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Honesty is the value that allows us to live the truth.

It is a human value that sows confidence in ourselves and in the people around us.
Being an honest person allows us a better quality of life since by not lying we would have peace inside of us.
Honesty expresses respect for oneself and for others. Dishonesty does not respect the person in himself or others. Honesty colors the life of openness, trust and sincerity, and expresses the disposition to live in light.
Be honest before everyone and you will be a better human being.

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El mejor ejemplo del mundo ser honesto y sincero para alcanzar un la felicidad que queremos al cansar en nuestra vida muy bueno tu post mariyuj pero tienes que colocarle imagenes para darle mas impacto al post...


La honestidad no tiene precio y Lo tomare en cuenta muchas gracias @inverc

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