A Really True Cause In Steem - I Would Like Everyone To Take A Time For This Post - Especially The Whales And Dolphins Of Steem! Thank You! @chbartist

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Dear steemians of this community! I really ask your attention to this post!

This post is my answer to a noble cause in the steem and I would like i can who has accompanied me on this journey to take time with your heart to read this post.

Firstly I will write here my answer regarding the link that I will leave here for you to see. I started this project together with this person some time ago and now this project has started to become a reality!

Look at this very carefully and then read my final considerations.

Thank you very much to all of you!

Here we go.....

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Many thanks for your words Adil @alishannoor, I felt very honored with your words.

To be honest I felt a little embarrassed because you know I was the person who encouraged you in this project and I made generous donations for this cause that I consider very noble!

You know I make a lot of donations to people on steemit and in my life.

To make it clear to everyone, I made a generous donation to this cause, but @alishannoor is being very careful to use this feature for people who really need help so he is not deceived by profiteers.

I say I was a bit embarrassed because you know I do not have to talking about donations that I make. People who do this usually like to appear and promote themselves with human misery and I have never done this in my entire life.

The people I helped on my journey know that I did it from the heart and they are in my heart. Your cause is noble and I would like people to understand that it transcends cultures. I respect all cultures, all people of good intention, even those of bad intention because I have the hope that they will change their behavior.

But because I have a very busy life I prefer to dedicate my time to the people I see that are of good intention. I built my journey surrounded by good people and so I will continue.

As you yourself said, I am from the west and I am proud to have had an education that respect is the main foundation. It does not matter to me the religion, country or culture of people. Peoples ares peoples and done.

The most important thing for me is that people are of good intention. I would very much like to see people at steemit/steem understand that because as a community we would be a great example to this sick world we are living where the values ​​of respect are being lost, people are becoming more selfish, leeching, doing nothing without receiving something in return, prejudiced, make judgments without knowing people, hypocrites with the false speech of the politically correct, have lost their generosity and this is no longer acceptable in a globalized world.

I know I will not change the world, but at least I know I can leave a small piece of a legacy where the main foundation is respect, because it will always be the top of the pyramid.

Beautiful words do not solve problems, they get lost in the wind.

Words without actions and attitudes are useless.

I hope people speak less and do more. Think more with your heart and soul than with your brain.

Greetings and all my support for your cause!

I wish the people who read this review not only gave your upvote in this post to help in this cause but make a donation by making a transfer of any amount to the account @angelsofsteem

This cause is really amazing!



Please, I ask you to read this post and give your upvote and after that continue reading my post ....


Now, please watch this video and after that continue reading my post ....


What I have to say now is very important!

You can help this beautiful cause not only with your upvote, make a donation, a transfer of any amount to @ddd because you can follow all the videos that he will do buying the wheelchairs, showing the receipts to prove to all that he is not making any profit from it. In addition you can see him hand over the wheelchairs to the people who really need a very important object for these people but for 99% of all we do not need.

Thank you very much to all of you!

And Remember!!!!! Peoples are Peoples!

Our List!

Feel free if you want to be included in the list of contributors to this community. Just ask at the end of your comment.

