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So last month I bothered @yabapmatt for some @steemmonsters promo cards. I figured with my upcoming convention schedule that I could possible do some good by passing these bad boys out. He was more than happy to send over a small chunk of cards and I’ll be hoping to pass them out for the first time next weekend at the East Coast Comic Con at the Meadowlands Expo Center!


This show is a nice comic show with tons of great creators there to sign and I’m not super sure how much of the gaming crowd will be present but I’m going to bring them with me anyway and hope that I can strike up a few nice conversations about the platform in general.


I’ll have my Steem onboarding cards that I’m teaming up with @oracle-d on all ready to hand out and pop in every bag that weekend and I’m even thinking of getting a banner made up if I have the time to do so. Figured it can’t hurt to have the Steem logo front and center for folks to see. Still gotta so some thinking on that and not sure if I’ll have that set and figured out by next weekend.


As of right now I will most likely be setting up and exhibiting at the following conventions over the next several month convention cycle.

  • East Coast Comic Con
  • HeroesCon
  • Baltimore Comic Con
  • TerifficCon
  • New York Comic Con

I’ll most likely be attending San Diego Comic Con as a retailer and I’ll be handing my buddy who exhibits a bunch of cards to pass out as well. There will probably be another show or two I’ll be exhibiting at as well that I haven’t quite decided on yet.

All in all, I expect to hand out thousands of these cards with easy account creation access through That ontop of a few other side initiatives I have going on could be just the ticket to a successful onboarding experience. Growing the nerd community is my number 1 goal here at the moment and I’d truly love to see the numbers in these specific communities increase.

If successful, this would be a perfect example of how to build and grow a community from the ground up. I’d love others to be able to emulate some of what I’ll be doing to grow their own communities. Time will tell.

Wish me luck and I hope to have some actual finalized cards to show you early next week!! Thanks again to @starkerz and @oracle-d for lending some support and credibility to some of the initiatives I’m working on. It means the world to have you in my corner.


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That is a very large "small chunk"! 😂

What's @oracle-d got to do with it? Just wondering.



Well hopefully a large chunk of folks become active users from the small chunk here.

As for @oracle-d...

They are supporting a couple of initiatives I’m working on in various ways. As for the cards I’m printing up. That’s all out of pocket for me so for starters they throw a little extra love to the posts involving this to help with the $$$ burden. They are also offering up 100 free account creations and a nice upvote to the first 100 folks who sign up through the qr code that will be on the cards. After their first post of course. Lol

All these things add up to a tremendous amount of support and faith in what I’m trying to accomplish. That helps drive me knowing I have them on my side.


You gotta love @oracle-d. 😂

That sounds like really great support. I hope you have fun with it all and it's a big win-win for all concerned. 💙

Go get 'em @blewitt.


Thx my dear. Hoping so too!!!

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Wait - there are ACTUAL PHYSICAL CARDS?!
🤤 Do they link to a real Steem Monsters card on the blockchain?

I'm glad you are out there promoting this!

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These come with a code good for a free starter deck which is pretty damn awesome!


I would be interested in buying the set of physical SM cards!

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Lol. That I wish I could help with but these ones here are strictly for getting new signups through my shop and conventions. Send Matt a message though as he might be able to hook you up!

.. and I thought you'd got some Magic cards for a sec...


My thoughts too, @slobberchops. That top one looks like a Serra Angel, if you squint a bit. :)


lol. I have a shop full of em! But I know nothing about em. lol

Great initiative. Good luck!

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Thank you so much! I will definitely need It going forward!!!


Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

@blewitt, You've took up effective initiative and hope that in this Comic World there will be gaming fans too who will get to know about this exciting game which is running on exciting platform. Good wishes from my side.

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Thanks brother. I am definitely trying. Lol

It is really hard but I think if I can get in a chunk from a few different areas, a decent size will follow. It's that initial push...


Welcome and hope that this initial push will become massive step ahead. Keep up. 👍

Looks great!

Will you be using their whizzy QR card code scanner for the account sign up process, that's a pretty cool feature!


Yup! Sure will! Got that all set so far...almost there...

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