The Power of Expectation

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What are your expectations for 2019?

A New Year is like a fresh start.
We can plant the seeds of love, success, health, whatever we want.

The seeds are our goals, choices, and dreams.
And we plant them by thinking about them.

But do we expect them to grow?

You get what you expect, you know.

if you expect your business to grow, you will be more open for opportunities, ideas, and solutions.
You will take action whenever inspired.

If your goal is to meet your mate in 2019 and you expect it to happen, you will prepare yourself for it, more consciously.

Which statement is more powerful?
I desire to be fit until the end of the year.
Or, I expect to be fit until the end of the year.

Expectations are very powerful.
When we expect something to happen, it means that we consciously open ourselves to possibilities to make it happen.

There are three stages that lead to expectation:
First, we HOPE that something will happen.
Then we BELIEVE that IT will happen.
And when we EXPECT IT, it must happen.

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In the Law of Attraction it is affirming that what you are expecting is already taking place is more powerful. Our mind has the power to attract the kind of life that we want. Our thoughts become actions. And our actions become results.


I agree :). Thank you @hersmart4ever for your words of wisdom. :)

You have great videos guys, I advice you to record an introduction video to dtube where you mention dtube and steem, so it will help you to be noticed by the community.

Thank you clixmoney for your advice. I appreciate it. :) We will work on introduction video, and I hope to release it soon.