@juanmanuellopez1 @moghul @coolguy222 @newageinv @gowealth @blessed-girl @cruis @lexymaine @alokkumar121 @aceandnotes @darlenys01 @rafique1953 @marvyinnovation @wems @ajks @alaisguineasis @amnlive @kimmysomelove42 @praditya @tommyl33 @samryan @vickykarma @brightsun @oppongk @kryp70kn1gh7 @hobo.media @theticket @royer94 @bradley028 @nummulshrma @maxijgcomm @maikelblogo @mrblu @nancymj @petervi @mcoinz79 @missabigail @saludoalalma @mcnestler @moarafatshow @gargi @luis402 @rem-steem @shahzadeh @sumon-ar-vines @naijauser @yantrax @josema.saborido @khan.dayyanz @shapescooper @aceofhearts @marcocosta @rvag5 @fusroj @cashlane @borrowedearth @michaeljn @kchitrah @mitchhunter @nataliaeline @cherlianny @unknownphoton @unclefz @gardengranny @bettyamv @ghostwriter9 @wandrnrose7 @nancybriti @missladybug @shirophantomhive @rvag5 @ankitjnv @marvyinnovation @tommyl33 @gowealth @ustaadonline @daio @brightsun @mzubairch @lightestofideas @amit1995 @starapple @treodecimo @edinhazard @maxijgcomm @wasito @mariita52 @maroni55 @nataliaeline @ajtech2596 @keithf @wesleyvanderstel @grainsofsand @mariita52 @naijauser @castleirwell @juanmanuellopez1 @moghul @coolguy222 @newageinv @gowealth @blessed-girl @cruis @lexymaine @alokkumar121 @aceandnotes @darlenys01 @rafique1953 @marvyinnovation @wems @ajks @alaisguineasis @amnlive @kimmysomelove42 @praditya @tommyl33 @samryan @vickykarma @brightsun @royer94 @bradley028 @nummulshrma @maxijgcomm @maikelblogo @mrblu @nancymj @petervi @mcoinz79 @missabigail @saludoalalma @mcnestler @moarafatshow @gargi @luis402 @shahzadeh @sumon-ar-vines @naijauser @yantrax @josema.saborido @khan.dayyanz @shapescooper @aceofhearts @marcocosta @rvag5 @fusroj @cashlane @borrowedearth @michaeljn @kchitrah @mitchhunter @nataliaeline @cherlianny @unknownphoton @unclefz @gardengranny @bettyamv @ghostwriter9 @wandrnrose7 @nancybriti @missladybug @shirophantomhive @ankitjnv @marvyinnovation @tommyl33 @gowealth @ustaadonline @daio @brightsun @mzubairch @lightestofideas @amit1995 @starapple @treodecimo @edinhazard @maxijgcomm @wasito @mariita52 @maroni55 @nataliaeline @ajtech2596 @keithf @wesleyvanderstel @grainsofsand @mariita52 @naijauser @castleirwell @isabelpereira @nulifeiq @royer94 @yaleal @ushmil @nisiryan0522 @reveurgam @certain @kkins @nurseanne84 @robertyan @xtophercruzeu @theureview @anil566 @freedomanytime @clayrawlings @zetacoin @goldheart @artoftherhyme @jiujitsu @don-thomas @arsl14 @vishalmajumdar @thehippierays @kemc @aple @orgoniteog @abrish @zydane @cathynsons @shashiprabha @katebobkova @tramelibre @sanjoea @savedanimals @kshahrck @filmyworld @syedahmed1010 @iknoweverything @hashzone91 @bernard4ve @afruza

Thanks All of You!!!!

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Hello @chbartist i am very thankful for your interest,support and giving me the idea of how can i do my work to help the world, As a busy person like you is giving us time and support its really a motivation for me, I am sure i will do my very best to make my self right to every one who is not yet sure i can be doing this for only others not for my self!


I think he is hero for most of us. [email protected]


Really appreciate your fabulous work


You people inspire us to the core to do at least a little bit of charity to those in need. The world needs more and more kind-hearted sacrificians like you and @chbartist Sir.........What more can I say @alishannoor? What more can I say?


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

Thank you @chbartist
Many do not know when you help others, you are in fact helping yourself to enter some satisfaction and peace and happiness in your heart...
No one can know the value of helping except the person who needs help...
In order to save my son who was in excellent health and was playing and running everywhere, but he became paralyzed because of the vaccine... I've done everything for him, I've tried to create a fundraising campaign, although this solution made me feel some humiliation, there's nothing else to do for my son..... I found only two sites where I can create a fundraising campaign... I have created a campaign but nobody donates for me... I think because I am not American, Canadian or German..
.I waited a lot and every day I vist website of donation and I see that there is a lot of fundraiser for animals but no one looked at my case... I cried so much that I thought of suicide. I couldn't bear it. My son dies in front of me and I can't do anything for him....
I didn't know what to do, I felt my life was meaningless and it became like death.
Then I came back here to Steemit in order to get out of the circle of pain and sadness and posted a new post about my pain and my story.. Thank you, Bill Gates, for killing my son by your vaccination
I didn't get the money, but I got a lot of support that made me keep my dream alive in saving my son, and at the same time preventing this from happening with another family...@canadian-coconut helped me very much and I cannot thank her for that because I cannot describe how much hope she has given me.... with many helped me with his words and comments......

