Knudz - New retro clothing store

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 Retro clothing store, leveraging the Steem blockchain. 

We are a brand new retro fashion blog & online store, based out of Norway, but with facilities in the USA and EU that wants to utilize the steem blockchain for what we believe it can become. A top of the line marketing and community building platform.

Our vision is to provide the mass public with a trusted source of quality content, trendy retro clothing, and to provide the masses with the benefits of steem. Our goal as we grow is to increase our influence on the blockchain so that we can help steer it towards mass adoption.

Why we take our store to steem

Our founder, @magnulf, has been invested in steem since the summer of 2017 and seen its rise and fall together with the rest of the crypto-market. Since October 2018, we have been working on an online store for retro-inspired clothing. One day it dawned on us that we could utilize the steem blockchain for building a community around our brand. 

 This idea grew to become our current vision of how to integrate our online business with steem, which is: 

  • Customers will receive an option to purchase a steem account after they make a purchase on our store, we plan on using for this. 
  • Purchases will always give customers loyalty points(«Knudz coins») that can be redeemed for various rewards, e.g., liquid steem, upvotes, etc..
  • Our loyalty program will incentivize users to advertise/become affiliates and receive "knudz coins," this means marketing for steem and .     

Where we are at the moment

The website is live and fully functional, our focus is currently set on testing our products and designs in the market, and building up our blog & social media presence. The loyalty program is working fine, but it is giving out discounts at the moment, while we figure out how to integrate it with steem. If anyone is able and willing to make a loyalty program dApp for shopify, we'd love it!

Next steps

Hopefully, we'll see some growth in the coming months, as this is a massively competitive market. We are incredibly flexible and adjust our short term goals, to whatever is necessary to achieve our long term goal, which is to become the #1 place for all things vintage and retro, with an active community on the steem blockchain!

Feedback is much appreciated and feel free to check out our store and follow us on social media!

Instagram: Knudzdotcom  

Facebook: Knudzdotcom



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This is epic. Will write a blog about this tomorrow :D Wishing you guys lots of success with this project! We truly need ways to spend Steem :-)

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Thank you! If/when prices stabilize we might consider it, at the moment our goal is only to utilize steem for community building and rewarding customers who contribute with valuable content related to our niche :)


Crypto prices will never be really stable, maybe think in terms of converting the euro price to the current STEEM price at checkout? This is done for example by @steemmonsters, if you buy a 10$ pack it checks out in a different STEEM price every time :-)

Super Shop, habe mich gleich angemeldet 😄
Tolle Klamotten zur Auswahl 👍
Ich ❤️ den Retro-Look !


Danke dafür! Es ist ein harter Markt, also brauchen wir alle Hilfe, die wir bekommen können :)

@juicyfruit If they've got some fresh styles from the EU, we might just have to buy the place out. Excited to see what they've got for us.

Great initiative! Wish you well for your business! Personally I like retro clothing, because I'm a pretty retro guy (interested in history). :-)

You guys ship to China?


Yes, we do :) We are not marketing in China though, only Europe and the USA atm.

This is exciting!
It will help boost STEEM!
Good luck and all the best wishes for us all!

Have you considered accepting Steem payments in your store? For wide adoptation of Steem we would need more busineses who accept Steem.

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Why don't you guys come over to Africa... Trust me there is Market here for you guys

I am very happy to know about this post. Knudz - new retro clothing store. Let's go back to this retro clothing store. Thank you

Awesome, welcome in the Steem ecosystem :)

No need to sell clothes if you can make money on Steemit, hm?

"Retro-inspired clothing"
Could you please stick to that term?
Because what I saw on the website rarely resembles the features of any former decade's style.

wuao que emoción poder usar ropa retro me gustaría conocer como se vestían en 1998

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When I was on my way to Village Books, I noticed refurbished tables, dressers and colorful glass items spilling out onto the sidewalk. I wandered into Something Found thinking the shop was aptly named. Co-owned by long-time Southside residents Helene Fellows and Jamie Schwindt, the shop’s mission neatly fits on a business card. And browsers do find vintage, upcycled, jewelry and handmade wares in the shop.

The co-owners make good use of the small space without cramming treasures into every corner.

Thanks , fir the post steem%20voter%20ovidiu%20rudi%20001.PNG

This is epic .will write a blog about this tomorrow:)wishing you guys lost of success with this project!

Eh? Your in Norway?!

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Thanks for the post. 10614310.jpg we have been working on an online store for retro-inspired clothing.