Colletrix Platform for Protection of IP Owners with Tokenization on Blockchain Technology

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The development of technology must be comparable to the security system that is owned. The use of digital payments is more desirable. It is no more than secure payment and more affordable costs. The use of digital payments is also faster when compared to payments using third-party services. Technology that offers a high level of payment security is needed to increase consumer confidence. In addition, security is also essential for something related to assets.

Awareness of the importance of security in transacting digitally was realized by Colletrix Platform so that this platform was developed. The project aims to provide protection and value for IP owners through Tokenization. Besides, the platform also offers solutions by providing trust to traders and consumers who are members of the ecosystem regarding the authenticity of the products obtained.

Colletrix development is supported by talented teams from UNDONE, Animoca Brands, Future Arena, and Bitwork Accelerator. Project development is intended to revolutionize security for IP ownership. UNDONE will bring its trade expertise to provide knowledge and capabilities in utilizing blockchain technology. This utilization is undoubtedly related to the field of trade that focuses on products.

Animoca Brands will also introduce an extensive network of IP owners, blockchain and gamification technologies. Then Future Arena will take advantage of a strong IP sports and entertainment portfolio. All of these combinations will be used to create a new ecosystem with dynamic physical trading. The whole concept will be built on blockchain technology as an application of technological development. Besides, the use of blockchain technology in Colletrix is expected to improve the quality of digital transactions.

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How Can Colletrix Become a Large Project?

In 2018, UNDONE supported projects by adopting blockchain technology in business activities. Adoption is done by joining the Bitwork Accelerator Program. The adoption of blockchain technology must be carried out as well as possible to support the development of a platform that can contribute to the ease of transactions.

After the success of UNDONE, now Colletrix will also take the same steps, namely working with Bitwork Accelerator to launch the project. Colletrix will also provide new market values for all stakeholders in the ecosystem. The development of this project will thoroughly offer protection for each user with new concepts and involving technological capabilities. Ecosystems will develop into a broad network by continuously improving the services and features they have.

How was Colletrix Developed?

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The Colletrix project was developed by introducing one of the leading no fungible tokens in the world. It aims to link it with intellectual property (IP) with the design of physical merchandise. The project will be run by combining IP, blockchain, and merchandise that aims to make a market revolution using NFT. The Colletrix project will use tokens under the ERC-721 and ERC-20 protocols.

Colletrix Tokens (CIPX) will produce creation from very different ecosystems and benefit more users. Part of the project will also involve the development of the NFT to represent the ownership of unique IPs related to the merchandise. Another part of the project will provide the latest creation for development involving CIPX. That will be a cryptocurrency circulating in the Colletrix ecosystem.

The platform runs a new business model that contributes to mutually beneficial reciprocal relationships between the parties involved. That includes IP owners, traders, collectors, crypto fans, and everyone associated with the ecosystem. Everyone will get the benefits and benefits of using the ecosystem as a form of technology utilization in improving life welfare.

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What Benefits Will The IP Owner Get?

The Colletrix project aims to give genuine IP owners access to opportunities to provide a lifetime license. This can be realized through the adoption of the NFT. The project has a unique design work for IP owners that will then be included in a unique NFT. That will have an impact that leads to the creation of a market for IP-NFT (NFT Marketplace).

On the other hand, IP owners will be given a prize with a fixed percentage of the price of the NFT trade made by the IP owner. Trading prices will be generated as a result of NFT trading on the NFT Marketplace. Every NFT will be attached to a specific IP for merchandise, and then demand will increase when IP is added to merchandise to become more popular.
Trade will be more active and intense through the NFT Marketplace. NFT active trading provides high implied volume for CIPX at the same time. CIPX will be a cryptocurrency used as an exchange in the ecosystem. The data security of each participating party will be guaranteed by an adopted from blockchain technology.

What Benefits Will The Merchandiser Get?

Merchandisers will get many benefits from using the Colletrix platform through new models developed. The incorporation of NFT with blockchain technology introduces the level of product uniqueness brought about by the ability to collaborate with various IPs.

The merchandise produced by merchandisers will be the only one obtained through IP licensing with NFT holders. Each NFT captured can be used several times, limited to provide merchandise. The NFT that is collected also has certain limitations to create further NFT for IP owner protection.

This concept will undoubtedly appeal to collectors around the world because it can open new sales channels and online markets on blockchain technology. In addition to IP ownership, NFT also can provide proof of product authentication made through blockchain technology. Everyone can determine the historical ownership and authenticity of goods when they have NFT information. That certainly offers many benefits to the merchandiser.

What Benefits Will The Collector Get?

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Popular IP design is one of the attractions of the integration of the world's first crypto-physical product. NFT and unique merchandise will be the main attraction for collectors. Every collector of either NFT collectors or goods collectors can have beneficial benefits for every transaction opportunity on the Colletrix platform.