I wanted to share this with you in order for everyone to know the meaning of helping others and how much this affects their lives....
Not for help me.

peace to you @chbartist


Hi @yagoub! I'm sorry for you and your son, but do not give up! If you read what I wrote I think everything is there. The world is selfish, simple like that.

People think that because I am successful I have no problems but I have, I am a person and not a robot. I have always helped people, many deceived me by taking advantage of my generosity, but today I already have maturity to know who are the people that are part of the scum of the world.

I will continue to help always, but with care because the world is full of profiteers.

I hope you find your inner peace, and that is most important my friend.

Be always blessed


In all cases, you are right because you have not done something wrong....
Thank you so much @chbartist for giving me the opportunity to share my story with you.


I was watching the Red Carpet Grammy's earlier tonight and your post reminded me of the false pretense that was blasting on the TV screen. All of the perfomers seemed to be so phony and out to impress and seek glory to their name. Yes, as you mentioned, I love to surround myself with people of good intentions of helping others, by giving of themselves, not flaunting greed and money. It would be so nice if society could stop and focus on love and helping others for the good of all mankind. Thanks for the enlightening post.


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

Que interesante, te felicito por tus nobles acciones, realmente es interesante ver y entender que el apoyo que recibes aquí trasciende a otras causas... Eso es hermosos. "YO TE APOYO, TU LO APOYAS".. QUE BUENO VER QUE NO SOLO ES USURERIA.... UNA VEZ MÁS TE FELICITO POR TUS BUENAS ACCIONES.

Please add me to you list of helpers. Please feel free to keep me informed of your worthy cause. I wiss you many Blessings for your amaizing work. And I will see what I can do for you later in the week. Its usually the small guys in the world that do the most good. 😎

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Dear @chbartist, it is very good what you are doing and i know you are involved with @crypto.piotr in many good things for Steemit, so i would give you a suggestion to join @steem-bounty where you could make your post more visible and get more supporters that you deserve...:)))

I am always skeptical when I see such a cause, for I have been deceived several times. People want to profit from anything and in relation to these people I leave the last feeling of the human being, contempt! But this cause is really sinsera and I confirm the truth. Your kindness is immeasurable @chbartist


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

In this world full of evil. Meeting people like you that promotes values such as respect, love and helping others, without expecting a reward in return is a great treasure. In truth, my heart feels very happy, because you join and raise your voice for the most needy and unprotected. I hope that those who can help them with this beautiful work, those who have the resources can rejoice in their hearts and help them. You are a great example of love, understanding, solidarity, mercy. I think we should teach the youngest of our households to also think about the most needy and, as much as they can, offer their help without expecting anything in return. I think the world would be much better. God bless you.


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

charity is a very important part of the circle of life! ANYTHING to do with animal charity is of even greater value as it helps save ' Mother Earth '.

As mentioned on endangeredearth.com " There are now 41,415 species on the IUCN Red List, and 16,306 of them are endangered species threatened with extinction "

So we must strive to do better and not end up living on a barren planet. However, without all these amazing species, the planet will become inhabitable and man will die out anyways. We simply cannot survive ourselves without the whole bio system in harmony. I fear for future generations.

Keep up the good work!!


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

You have a nice post, the post has been very nice. One true reason for Steam - I want to take time for this post - especially the Wheel and Dolphin Steam! Thank you

I like good causes, keep this up @chbartist, with the help of all users we will accomplish the objective that is to protect a living being that can not defend itself successfully!

Dieser Beitrag haben Sie wirklich, sehr schön geschrieben und formuliert. Es gibt sehr wenige Menschen, die so denken und handeln wie Sie. Das finde ich großartig, dass Sie sich dafür einsetzen.
Meine Stimme haben Sie, werde ihren Beitrag teilen und werde für weitere Beiträge Ihnen folgen. 😊

Excellent initiative, it is a great job that you do. The world needs many more actions like these.

