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We are excited to announce a new service that will enable developers to integrate the world's most powerful Steem search engine into their application while reducing their costs.

Introducing eSteem Search-as-a-Service

We believe that eSteem has the world's best search engine for Steem operating inside of our apps. This search engine indexes all the information stored on the Steem blockchain, and now it's easier than ever to integrate this powerful search engine into your own Steem application.

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We launched eSteem Search last year and it is completely open source. But in order for app developers to take advantage of eSteem Search they have to set up a server and host the database, which is redundant and costly.

With eSteem Search-as-a-Service you can take full advantage of eSteem Search without incurring those costs because you can simply tap into our instance.

New Applications

This is especially important for new applications that are still finding their way around the Steem ecosystem. eSteem Search will save them valuable time and energy that could be better spent focusing on delighting their users by building an amazing application.

Making it easier to integrate the features that modern users expect from applications doesn't just benefit the developers who will save time and money, it helps the Steem ecosystem as a whole by ensuring that developers can bootstrap their applications even faster while delivering even better user experiences.

As of now, eSteem Search is fully open for all Steem frontends and applications to use. With just a few lines of code you can integrate this unrivaled Steem search engine into your application and provide your users with more relevant content. Not only that, this will help provide great content creators with the exposure they deserve by more efficiently connecting great content with the appropriate audience.

eSteem SaaS offers 4 packages:

  • hobby: (200 requests / day) - free
  • standard: (1000 requests / day) - 20 SBD / month
  • medium: (3000 requests / day) - 40 SBD / month
  • plus: (10000 requests / day) - 80 SBD / month

The goal with our pricing is to make sure that it is always less expensive for developers to tap into our infrastructure as opposed to building their own. This revenue will also help us continue to develop amazing open source software that makes Steem a more valuable ecosystem for users and developers.

Visit here and register your API key and start offering custom search engine and results to your user.
Documentation or examples of query and requests.
Register API key.

We will expand documentation in the coming days. eSteem search enables complex queries that are simply not possible with anything else. You also get to use your own User Interface for Search, which means no more Google Search widgets or any other widget. As a developer you just want your application to have great search functionality while providing a seamless user experience, and our goal with eSteem Search is to empower you do that.

Try it out and let us know if you have any questions.

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oh that's freaking sick. nice move! thanks for everything you do for the chain.


Thanks humble! 🙇


Oh that's freaking sick.
Nice move! thanks for everything
You do for the chain.

                 - teamhumble

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awesome 🤯 keep up the great work 🏆

I love how efficient eSteem search is and I know users on other sites will love it, too. When people realize they can search for any user by using @ and any tag by using # it makes everything simple!

Very nice Work!!

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This is a very good development for esteem users. :D

Wow! Will give it a go 👍👍👍

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All time cool to see new things come out in Esteem :)

I love this group

Waw, amazing project to esteem. Nice and good jhob

Dear @esteemapp, I have been requesting twice posts to be promoted with 150 ESTM. Unfortunately they don't and the tokens are not returned either. Please resolve that.


Promoting post will be promoted across all eSteem apps on all feeds. And all promoted posts are randomly chosen to show users. If you have promoted, then you are doing it right. Boosting posts has refund feature which will refund if post didn't meet quality check.

Does esteem offer only APIs?
Do you offer help with the design like ""?


We offer API so that developers can design their search pages as they want. What are you building, if you don't mind us asking?