Couple With 2 Children, Stoned To Death For Inter-Caste Marriage 😟

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Ramesh Madar and Gangamma had married Gangamma, belonging to the Lambani community, disregarding the opposition from her family members four years ago. Fearing backlash from the family, they fled their village but returned their on Nov 6. Spotting them on the road, some people from the Lambani community attacked the couple and later stoned them to death, police said. The couple had two children.

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Source: Couple With 2 Children, Stoned To Death For Inter-Caste Marriage. Who Will Take Care Of Their Kids Now?
Location: Karnataka, India

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I don't know why Inter-Caste seems to be a taboo in India, I don't want to call it a backward cultural practice in the Hindu society but we're in the 21st century for goodness sake, this is sad really, when will India grow?

This just makes me so sick. People being killed because of who they love. Religion is used to control people and seems to make them do things they would not otherwise.

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