In a world insensitive to the needs of others, this work is like a spring in the middle of the desert.


In this platform, where those who are in need can meet those who are willing to help. A very good way to give to charity.

The social aspect is a good vehicle to know who to help.
And the economic value of the token steem and its ease of transaction can be the speediest way to donate to others.

Thanks @crypto.piotr for messaging me this post.

Hi [email protected] i am very thankful for your interest,support and giving me the idea of how can i do my work to help the world, As a busy person like you is giving us time and support its really a motivation for me, I am sure i will do my very best to make my self right to every one who is not yet sure i can be doing this for only others not for my self! Think u for this post

Resteemed and followed @anglesofsteem.
I am myself minnow so made a very little contribution but I will keep them in my list.
Thanks @crypto-poitr for making me aware of this initiative.

Beautiful cause, I wish you could come to my country to help a lady with a wheelchair, she is an 85 year old grandmother, two years ago she fell from a ladder and fractured her hip, since that time the children do not have the resources to buy one, to move it to the bathroom to your room have to carry it like a baby, my friend and I have gone to institutions to get one, but the state agencies always do not answer. Hopefully people of good heart as you multiply. Greetings from Venezuela.

Done. and resteemed

On a parallel though.. How would be if curation was based only on donation... I need to think about it...

That is quite a noble cause @chbartist ! I have not gotten the time to view @ddd 's dtube but has he submitted his cause with fundition? The @gtpjfoodbank has been working hard with updates and the newsletters that has been updated has received great feedback from fundition.

This could be truly awesome if he has joined in too!

(via @littlenewthings)

Dear @chbartist,

I apologize if I have not seen your post yesterday (I am following you). Instead, it was @crypto.piotr who informed me of your latest advocate.
Thank you for your generosity and kindness to the world.

Kind regards


hi @chbartist I know your post from @crypto.piort I think the purpose you made is truly noble to help those in need without any reward, I support your work greetings from me😊

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Hello @chbartist Find it very good that you support those people who are handicapped. Therefore an upvote from me!


Hi @chbartist world needs people like you and was recommended by @crypto.piotr i would follow your journey in helping others. Keep the passion burning, it will not heal the world but surely it will make a difference for the people you are helping.

Hi @chbartist


I hope you are very well, I congratulate you on your great campaign. I commented to you, I still do not get to delfin but with great constancy and dedication I will get there, for now I can help multiply this noble cause dande resteem and voting for your publication, however I want you to know that I always support this type of publications so that reach many people and can read and know what you do.

cordial greetings from Venezuela, a country that fights for its freedom

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Soon after the wedding, Soundarya, who is known for directing films such as Kochadaiiyaan and VIP 2, shared a series of pictures of herself with Vishagan as newly married couple.

"Mr & Mrs. My Family. We Are One," she captioned the post.

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My upvote to you and all & to @angelsofsteem, at the kind behest of @crypto.piotr - please include me, @lanceman as a prayerful contributor - may God bless
♥¸.•°”˜˜”°•.✫ B★E★A★U★T★I★F★U★L ✫¸.•°”˜˜”°•.♥

How difficult it is in the egocentric world of today to get altruistic people willing to consider their progimo as someone else of the family, of my friends. Friend @chbartist is very praiseworthy your work and I hope to be one of you

I appreciate the effort you continue to provide to the ecosystem and its communities. I hope this broadens to truly support more efforts that continue to be needed around the world. I hope those that have reservations see this as well!

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Hey @chbartist ! I've always been moved by all of your posts. I want to be included in the list of contributors to this community, and so request that you add me! Also, as I'm new to Steem, could you provide some pointers for my journey ahead?

very important blog, and next greates blog thank you, you are Steemit King👑 ... all the best from @aple

True said @chbartist, we are living in a sick world.
A few years back, I personally running the computer education centre named "Future Care" in my village, in which I has declared that i will provide free education to the poor student. without discriminating age, sex, religion, race or anything.
But most of the wealthy leechers and mentally sick person of society take free advantages of my declaration, and consequently, I have to shut down the computer education center due to lack of revenue and income to bear the difference expenses for the center. In this senerio the most affected person are the true poor people.
I have postponed the computer education centre due to lack of social support.

