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Hello everyone

If we have the desire improve from our current situation of life to a desired situation, I will list herein, four principles which we may focus and follow so as to speed up the desired results.

The principal can be summarised by an acronym



  1. Association-

Associate with those people like whom you want to become. If you want to become rich, associate with rich people. If you want to be spiritual, associate with spiritual people and so on. In their association, we understand the mentality which is required for us to propagate towards our desired goal. We can compare our present mental condition with their and with a desire to change ourselves and willing to put effort to improve, we can proceed quickly. Association imparts desire and fuels actions by influence.

  1. Books-

Books are another great form of association with which are anytime available in handy form. Great people have written great books. We can go through them to understand their point of view in a particular subject matter. Many successful people continuously read books day after day.

  1. Chanting-

Repeatation of positive affirmations verbally over and over again has been known to change subconscious programming. Thus changing the programming of the mind changes our actions and thus our destination changes. We can use this principle for our benefit. It really works. Many successful people do it and it has been recommended in holy scriptures also. It's power multifolds when done in a congregation.

  1. Diet-

You are what you eat. We must maintain good health in order to put consistent efforts in the desired direction. And we must remember that like music, food is also in the mode of Goodness Passion and Ignorance. For example too spicy food comes under the mode of passion. Stale foodstuffs in ignorance and freshly cooked food in goodness. Food in the mode of Goodness is best for health. With proper diet we maintain proper health and hence proper conciouness for the goal which is in our mind.

Thanks everyone

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