NFT and physical goods will have a limited amount, then the offer is also limited so that it will provide competitive demand in the market. The popularity of IP design, as represented by NFT, will be a new collector's item for fans. The purchase of NFT must be used the CIPX token. That will help the increase of liquidity in the platform. NFT development can also drive the popularity of active trade.

The idea of blockchain-based technology will provide a full audit trail on historical ownership so that security can be guaranteed. Besides, the existing trade information can also ensure that this collection is real and authentic and is not the most effective for collectors. Historical records can be valuable information for NFT and goods that can increase trust for traders and buyers in the ecosystem.

What Benefits Will The CIPX Holder Get?

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IP owners are more famous in their participation in the ecosystem. This is because the designs are combined to issue NFT and goods through the platform. More and more collectors and fans for CIPX will be collected by ecosystems to increase demand. CIPX is the main currency in IP tokenization, collection, and trade in ecosystems.

The primary holders of CIPX can participate freely in the IP economic ecosystem. The more IP owners who participate, the more merchandise and NFT will be generated by the platform. This can attract more collectors and consumers to participate. High demand will make CIPX an essential aspect of life.

Why is Colletrix Built with Blockchain Technology?

At present, the popularity of blockchain technology is still fragile, even though it is a transparent and efficient system. NFT is the perfect instrument to find a lot of market value for every market that exists. That is because cryptomarket is still unfamiliar to most people. Concerns from some people can hamper the popularity of cryptomarket for the level of adoption of blockchain technology.

Chain technology was implemented through the Colletrix platform to help bring out the popularity of blockchain technology compared to before. The use of digital assets from luxury goods will trigger a collection experience that is unique to collectors. It can also simultaneously create new economic models and new waves in the merchandise market.

Consumers will soon get the opportunity to redeem NFT on the first purchase of the ecosystem. Every purchase of goods from merchants can increase the accessibility of the entry of consumers in the blockchain investment and market. It can also help increase the popularity of blockchain technology into the field.

The Colletrix development above blockchain technology is also related to the development of a more efficient new platform. Colletrix provides the latest concepts related to the use of technology on the blockchain. Offering a high level of security, making blockchain technology can be recognized at the same time when someone starts using the Colletrix Platform to find unique items they like.

Colletrix realized that blockchain technology could be developed into a technique for safe digital payments. The level of efficiency that is owned can also accelerate transactions, so there is no need to use third parties like intermediaries. The use of cryptocurrency is also a form of using digital assets for better trades.

The Recession of value and revenue for IP Owners

At present, the business model often results in a gradual recession of the cost and income generated from the license for the original IP owner. That has become a common thing and is getting worse when the owner does not receive the appropriate value for the product owned. That makes it necessary for a new system to be able to provide the proper value for each product.

The income of IP owners is often unstable and does not even exist. With the development of the Colletrix platform, everyone can secure opportunities with a lifetime license for each creation they have. The NFT applied to the Colletrix platform can be used as a pillar that gives value to IP owners.

The Colletrix Provides Solutions Related To Counterfeiting Merchandise

Luxury merchandise with limited inventory is often used as a commodity with a high collection value. This makes the potential for goods to be imitated and explored. Counterfeiting merchandise is a matter that cannot be underestimated, considering the high cost of the collection and the quality of the products which are certainly far different.

Counterfeit products can damage the sale of genuine merchandise and can damage consumer confidence. The IP tokenization model can help reduce the forgery of goods by redefining the market value of merchandise with the technology of verifying core authenticity. Integration of digital assets can also help increase the number of digital assets on genuine merchandise.

One of the main objectives of the development of the Colletrix platform is to provide excellent service to ensure the authenticity of the product. Product history also helps to reduce counterfeiting. When you have a passion for unique items, the Colletrix platform can be the right ecosystem for you to stop by.

Why Use Colletrix Platform?

Through the Colletrix platform, developers strive to create new market value by integrating IP tokenization. NFT is also approved to combine systems in the old and new economies. The possibility of the owner and creator of IP to make the license period also extended for each IP owned.

Developers offer new market value for physical commodities through the blockchain application to maximize the attractiveness and benefits of the products they have. NFT can also predict the interest of collectors by providing easy access to the crypto market and leading to new business opportunities such as the concept of franchising.

Immediately join Colletrix to gain new experiences related to the use of blockchain technology for the unique merchandise market. You can get quality collections with recorded history. The concept offered by blockchain technology is a transparent system, so you don't have to worry about product counterfeiting.

With a new concept, Colletrix platform can be a system that inspires mass transformation and world economic integration. Utilization of maximized blockchain technology with the addition of several features, of course, can increase its popularity and bring people to join platforms that provide convenience and benefits for every user.

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