This is image of my computer center.


There are many people in this world who really want to help the needy person but it is very hard to do so without support from society or mindful person.

Ofcourse this is the time to show the real meaning of unity..our little donation will help them to move forward away from gloomy.
Thank you Dear @chbartist for showing the heart of humanity and a good soul.
I have already donated to @angelsofsteem as much as I could.

It's a privilege to meet you, most people say they can´t help because they're busy, but that's just an excuse. You can always help because there are many ways to do it. If each one contributed a part of our time to helping other people, we could make a better world for everyone.


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

@chbartist, Yes, actions should speak louder than words because words can be forgotten but when we really do kind actions then for sure that will going to touch many hearts and the effect stays for long last. Keep up brother and for sure your good deeds will back you with blessings. Stay blessed.

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Resteemed and Upvoted

And I will also try to donate

Thanks to @chbartist and @crypto.piotr

Keep Doing The Great Work

I admire your good heart and use your funds and influence on Steemit to do charity works. Congratulations


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

Quite a noble cause indeed. We need more like this. As you say, actions speak louder than words


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

Your posts have inspired me since I have started reading. Your kindness in helping others is a positive ripple. Continue being amazing and have a great day!


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

Sir I respect your I like your post and point your impressive discussion you are sharing continued appreciatable
I never mind religion and country I found your post educational and supporting in life.
Yes you are kind person good job.
Thanks for sharing.


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

You're doing such an amazing work in steemit community and K Thank you for that. You are a very kind hearted person that you think about people and help them. Take care dear @chbartist

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Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

The world should have more people like you, who transmit that generosity without expecting anything in return ... because the best reward comes from our creator.


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

How kind of you to champion his cause and help spread the word. Thanks for being you!


@chbartist as I am newbie to you fitst I read such type of post that how's you ate. All above you mention about yourself in this post seems very impressive and generous. Like you everyone should have people concerning cause in their lives that every one can live with fully joy. It is very nice for me to read this post.

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Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

Your post valuable I inspire your welcome sir you are kind person.
Good work I appreciate your job.

Posted using Partiko Android


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

Great initiative, I hope this spirit in you may live longer.
Keep it up.

Like most calls for help on steem, many minnows and redfish will answer the call. I am hopeful you will attract higher attention. I tweeted with the #steem tag since we have active steemers out there now. Best of luck for this worthy cause.


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!


Unfortunately I cannot, @chbartist. I am in a position of asking for steem donations myself. My rent and wifi are due on the 15th and it is a nail biter this month once again.

The best I can do at the moment is the tweeting to find others to help. I also will list this project in @theycallmedan's call for steem projects we are tweeting about with my other account. It might get more visibility that way too.

We should reliably screen our activities so they match with the words we state. Words are anything but difficult to toss around, however it takes an equitable individual to finish activities that back them up.

The manner in which individuals act in various circumstances is a more prominent determinant of conduct and character than the words through which they convey what needs be. What you do holds significantly more hugeness than what you state.
@chbartist @coolguy222

Posted using Partiko Android

I also cherish the kind friends around me, and they will still be by your side when you are in distress.


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

Firstly, you get satisfaction by yourself, helping needy ones, people definitely respect your generosity from their heart, the problem is not infront of you, they salute you when they are alone in a silent place, thinking what you are doing and what they are doing. May God bless you, we are with you. Thanks.


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

I have read your post, it is very informative and helpful for me.I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. Thanks for posting it
i will pray you get more success

Hello @chbartthis i am very thankful for you interest, support and giving me the idea of how can.do my work to help the world, as a busy person like you is giving us time and support its really a motivation for me ,i am sure i will do my very best to make my selp right to every one who is not yet sure ,i can be doing this for only others not for my self!

Well done @chbartist, you seem to be a high achiever, with the highest rank on steemit at present from what I've seen. Good job with your donations to the needy.

Your words are backed up by actions.

I will resteem.and share to start with. The world is full of misery :(

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hello I am new in this public network romantic articles, thanks for allowing me to read your article is very interesting (Y)

Hey, @chbartist!

