Whats on the agenda for today??

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Hello Steemit community I just wanted to touch base to talk a little about myself and what I'm trying to accomplish today,  week and month.  

Well everyday I get up is a blessing but, life has its valleys and peaks and now I feel like I'm in a valley due to financial issues but that is just a state of mind and can be overcome.   So today I wake up at 6 am ( should be 5 am) to a kid who's got a cold, a wife that travels out of state at midnight, and now I'm blogging from our business ( laundromat) to keep this show going.  I guess on the road to figuring everything out you have to be tested to see if your worth the prize!  Basically saying nothing comes easy, and anything easy isn't really worth keeping.  I say that to hopefully inspire someone who is not sitting on their hand waiting for greatness but actually putting in the work to achieve their goals.  Thanks for your ear and eyes.  Enjoy life.  Peace!

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Thank you. Your my first comment and upvote. I appreciate that.

Hi @coreyssteemit77 welcome to Steemit, I just saw you followed me and I've followed back. Each time I get a new follower I like checking up on the person to understand who i am following. I see you're new here and that is great because you get to avoid making a lot of mistakes we made as beginners. I think you probably know a lot about steem and I won't act as if I am an expert or whatever. But i'll really hope you succeed here, it is a tough place out here but there are loads of stuff available to help you succeed if you stay focused, dedicated and determined.

  • I can see you didn't put a picture in this post, pictures tell a lot of stories and it helps attract people to read your post too.

  • Try and post regularly, it helps a lot, if you can do at least ones a day that will be great but if not don't stay away for too long.

  • Read and make relevant comments on people post that you find interesting. Stay engaged, if they are impressed with your comment they'll probable also upvote it and may even follow you.

  • join communities that will help you grow, most of them will upvote your post automatically as a member if you have good original content.

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There is so much to learn as you grow in this community of bloggers and developers. Stay sharp and good luck my dear.


Thank you @ketcom i really appreciate the feed back. I will be working on making better and more attractive content to garner that support. Im also trying Dtube as well but I have to get the hang of thumbnail art and Posting relevant material. I'll post today and put a picture up as well. Thanks again!


You're very welcome my dear.

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