[SPOILERS] Game of Thrones 530 Steem Contest Results

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Do not read ahead if you have not seen the final episode and do not want to spoil the ending.

You have been warned!

I am way overdue announcing the winner to this contest. It was a lot more time consuming than I expected and I kept procrastinating it. I went through and triple checked the scores and made sure everything looked right. This is what took so much time and ended up using an iPhone app called Tally that allowed me to quickly just press the screen as I go down each entry. It's far too confusing to keep count while scanning so many.

Another thing is many people voted "No one" for the final answer, which is kind of difficult to really decide one. Technically no one was on the throne since it was destroyed, but Bran was named king. Deciding literally or figuratively was difficult and I really wasn't sure which was the best choice.

In the end, it did come down to this answer in choosing the winner, but luckily this user was very clear in their answer and made it a moot point.

The winner's answer to the final question:
"No one holds the iron throne. A republic, council or senate will be created."

Before I announce the scores and the winner, I want to thank everyone who contributed to the 530 Steem pool.


Thank you all for making the pot massive.

Final Scores

The first number is the score ignoring all answers of "no one", and the number in ( ) is accepting "no one" as a valid answer.

@tychoxi20 (24)
@jeanpi190814 (24)
@martinmcfly27 (31)
@summisimeon23 (27)
@jpphotography15 (4)
@olasamuel18 (22)
@guiltyparties22 (26)


Congratulations @martinmcfly, you have won the 530 Steem prize.

Your prize has been transferred already. I am sorry about the long delay in going through the entries. Wasn't expecting to take this long or be so much work.

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Way to go @martinmcfly

All Hail the King of the Iron Throne Contest!

Live long. Steem on.


The King of the Nor... uuhh.. Iron Throne Contest! :D

well done @martinmcfly!
and ofc big ups to @themarkymark! and all the other contributors: @ngc, @yabapmatt, @nicnas, @bil.prag, @geekgirl, @bethalea n @followbtcnews!
take care!


Thanks buddy!

Nice one @martinmcfly and thanks to the generous sponsors.


Thanks mate!

@martinmcfly, Congratulations and enjoy your Steem journey.

@themarkymark, Keep up and hope that more exciting contests will come up in near future. Stay blessed.

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Thank you!

Congrats @martinmcfly. May the lord of the steem guide your way, for the markets are red and full of losses.


Thanks, I'm sure the market will change positively.

Holy cow. I should have joined this, because I said almost the same thing as the winning entry. Though I said it more as a joke so maybe I wouldn't have submitted that haha. Congrats to the winner!

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Wow. That is a HUGE prize! Congrats @martinmcfly

It was a bit disappointing he missed it was a very good series with high quality chapters

:D Thanks for organizing this contest Marky! It was fun to see us all guessing - the winner must have been one of the writers of the final season :P

Again, thanks, and also to all the awesome sponsors - can't wait for a serious contender of GoT because I'm still having withdrawal symptoms.

Thanks for the contest and work you put into it. And thanks to the STEEM contributors too!


I can only say thanks for this, thanks @themarkymark you are the best! and thanks also to the great contributors: thanks @ngc, thanks @yabapmatt, thanks @nicnas, thanks @bil.prag, thanks @geekgirl, thanks @bethalea, thanks @followbtcnews, all of you are fantastic and generous.

Congratulations to each participant, all of you did very well, the season was unpredictable, things did not happen as many expected. I 've been very lucky.