Thank you for your contribution to the crowd. We are the Steem community project dedicated to empowering The Wisdom of Crowds. You can find more about us on our official website or whitepaper and you can support us by voting for our witness and joining our curation trail on Steemauto . We are also inviting you to join Crowdmind Discord server. Don't forget to use the #crowdmind hashtag and happy crowdsourcing!

Additional comment: When we created our project, we hoped there will be much more initiative like this. Initiatives which use the power of steem to change the lives of sensitive groups, in neighborhoods, cities…We will donate with pleasure. Thank you, and if you ever need anything more, feel free to join us on our discord.
Happy crowdsourcing

Que dificil es en el mundo egocentrico de hoy conseguir gente altruista dispuestas a considerar a su progimo como alguien mas de la familia, de mis amigos. Amigo @chbartist es algo muy loable su trabajo y espero poder ser uno mas de ustedes

Extraordinario proyecto en la construcción de un mundo mejor, mis felicitaciones y admiración eterna a @alishannoor , y muchas gracias a @chbartist por apoyar estas iniciativas, listo ya hice mi donación, disculpa lo poco no tengo mucho steem

You got a 70.05% upvote from @joeparys! Thank you for your support of our services. To continue your support, please follow and delegate Steem power to @joeparys for daily steem and steem dollar payouts!


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

Keren sekali itu kawan.

Es un gran ejemplo a seguir que quierar ayudar asi a las personas que necesitan ayuda tienen todo mi apoyo para eso se que acabo de comenzar en steemit y con este pots me inspiro a ayudar a la persona que lo necesite gracias <3

Excellent post, you are a very noble person, so do not change.

Amazing... gratitude from me. I can't help them my self, ao I always thankful for people who give a damn about others...

Resteem and upvoted done

Posted using Partiko Android

Resteemed, and upvoted. That's all I can do now, but I hope it helps a tiny bit. Keep up!

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This is a good action, I'm glad there are people so they like to help others. I already made my contribution.

Upvoted and resteemed. Great initiative.

it's not that you help for fame and recognition, people sometimes help other people because it really feels good to help. There's a feeling that you can't describe about it.

upvote and resteem

Posted using Partiko iOS

This is noble indeed.
It deserves a resteem for the common good especially the least and unfortunate ones.


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

Great action !
I wish all possible success in this project !

@chbartist you are doing a very nice job and we are always with you.


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

@chbartist I don't have much but I am willing donate whatever I got.

Hi @crypto.piotr thanks for information about post by @chbartist. This post I share to twitter 💕💕

I hope you achieve your goal and help these people, it is such a honorable cause good luck

Excelente trabajo 👏👏👏

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Te felicito @chbartist . Eres bueno en eso, usas bien tus fondos e influencia sobre Steemit para hacer obras buenas

About 121.31$ has been spent to promote this content.


Please, donate steem for @angelsofsteem, any amount! Thank you!

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I Resteemed!🍀😊 Good luck!!! @chbartist @crypto.piotr

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@chbartist Sir, really very, very sorry for this late reply.

I don't want to tell you lame excuses and Mr. Piotr sent me this msg's link eight days ago and hell with my complacent mindset, I missed out responding to this wonderful blog post that reflected the sacrifices and the selfless support you extended to @alishannoor.

In my previous comment to one of your blog posts, I explained extensively how tough it takes to become @chbartist and this post perfectly justifies it.

Sir, 'your words are our directions' and 'the money you donate to those who suffer from the pangs of poverty' are the lifelines, the former to us and the latter to them!

The Almighty blesses millions, billions and trillions to those who work hard tirelessly and among them there are very few who gets themselves involved in PHILANTHROPIC ACTIVITIES!

Hats off to you to both of you @chbartist and @alishannoor!

Let us all pray to the Almighty to make more and more rich people to do charity work to wipe out the poverty ghost from this Earth.

Muy bueno, gracias por compartirlo.

When I read this article, I am getting spirit to motivate myself to get better and continue to build on the work.

I'm here to support. I remember @crypto.poitr who told me about you.
It's awesome.

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