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In India a child is put into the school when he is 3 or 4 or 5 years old and he continuous learning till his early twenties. Nursery, LKG, UKG, standard 1 to 12, then bachelor's degree, some even go for a masters degree and after that doctorate and then post doctorate degrees. In this way a person spends 19 to 20 years of his life learning things as a student. He is then given a chance to sit for placements in various companies which run the world.
Interesting thing is going to come out now.

All these years students had been told to stand in line, to obey, to follow instructions, to work out problems under the guidance of teachers who are their leaders. They are asked to follow their leaders faithfully. And all of a sudden these companies expect this students to think out of the box to stand out amongst the crowd. Think about this for a moment.

Don't feel something is wrong?

They teach so many things, so many equations, so many formulae, so many subjects, and very few of them are actually useful.

What to speak in India important subjects are actually looked down even though they have the same credits.

They never teach how to earn money. They don't teach how to handle money. They don't teach how to save tax.
They don't teach how to handle emotional troubles.
They don't teach about marriage.
They don't teach about pregnancy and it's complications.
They don't teach about parenting.
They don't teach how to manage time.
They don't teach about health and diet.
They don't teach about relationships.
They don't teach how to handle pressure.
They don't teach about meditation

The systems are old and updated. Chapters are not renewed. Students read to pass is the exam and then they forget the contents. The pressure of passing exam is so much that a learner is forced to become a crammer. Students have to handle so many pressures. Family pressure, social pressure, peer pressure and so many others. At least parents must be on the side of the students and support them such that it releases the pressure. Parents on the top in force their own expectations on the students and impose their emotions on them it is a huge force.

Education is the only solution. This is a great issue. Every member of the society must be educated and all important factors of life. What is seen that people start learning relevant things after their 20 years of education. These relevant things must be thought in the school itself. Teachers most take personal interest in the lives of the students and import them with important knowledge for their benefit even though the things are not there in the syllabus.

In this post I raise to issues. We train the students in a wrong manner and then expect different things out of them. This is one issue. And the other is the irrelevant subjects and information which is hammered into the heads of the students on the name of exam is not at all required. The important and relevant subjects must be taught. The students will automatically pick up the importance of these relevant subjects and pay attention to them. Not many students are interested in the graphs, facts, figures, equations and formulae. This is because they can't see the relevance of those things in their lives.

Ihave tried to bring out an important issue which is going on in the society today. Please forgive my minor mistakes

Thank you very much






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Yes I agree there is a need to update our old education system. I think Finland or the Netherlands already started changing their education system. Maybe soon the rest of the world will follow.


Yeah, I agree.

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