Tell your friends to signup for Steem under me for $5 and they will get that $5 back and a free crypto debit cared from the cashapp AND a protfolio of STeem-Sngine tokens from me and coaching and upvotes.

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Tell your friends to signup for steem and ackza's coaching package for $5 and they get $5 back and a free crypto debit card Buy a #steem account for $5 get #ackza special pick portfolio with pegged #cryptocurrency assets like #bitshares #dogecoin #cryptopeso #anx #satoshis / #bitcoin #eos #LTC & #steemengine tokens like #neoxag #sportstalksocial & #pal all in your new account

I have even bought and powered up 1000 more steempower now just in anticipation of needing to upvote more people

@theycallmedan retweeted my infographic and I think its time I lobby to get major upvote support from @theycallmedan after he sees the efforts I have been making to acumulate TASK and INV , over 400 INV so 400 steem accounts and thats just little old me someone with only around 1600 SP... Imagine

And here is another huge breakthrough I will be posting about @roelandp and his @steemwallet now has DAPP browser support, get ready for MOBILE keychain dapps for steem soon!

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