Surfer update brings friends search, power down and more

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Recent eSteem Surfer 2.0.7 build is ready to download! If you are still wondering what is it: it's a Steem Desktop client (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) powered with most needed useful features. In this update we've implemented wallet Power Down feature to convert your Steem Power into Steem tokens, we've added search feature for your friends list, ability to delete any of your comments or posts and we've fixed a lot of small bugs, tweaked the code and app style.

What is eSteem Surfer 2

It's a desktop client you can use on Windows, Mac or Linux to surf your steem friends feed/trending/hot/etc pages, upvote, comment, read replies, do all the other major Steem functionality in your daily social surfing as well as wallet actions and of course few extras: search, discover different tags, bookmarks, drafts, favorite authors, scheduling posts, etc.
Macbook Pro

What's New in Surfer 2.0.7

  • New Power down implementation
  • New Search on friend modal
  • New Post/comment delete feature
  • New YouTube video thumbnail on markdown parser
  • Improved Markdown update for videos
  • Improved Markdown2HTML
  • Improved Markdown parser
  • Improved Transfer formatting on activities
  • Improved Type additions for activities
  • Improved Comment editor
  • Improved Delegated lists
  • Improved Delegation slider update
  • Improved Vesting & Transfers style
  • Improved Locales
  • Improved Code optimizations
  • Improved Navbar refresh for transfer
  • Improved Search results currency integration #224
  • Fixed Account estimated value
  • Fixed Witness voting bug
  • Fixed Night theme style corrections for friends modal
  • Fixed Transaction listing
  • Fixed Post detail bug on comments

Download Now

exe file for Windows users
dmg file for Mac users
deb and rpm files for Linux users

Source code:
Report bugs:


Looking for mobile experience?

Check eSteem Mobile for iOS and Android with push notifications, bookmarks, favorites and other handy functions synced with desktop version.

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updated , new features are great
i really liked this app , thank you for spending your time developing @esteemapp !

If you could put in a Web browser, like the Brave Browser, which replaces ads with your own ad network and offered to pay users tiny amounts of steem to view ads like Brave does, we could dominate the browser wars with our own 100K to 1 million active users to regular user accounts here on steem, I bet we could get a good portion of our 1 million user accounts on steem to download your Esteem brave browser competitor if you made it

@ackza was talking about this requesting someone to make two very important projects, one, a Steem browser like Brave, which he said could use Esteem Surfer as the start

Also, a Steem Tip Bot for Reddit wuld be something I just wanted to drop here to get some visibility on the idea, as a steem tip bots on reddit would help on-board so many reddit users.


Using Steem to pay for ads would be amazing and add to its use case.

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I agree, this could bring steem a long way for us


I like your idea @vegeta

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Excellent update... but what I'm really missing is an update to the Android version. The last one introduced quite a few problems, now it has been crashing frequently, which didn't happen with the earlier version.

I'm sure you guys are already working on it.

Keep up with the awesome work! 😄


Mobile update is coming early next week!


@good-karma what about iOS? Mine won't work at all and I want to start using it again : / Any tips?

This is exciting. keep up the good work @good-darma!
I can't wait to check out the added features. I go back and forth from Steemit to #esteem but ALWAYS post using your app. With more functionality comes more use. ❤️



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oppphs! you are welcome
correction: @good-karma


Are you related toi @good-karma ? Lol good-darma
if you are can you ask how close esteem surfer is to being a Brave Browser style app that has its own internet browser? It would be SO nic eto have desktop and mobile steem Internet browsers that replaced all the mostly google adsense ads with steems own network of ads, which it could get from a third party and just pay us steemians to yuse the app just liek brave developer version does.


Ha! Who is this Partiko using darma person! 🤣🤣Typo maybe? 😃


Haha 😆




I didn't think you meant that intentionally. Right?


nope a bad.. @melinda010100

As a esteem surfer user this new release will surely improve my user experience. Thanks for releasing this new update.

This looks nice. Thansk

Congrat! I'll try it as usual :)

Nice work buddy

Cool. I've got that installed on Ubuntu just now. Keep up the good work.


wouldnt it be nice if this esteem surfer app for desktop and mobile had a BROWSER inside? So we could compete with Brave?


That's a big job, but they could use one of the available browser engines. They have to concentrate their efforts where it does the most good

Hey, @good-karma.

These all look like really good updates. I've appreciated how you seem to be working hard on your app on a regular basis to make it better and better. I don't seem to see as much work coming from the other sites much anymore, so good on you for the continuing effort.

Also, I very much appreciate the ongoing sponsorship with the Curation and Engagement Leagues via @esteemapp. Thank you for continuing to do that, too.

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Good evening. I have already installed an updated version of the program. I will use it for further work on the platform. I want to say a big thank you to the developers of this project. Updates are always good.

Daumen hoch !!!

Great update~!

good work by you sir!

i am not understand??? please tell me anyone???


What you don't understand?

This information is really useful for a newbie like me, keep your good work!

Great news!
I updated my client, but have a question about Linux version.

What port/protocol does it use when I submit a post or comment? I can upvote and view, but when post I got RPC error. It is probably a firewall issue, but I need to know what our admin to ask about.

Thank you in advance!

I am new to steemit but I will try, thanks for the support.


Try and give your feedback, thanks.

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i just downloaded it..

Sadly the scheduling stopped working for me. Is this going to get fixed at some point? Thank you.

I like this update eSteeem surfer

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Already downloaded
Now to experience it :)

Thank you for continuously working on it

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This is great I hope it is lite. Thumbs up for you eSteem team!

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Excellent good project, it is very cool. you have my support

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Shared the info, happy weekend

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me impresiona la importancia que le dan a sus proyectos de seguir así se volverán aun mas grandes , solo espero no se olviden de ayudar a sus usuarios por igual.

Good job, friend

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Great Update, had to download it immediately for windows. It took a whiletho, an I also forgot to leave a comment :P .

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sounds really nice what you are doing, I think I'll have a try!

I just tried this. But it's difficult to search for contents within the page. e.g., Control + F is not working.


It’s already on Github issue lists, we will fix this in the next update, thanks.

Every time I open Esteem in my phone : The home page does not load - it always blank - no matter i choose hot , trending, new.


Change the server from the settings panel to solve the blank issues. I will advise you you to switch to the latest version of eSteem mobile v2. Search for eSteem v2 on app store or play store to download for your device.


trying, thanks for responding though. Appreciate it :)

Great update!
This has been resteemed!


I can't believe this

@good-karma, Keep up the great work brother and good to see your efforts torwards new developments and changes. Stay blessed.

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I really miss this feature in your program.



It’s implemented; Hold down on the upvote button and you will get it 😉


thanks for the advice


Only it works as inconvenient.

Vote my friends

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Sure would be nice to see some screenshots of what you got done.

Nice post

Nice post

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