time ago
He said that in the early days of his career a friend commented on him always dressing in a smart suit while his apartment was a mess
He replied, "Inside here there's a millionaire waiting to break out."
Look what that attitude did for him

That's true:

Every moment is an opportunity, and every opportunity is a blessing.

In my country we say: "The first impression is the one thats matter". It is important to reinforce self-confidence by taking care of our image. I think you've hit the nail on the head. We must take care of every gesture, every word, every position to infuse others with respect for our person. I loved this topic and I will look forward to the set of articles about psychoneuroliguistics.

Best regards

That guy in the picture has a confident mustache

Boosting your self-confidence is also boosting your self-love.
Keep loving yourself.

Just make sure how to use your confidence well that it won't turn out as arrogance. :)

Yess sir without confidence a man can't get success

I remember a friend you who said to me "Don't Be Short" I did not understand what he meant by the time. few days later I asked him to tell the meaning; he replied;
Don't look short
Don't see short
Don't think short and
Don't ......

Brother, I wish you could motivate me by reviewing my posts

Self ignorance is the worst of all forms of ignorance. Greatest gift God gave man is the ability of self consciousness. Only man can say I am. So knowing oneself does not only produce confidence but it puts also your life in order

Hi friend, your post always have a good idea for successful life.

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Nice Mr. Chbartist
It's always great and encouraging to read your posts.
Keep it up

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if you think you will succeed, you have a better chance of success, if you think you will fail, you have no chance :)

gracias hermano tremendo articulo!

if you want to leave a truly mesmerizing impression, you need to work on your body language. Your body language and gestures are of the utmost importance when you are interacting with other people

hi @chbartist above line which you mentioned in your posts is very much meaningful. There is saying that first impression is the last impression and our body language and gesture plays a vital role for someone to make a mind-set about us.

Thanks for a nice post dear. Have a great day.

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brilliant a good read and excellent information resteemed

All that is said here is true and relevant because self confidence is key to our everyday social life.

I used to be a people pleaser and not having my own say and I realized I was treated as a cast out but when I stopped caring of what they say and built self confidence, it made my voice heard.
We need more of these posts👏

Nice man great post informativ also keep it up 😀

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What a great article to start my morning. Thank you so much for this

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amazing .

This is very interesting for me to read. But I am now starting to worry about steemit. But I am always confident, I do not want to comment on other life if we are together in the life of steemit. I'm just one question here, if you are willing, please explain one post, with the title, steemit social platform or business platform " , I need an answer in your post, my brother.

Take me off your spam list

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It is not a spam list, it is the community list that follows this blog and helps each other, but in any way, you have already been removed from the list!


Saludos Chbartist! Tengo unos días participando en tu blog y estoy satisfecho con la dinámica que hay entre la información que desarrollas y la participación de la comunidad de Steemit, por lo que te pido me incluyas en la lista!

Excelente trabajo el que vienes realizando.

Very great post! Maybe we can think basing our confidence in how we dress and how we look and how confident we act in front of people is something very superficial, but it's true, it's the way our brains work, those are our first impressions and our minds make judgements of people based on those aspects in a unconciously way, even if we don't want, so it's important to have that in mind when we are presenting ourselves to the world.

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Thanks for sharing such a nice articals😙

Thanks for using @edensgarden!

Self confidence is an important factor for every human, you have given many useful points here

nice and helpful

All you can do is that little brain of yours you train to do.

Me gusto mucho :) :)